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Content Marketing Tips For 2020

Content marketing – this term has become extremely popular and relevant in recent times with the rise of digital marketing and social media influence over the people. 

Brands and marketers have realized the importance of content in the digital and social media landscape as billions of users globally search, explore, and engage with content for leisure, entertainment, information, and investments.

Therefore, brands see it as an opportunity to leverage beneficial outcomes by employing a robust & influential content marketing strategy.

So, here we have listed what exactly is content marketing in 2020 and the best tips to achieve their content marketing goals. 

What Is Content Marketing In 2020?

Content marketing as the name suggests is a marketing strategy that mostly involves the use of the content, be it branded content or influencers’ or user-generated content.

In simple terms, brands and marketers use valuable and relevant content to attract, engage, and convert users into customers. 

Earlier there was no specific term called content marketing as brands were just focusing on promoting and advertising their brand through taglines, promises, etc. 

But now in 2020, marketing has evolved a lot and it has become more consumer-focused so content marketing has come into existence to satisfy consumer needs and deliver valuable information & experiences through content.

So, content marketing has gained a lot of attention and importance in recent times and here we present you the best tips to empower content marketing strategy. 

Best Content Marketing Tips 2020

  1. Create A Stream Of Content

Content marketing needs the creation and curation of content constantly for the brands. But the challenge that most brands and marketers face is getting content constantly. 

Here, creating content continuously is a tremendous task where the brands have to invest huge amounts in labor, time, resources, etc. 

So, the first tip is to create a stream of content where the content curation is the best option. Social media and digital platforms are a hub of valuable content so you can curate and leverage that content in your marketing. 

It will help you save time and resources into content creations whereas it will also help in having a hub of original, unique, diversified content. 

  1. Integrate Visual Media In Your Strategy

Now more than ever, the visual content is extremely important as most of the users tend to get attracted and engage with visual content over the textual content. 

Visual media such as captivating images, infographics, interactive videos, live streaming, etc. are hugely beneficial as it helps in delivering more information in less time. 

Besides, visuals are processed 60000 times faster and are more memorable and expressive than the textual content. So, integrating visual media will help in making your content marketing strategy more engaging, interactive, and interesting. 

  1. Leverage User-Generated Content

Having or building brand trust, authenticity, and credibility has become more important nowadays as online commerce is growing its popularity among the people. 

Users or consumers want to have a sense of trustworthiness, reliability, security, and authenticity before making their purchase or investment decisions.

Leveraging relevant and valuable user-generated content in your content marketing can help in building trust and credibility as it is shared by the real customers of the brand based on their authentic experiences with the brand and its products & services. 

You can curate UGC from social media and digital platforms using tools like UGC platforms and display it across different content marketing channels.

  1. More Personalized & Humanized Content 

Gone are the days when you can keep on sharing advertising-oriented content that did not enable you to have two-way communications or add value to the consumers’ knowledge. 

Earlier brands and marketers used to create content for mass audiences that had no individual value to any consumer. 

Now the time has come to focus on each consumer individually so it is essential to create a more personalized and humanized content so that consumers are more likely to engage and convert into customers. 

Personalization & humanization of content means making your content more relatable, realistic, valuable, and authentic. This will help the users to connect with content along with effectively delivering the marketing message. 

  1. Be Consistent, Updated & Actionable

These 3 elements are hugely important in the current scenario as firstly, it is essential to be consistent with your content. You cannot be inconsistent as users constantly look for content regularly. 

Consistency will help in keeping your brand memorable and relevant in consumers’ minds. Besides, you need to update your content regularly according to the current trends and scenarios. Therefore, outdated content will not help your brand or benefits. 

Along with these, you also have to make your content actionable so that the users are motivated to engage further and lead to conversions. 


These were some of the best tips for improving your content marketing strategy and achieving the desired results. These tips talk mainly about making your content more consumer-focused. 

Content is the perfect solution to make your brand more relevant, improve your brand image, build strong relationships, enhance user engagement, and most importantly increase conversions. 

You can leverage the tools like a UGC platform or content scheduling apps to empower and manage your content marketing strategy effectively.

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