In today’s technological era and rapidly growing networking on the internet makes it tough to resort to the compatibility of the website. But now with the gradual invention of Comparium, the task of website testing has become easier. By using this software, you can find fruitful results with few minutes. It works very fast and delivers the best results to the users. So with this, you can check the efficiency of your website very smoothly and easily. With the latest and different version of this tool you can check and manage web browser testing on various kinds of browsers as per your preference. Similarly you can also use Selenium Tool for automated functional testing of web application.

FEATURES Of Comparium

An efficient support system performs error-free and efficient web testing on different kinds of platforms.  Users can find out various browsers and browser versions using this. It also supports browser testing between different browsers. Some of them are windows 10, windows 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.

Website Test Report Via Mail

Individual who tend to use this software get the report of their website testing through an email which can be checked offline. So, in other words, it makes the test of users much easier and more accessible.

Economical And Less Time Consuming

A version of this incredible tool is free cost. This helps others to do website testing for free in the first place. This saves money and time. A user needs not to wait for hours to see the results. The response is very quick and gives a faster result than any other website testing tool available in the industry.

Easy to Use

For website testing, a user can simply copy the URL of the desired site and leave the further testing process on the tool. Within a few minutes, only you will find the best results. All the results will be directly conveyed to you by the mail. It can be used by the users to keep their website updated.



  • One of the major benefits of this tool is that it is a customer-oriented tool which is designed by keeping in mind the needs of the customers.
  • It is a major support system that supports different versions like Google chrome, safari, Mozilla, firefox, internet explorer and many more.
  • The results are reliable, customer-friendly and can be very well used in a later stage.
  • It is one most efficient tool available in the industry offers so many versions which make the task of users easier. In addition to this it user friendly and can be used by laymen.



Thus it can be safely concluded that Comparium is one of the best tools for website testing. Its various versions like version 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0.offers wide range of features which shows quality results.  It has many additional benefits as well which makes it the perfect choice of users. Therefore for real-life testing and better quality results in it advisable to use the Comparium.