The choice of an office telephony type is a difficult task. Aspiring businessmen sometimes think that only a mobile number will be enough for work. But practice shows other things. In favor of installing a wired telephone, there are several reasons that every businessman should remember.

The Benefits of Landline Numbers

The main advantage of landline numbers is reliability. Analog telephony has been used for many years, and people are still not ready to give it up. A regular phone will allow you to receive calls from:

  •         other office personnel;
  •         managers and top-managers;
  •         clients;
  •         potential partners.

This work system has been used over the years, rarely fails, and is convenient for all categories of customers. For some clients, the company’s landline number indicates the seriousness of the organization. This means that the firm has at least an office and employees who are always ready to answer users’ calls.

The Disadvantages of Landline Numbers

Although landline numbers have many advantages, it is worth mentioning their disadvantages as well. Foremost, this is the complexity of installing a telephone line. Initially, the company receives one number. To connect an additional line, you will need to lay a new cable. This is a long and expensive process. So it is easier for some companies to use IP-telephony, because they don’t want to waste their time and money.

High tariffs for services are another feature of landline numbers. Because of the peculiarities of the service, such phones simply cannot work at a low price. Compared to long-distance and even IP-numbers, analog telephones are much more expensive.

Which Users are Suitable for Analog Phones?

The choice in favor of this communication option should be made by small companies that do not receive many calls. For such organizations, the landline number may be the only option in addition to their own website. In this case, a lot of money will not be spent on communication; it will work stably and regularly.

If the company expects to receive constant requests from customers by phone, and not via the Internet, it makes sense to think about installing an IP number with several channels. So it will be possible to save on communication and listen to the opinions of each potential customer.

Which Number is Suitable for the Office?

Foremost, you need to determine which calls you are willing to pay for. Ordinary landline numbers assume that outgoing calls are paid for by customers, and not by the company they apply to. This option is economically more profitable, but potential customers do not always like it. However, a regular number is universal, so it can be used by companies of any size and type of activity.

If you want to attract the attention of customers, organize a so-called “hot line“. Then, customers will have the opportunity to call and communicate with operators for free. That’s true, your phone bills will rise. Therefore, this option should be considered by large companies that may not save on telephony.

Three Myths about “Beautiful” Phone Numbers

Newcomers to the business world often hear that a landline phone number has to be “beautiful”. It is believed that a combination of the same numbers, for example, is easy to remember, so it attracts more customers. This idea is nothing more than a myth. Don’t listen to phone companies who try to sell you more expensive “beautiful” numbers for the following reasons.

  1.  Special attraction for customers. With the advent of the Internet, people do not remember phone numbers. The information you need can be found in a few seconds by entering the name of a particular company in a search engine like Google.
  2. Increasing the number of sales. A “beautiful” number does not affect the number of actual orders in any way. Most customers do not even consider this factor when choosing an online store or service agency. Therefore, you should not hope to win the loyalty of users with the help of a special combination of numbers.
  3. A way to stand out from the competition. The phone number is the last thing people pay attention to when they are choosing a company to cooperate with. Much more important things are the level of service, the quality of the offered goods and services, and the degree of staff training.

“Beautiful” numbers may be required only by taxi services and companies that offer urgent services. This is the only category of customers that can benefit from the use of an easy-to-remember landline number.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Landline Number

All businessmen want to increase the number of potential customers and expand the company. To achieve these goals, constant contact with users is very important. Therefore, the landline number that the company chooses should help in solving several problems:

  •         provide automation of personnel work;
  •         receive calls from the maximum number of customers at an affordable price;
  •         to create a reliable connection;
  •         have a simple setting system.

An important issue is the binding of a landline number to the real address of the office. Landline communication implies that the subscriber is forced to change contact details when moving to another place. However, this is inconvenient: the company has to redo business cards, announce new numbers to regular customers, and do another extra work. So, if possible, you should choose such business numbers that remain with the subscription even if its physical address changes.

Does a Modern Company Need a Landline Number?

Despite the fact that most organizations communicate with customers via the Internet or by mobile phone, a landline number remains a necessity. It is needed not only to maintain the credibility of the company, but also in order to contact the company could anyone. Therefore, everyone should use at least one analog line. This way, you will make the company more accessible to users.