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Elijah Norton Explains The Importance Of Good Customer Service

A picture of a customer on the phone with a customer service representative from Veritas Global Protection.

Elijah Norton, the President and Executive Chairman of Veritas Global Protection, is a business executive who understands the importance of good customer service when growing a business.

He started the business with just two employees and little capital but now runs a thriving business with dozens of employees and over $50 million in annual revenues.

Elijah Norton attributes the company’s success to his desire to deliver exceptional customer service. Veritas Global Protection offers GAP insurance, dealership car service contracts, and vehicle protection solutions. Elijah Norton has steered these three types of businesses to success.

What Elijah Norton Attributes to His Success

1. Responsiveness

Elijah Norton believes that the company’s responsiveness to concerns and queries raised by customers and partners is what has contributed to the company’s success.

The whole team at Veritas Global Protection, from the top executives to low-level clerks, is ready to answer questions and give directions promptly.

This is one of the keys to improving customer experience and customer satisfaction. Happy customers always come back for more and usually come with their friends.

When you call the company or file a claim, you can be sure someone is available to offer a quick response to help you with the claim.

2. Quality Service

There is no substitute for quality service. A company can offer exceptional customer service but poor service quality.

Elijah Norton believes the company has experienced success mainly due to its high service quality. The vehicle protection plans offered by Veritas Global Protection are some of the best in the industry as they fill coverage gaps left by manufacturer warranties. These plans are great substitutes for expired manufacturer warranties.

3. Accepting Feedback from Customers and Partners

Veritas Global Protection treasures its partners and customers. That is why the company always has a listening ear for both customers and partners. The company’s partners usually come into direct contact with Veritas Global Protection clients.

Therefore, the feedback they offer is invaluable. The information obtained from the feedback is used to streamline operations and improve the quality of service offered by the company.

Customers and partners usually feel appreciated when their views are listened to and acted upon. Over the years, Veritas has unveiled new vehicle protection plans and modified existing plans based on feedback from both partners and customers.

4. Knowledge of the Auto Industry

Elijah Norton has a lot of experience in the auto repair contract industry. This experience and knowledge have helped Elijah design vehicle service plans best suited to meet the unique needs of different types of clients.

He advises entrepreneurs to start businesses in industries they are knowledgeable and passionate about. This is the best way to ensure they have an advantage over their competitors.

5. Innovation

Innovation is crucial in business. Elijah Norton is constantly innovating to help Veritas Global Protection develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients.

This constant innovation has helped Veritas Global Protection to stay ahead of the competition and multiply within a short period. Entrepreneurs are advised to constantly innovate to avoid becoming obsolete as the needs of their clients usually change over time.

6. Taking Challenges Positively

Veritas Global Protection would not be where it is today were it not for Elijah Norton’s ability to take setbacks positively. Challenges are there in business, so embracing challenges and learning to overcome them is part of the business. After overcoming setbacks, entrepreneurs will be better positioned to steer their business to success.

The Importance of Vehicle Protection Plans

Anyone who owns a vehicle that has been used for over five years must buy a vehicle service contract. The following are some of the reasons why:

1. To Fill Coverage Gaps

Whether you have a valid manufacturer warranty on your vehicle or an expired one, a vehicle protection plan can fill any coverage gap.

Most manufacturer warranties offer bumper-to-bumper coverage, but some exclusion clauses remain. You can buy a vehicle protection plan to provide coverage for the components that are excluded from coverage.

2. Save Money

A vehicle protection plan from a reputable company, such as Veritas Global Protection, can save you money in numerous ways.

First, if your car breaks down on the side of the road, you will not spend money hiring a tow truck to take the vehicle to a repair shop nearby.

Veritas Global Protection will contact a local partner to come to your rescue. Therefore, you will avoid the cost of hiring a tow truck.

Secondly, the company will provide you with a free rental car to use as your car is being fixed.  Therefore, you will save money by avoiding high car hire charges.

3.  Avoid Lumpsum Payments

The premiums charged on vehicle protection plans are usually paid in small bits. Since auto repairs can be costly, paying for the repairs can feel like an unbearable burden has been placed on your shoulders.

Therefore, buying a vehicle protection plan can help you avoid paying large sums of cash for car repairs and maintenance.

4. Convenience

Finding a reputable mechanic to fix your car when it breaks down by the roadside can be a real hassle.

Fortunately, Veritas Global Protection has an extensive network of partners that are spread out throughout the country. This means that wherever your vehicle may break down, there is probably a local partner nearby who is ready to help you out.

You only need to file a claim online or by calling the company directly. Veritas Global Protection will contact a local partner to help you with the car trouble.


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