The Coronavirus catastrophe is still prevailing with its full force. And around the globe, the count of COVID-19 cases is only soaring. Already it has crossed 2,000,000. 

Maximum countries are in the complete shutdown state due to this unstable catastrophe. And the authorities are earnestly requesting people to abide by social distancing in a hope to thwart the massive spread of the virus. People of all ages are getting affected badly, either by coronavirus or the lockdown.

With the epidemic rise of the virus-afflicted positive cases, one question is rising i.e. can people with no traits be the ones who are silently passing on the virus? Is it possible that people are afflicted with COVID-19 but as they are showing no signs or traits at all, they are unaware of the fact and unknowingly and unintentionally maybe they are causing the spread? 

Here is what we’ve got in our hands about the fact so far.

Zero Symptoms but Still the Possible Bearers of COVID-19

During the earlier weeks of affirming the outbreak of Coronavirus as a serious crisis worldwide for both humans and animals, WHO specified some traits that the affected person might show. But when in February a lady of twenty years old from Wuhan was confirmed with COVID-19, the jitters became firmer. The report said that the lady never felt anything wrong with her health conditions or fell sick at all. And thus, she unknowingly transmitted the virus to the rest of her family members. 

The percentage of such cases with zero traits at all yet being potential carriers of the terrifying virus is relatively low. However, low does not mean zero. They are still potent enough to affect others. As per the study by WHO, in China, a lot of such cases were spotted, where the syndromes of being afflicted during the time of their diagnosis were zero. Later, the traits began to show up. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed COVID-19 afflicted people and found a similar kind of info. The study found that 10 out of 23 COVID-19 positive cases in a private healthcare institution of Washington, had zero signs when they had health scrutiny. Around a week later the diagnosis, the actual symptoms began to show up. 

These data are highly significant to deduce how to deal with the massive spread of the virus. 

Presymptomatic COVID-19 Patients Unintentionally Might Make Things More Uncertain 

In the news conference that took place on April 1, 2020, the tech lead of the Health Emergencies Programme at WHO mentioned that just before starting to show any signs, people seem to spread the virus the most. The time is around 1 to 3 days before any symptoms appear. And the percentage of people under this presymptomatic category is much higher than the asymptomatic one. 

With so many studies this fact is crystal clear that presymptomatic ones can be the carrier. They can transmit the virus. And they have no idea about it. Many questions are there. But no explanation of all these is available yet.

It is still unearthed how many of us unknowingly have the virus in our bodies. And there is a high chance that such afflicted ones are spreading the epidemic to others. It is still undiscovered how to point out who is presymptomatic and asymptomatic. Can they spread COVID-19 at the same rate as one who is confirmed with affliction and showing signs?

With so many unanswered queries, a lot of things are still uncertain. As per the experts, the only way to come up with a definite claim is conducting more tests and analyzing the results. Without following up on the test cases, giving any definite statement on this COVID-19 virus is not possible at all.