Social media marketing has an array of people who use the medium to showcase the best a company has to offer. You can use social media to successfully turn around your brand image as well as for grabbing maximum exposure. However, there are times when you get exhausted with content and reach. To breach the gap, you need to get associated with an influencer or a digital creator. But, what’s the difference between digital content creator vs. influencer. Let’s find out.

Difference Between Instagram Business Influencers and Content Creators

While most often people think that an influencer and a digital creator are one and the same thing, they are wrong. Sure, both digital content creators and influencers extensively use social media to showcase a brand’s products and services. However, they are two completely different entities. In the world of digital marketing, companies do get involved with influencer marketing or associate themselves with digital content creators.

Understanding the difference between the two can help you access what kind of branded content you’re looking for in your social media strategy. Influencer marketing can help a brand reach the higher number of followers that influencers or digital content creators have. Consequently, when an influencer or a digital content creator displays a product or service to their audience, there are higher chances of lead generation. But, associating with only an influencer or a digital creator may not be the best option for every brand. You need to understand the difference between the two to analyse which suits your brand the best. For this you need to know what either of them do to gain digital marketing.

  • Digital Creators

Digital creators get involved in showcasing a product or service in the manner that their audiences like. They focus on creating photos, vidoes, graphics, blogs or infographics to display a product or a service. They generally have a professional outlook and usually create high quality content to share on various platforms.

Digital content creators share their work on various platforms including social media, YouTube channel, or more. Some of them even have their own website that displays their work. Most digital content creators focus on specific products or services. For example, a digital creator may showcase only tech products and compare various brands. Similarly, they create blog posts or videos to show How Tos, Comparisons, Best Products in their respective categories and much more.

  • Influencers

As their name suggests, influencers try to influence their audience into buying a specific product. They usually do not have a specific category but in recent times there are a number of influencers who engage themselves in certain sections of products or services. For instance,  one can be only a travel influencer and showcase various locations, restaurants, hotels, and must visit sites.

Unlike digital content creators, influencers showcase how they live and based on their category they display products from various brands by creating personalised videos or images. Followers of these influencers like to associate themselves with the brand that these influencers use and create a good opportunity for companies to display their products.

Difference Between a Digital Content Creator and an Influencer

While both may appear to be similar, since influencers are creating content and content creators are influencing their audience. The objective and intention behind each of them is the major difference. While an influencer intends to make sure that their audience buys certain products, a digital content creator intends to educate their audience on various products.

Influencers usually charge a certain percentage or get paid on a per post basis, digital content creators charge based on individual posts or a project. While associating yourself with an influencer will only result in social media photos or videos. Digital content creators will give your brand content surrounding your product.

Influencers are usually limited to social media apps, digital content creators get involved in showcasing products on various platforms and some have their own websites. Creating a blog post describing a product or making a YouTube video explaining a product in depth is carried out by digital content creators.

Associating with a digital content creator can help a brand with professional content for their business. Moreover, a content creator can help a brand showcase their products in unique styles. You can also use the created content to use on your social media platforms.

On the other hand, an influencer can help a brand reach wider audiences and create brand awareness. Once an influencer displays a product, their audience instantly gains trust in that brand which can prove to be fruitful for a company.  Similarly, you can reach a niche audience by displaying your latest products.

Though both influencers and digital content creators help a brand achieve a wider audience, it is on a company what type of influencer marketing they are looking for. As a brand it is important to analyse the reach and engagement of a digital content creator or an influencer to make sure you make the right move.