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The Ultimate CoreCommerce Ecommerce Review In 2023

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Tendergrass Farms, Spark Living, and The Poster List are a few notable customers.The company has powered more than 13,000 stores since its inception. Although it might seem like a lot, that represents barely a tenth of other significant competitors like Shopify. Here are some reasons why we still think the business merits consideration.

CoreCommerce Features

CoreCommerce Features

One of the most comprehensive feature sets I’ve ever seen in an eCommerce platform is provided by CoreCommerce. You can use their tools to build your store, manage your inventory, generate specialised reports, and much more.

To help ensure the security of your information as well as the information of your customers, the organisation provides a wide range of security upgrades.

Once you sign up, a setup wizard welcomes you and walks you through the process of setting up your online store. This wizard walks you through the most crucial steps, such as designing your store, adding new products, setting up various payment methods, adding taxes, and figuring out various shipping costs.

A CSV spreadsheet can be used to bulk import previously created products or to add new products to the store with ease. Additionally, everything is separated into categories as you add new products to your store, making it much simpler to keep track of everything.

Product information, description, shipping information, inventory, search engine tags, upsell products, vendors, and custom fields are some of these categories. Receiving a text message when a new order is placed on your store is one really cool function.

Their social media links are another plus; the business will permit you to immediately sell your stuff through your Facebook profile. Additionally, repeat visitors can quickly register on your website using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google credentials.

The CoreCommerce admin panel may appear a little intimidating when you first sign up for it. I have to confess that the admin panel is a little dull in comparison to some of the other dashboards available.

Despite having all the functionality required to operate an internet store, it does have an outdated appearance. But it just takes a few minutes to get acquainted to the layout before you can start building your first online business.

CoreCommerce Ease of Use

CoreCommerce Ease of Use

The ability to effortlessly rearrange various items on the dashboard by merely dragging and dropping their boxes to prioritise the information you are most interested in seeing first is one feature that is rather cool.

Each category’s several drop-down screens provide quick access to the dashboard’s various sections. With this, you never have to sift through a complicated menu to discover what you’re looking for.

The dashboard now delivers the capabilities you need to manage your store, but the fundamental design and general user experience may use some improvement. If the dashboard’s layout or design were changed, I’m sure it would be lot more appealing to users.

CoreCommerce Pricing

CoreCommerce Pricing

CoreCommerce has four distinct pricing tiers, the least expensive of which is $29.99 per month and the most pricey of which is a whopping $199.99.

With a 2 GB bandwidth cap and a very constrained range of only 150 products, the cheapest plan has a limited feature set.

Your bandwidth will be constrained unless you choose the professional package, which costs $79.99. This is another fact of corecommerce ecommerce review. Also check Role of personalization in digital advertising

If you choose one of the less expensive plans but use more bandwidth, you will be charged $9 for every extra GB.

While 2GB of bandwidth might seem like a lot, it quickly becomes limited as the number of customers visiting your store increases.

I do like that the business doesn’t impose transaction fees on any of its plans, which is one thing I like.

CoreCommerce Templates and Designs

Over 100 free templates are available to CoreCommerce clients. This may seem like a lot, but you soon realise that many of the themes need updating. Despite recent updates, they still don’t quite have the polished appearance that other businesses, like Shopify, offer.

Using built-in widgets, you may quickly change the store’s layout once you’ve selected your theme. These are manipulated using a straightforward drag-and-drop editor.

If you don’t know how to write code, you can change the entire layout without ever having to look at the HTML or CSS code.

However, you are unable to upload a theme that you have designed from scratch. Of course, if you are proficient in HTML or CSS, you can alter the themes using these.

This is a feature that some rivals, like Shopify, offer.

There is a catch, though: the main design package costs $2,299, with add-ons costing as much as $799 for responsive design. If you simply can’t find the right theme or simply don’t have the time to create your own theme, you can purchase additional design services, in which the CoreCommerce team will design a store from scratch.

The design phase of this option can take anywhere between 60 and 120 days, which is another drawback.

Therefore, if you want to start something quickly, this is generally not a good option.

CoreCommerce SEO & Marketing

One of the most crucial jobs when running your own store is making sure it is SEO friendly.

CoreCommerce has incorporated SEO tools within their platform, much like other businesses have.

All product and category pages have URLs that are optimised for search engines.

Additionally, the platform integrates with Google Analytics, and Google sitemaps are generated automatically, making it much simpler for customers to locate your store on Google.

Additionally, the business has set up Automatic Google Product Feed so that your products can be included on Google Shopping.

The fact that you may provide your consumers with various types of coupons, gift certificates, mailing lists, and newspapers is just one of the many tools that CoreCommerce provides for promoting your store.

Additionally, you can put in place various incentives like referral programmes that reward clients for bringing in new customers.

It is simple to present bundle savings and related products that might be of interest to clients.

CoreCommerce Inventory

Inventory management is one of the most essential aspects of running a store, whether it be online or offline, because without inventory there is no store.

CoreCommerce’s inventory monitoring system is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

The organisation offers a variety of methods for managing and tracking inventories, as seen in the image above.

By inputting the available inventory when creating a product, you can easily keep track of the remaining stock. The business will tell you immediately when the quantity of inventory falls below a predetermined level. This is another fact of corecommerce ecommerce review.

In addition, you may choose the minimum and maximum order quantities. In other words, if you only want clients to be able to buy in bulk, you can set the minimum level at a specific number. Also check Mint Alternatives

If you wish to sell in pairs, for example, you can require buyers to buy 2, 4, 6, and so on units. You can even arrange it such that customers can only buy in multiple quantities.

CoreCommerce Payments

More than 50 payment gateways are available with CoreCommerce, including the most well-known ones like PayPal and Google Checkout. You may also accept all major credit cards.

One convenient feature is the ability to specify a minimum and maximum order amount. For example, you might specify that orders must be at least $20.

Additionally, e-onlinedata makes it simple to accept payments made by credit card.

This all-in-one merchant account and gateway solution enables customers to quickly and simply accept payments made with major credit cards through their CoreCommerce store.

As with any payment gateways, there is a fee for processing each transaction; consequently, this is also true when signing up with e-onlinedata. This price is 2.09%+25c, and there is a monthly minimum of at least $25 if you choose to utilise this gateway.

CoreCommerce Security

CoreCommerce Security

Because CoreCommerce takes security seriously, their software complies with PCI/DSS.

Additionally, every customer receives a free SSL shared certificate with 256-bit encryption from the business.

If security is a top priority for you, this feature will be fantastic as Shopify, for example, only provides 128-bit encryption. This is another fact of corecommerce ecommerce review.

Additionally, each server has an Intrusion Detection System and is protected by a firewall.

If you decide that the security provided is simply not sufficient for you, you can always sign up for a dedicated SSL certificate, in which case the secure pages of your store will utilise your own domain name.

The annual pricing of this specific SSL service is $25.99.

Other businesses don’t provide this extra security, like Shopify.

CoreCommerce Customer support

CoreCommerce Customer support

It’s wishful thinking to imagine you can build an entire internet store without ever need assistance.

Sometimes you just need assistance from the support staff; fortunately, CoreCommerce has excellent customer service.

On Monday through Friday, the company offers 24 hour phone and chat assistance, followed by 8 hours on Saturday. On Sunday, however, there is no phone or chat help available.

If you require assistance outside of business hours, they do provide a sizable KnowledgeBase with solutions to practically every problem you can encounter.

Additionally, they provide dozens of video courses on a variety of subjects, including store design, payment methods, and the best ways to transport your goods.

After communicating with the support team multiple times, I can vouch for their professionalism and ability to assist you with any issue you may have.

The company was really willing to address any queries I had both before and after signing up, as well as to help me understand them. This is another fact of corecommerce ecommerce review.

The absence of live help on Sundays is the only drawback I could identify.


CoreCommerce is one of the better ecommerce platforms I have evaluated, in my honest opinion, after my thorough testing of it.

Although the company still has to add a few features before I would compare it to Shopify, I genuinely think they are headed in the right direction.

This is a fantastic solution because of the features provided and the strong security options.

I would unquestionably suggest this to store owners who want a reliable platform but don’t mind a dull dashboard.