Starting a food business can be stressful; you will need a big enough kitchen to accommodate all the cooking that comes with it. Finding a suitable commercial kitchen space can be even harder. If you are a seasoned food business person and want to expand your business, finding the best commercial kitchen you can rent is equally important.

There are licensed kitchens that you can rent for both short and long periods. Finding one with all the necessary equipment is the most important thing. Finding the best commercial kitchen can help you compete favourably with other food businesses.

Factors To Consider When Renting A Commercial Kitchen

There are many things to consider before renting a commercial kitchen, and this guide will help you.

Type of Commercial Kitchen

Before dipping two feet in the waters, you first need to know the commercial kitchen you need. Commercial kitchens are not all the same; there are different types. For example, a catering kitchen is mainly used as a food delivery only kitchen; a central production unit that allows all the cooking and food preparation and even storage.

Other options like a shared kitchen might help save the cost since it is rented out to several people. But if you are a newbie, you should consider getting a private commercial kitchen because it will allow you the ample time you need to grow your business. Find out the type of kitchen that is suitable for your business before putting the money down. The type of food you make also matter.

Available Equipment

Make sure you know the rental package. Some commercial kitchens will come with the necessary appliances, and some will not. The most important thing to know is the equipment will vary from one renter to the next. For you to avoid any surprises, find out precisely what is included in the rental package and whether you need to buy any appliances or not.

The package should include things like cookers, dust bins or fridges. The whole point of renting the kitchen is to help with the cost, so make sure you are not using more money than you should.


The last thing you want is a cramped space. Having a small kitchen can be problematic unless you wanted a small space. Your kitchen space should depend on your business’s size or how many people will help you in the kitchen. Your helping staff should be able to move in the kitchen freely.

The kitchen appliances should fit perfectly in the kitchen and leave enough room for you and your staff if you have any. Enough space will improve efficiency in your food business and help avoid any delays.


Commercial kitchens’ rents differ depending on their size, equipment they provide, how long you will be renting the kitchen, or even the type of kitchen. Do your research first before paying for a rental kitchen. If you have a small food business, it will be wise to rent for only a few months in case your business expands, and you need a bigger space.

Make sure there are no hidden charges; some renters will charge a commission for every food order. Ask for discounts if there are any; ensure you get the best deal before committing.

License and Insurance

It can be overwhelming to get a new place to start or expand your business, but make sure all the legal requirements are taken care of. You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the law. There are a number of regulations that you are required to know before running a food business like fire safety or waste disposal, among others.

Insurance is the most important of all. Accidents in the kitchen, however rare they are, can occur at any time. Considering that a kitchen has electrical equipment, sharp kitchenware, and even flames, you must ensure your staff’s safety and your business as a whole.

Benefits of Renting a Commercial Kitchen

Commissary kitchens can be very beneficial to chefs, especially those who are starting in the food business. Some of these benefits will make you want to explore renting a commercial kitchen.

They Are Pocket-Friendly

The fact that you are renting a kitchen means you will spend less than buying one. Renting a kitchen for your business will save you money since they are different prices for different kitchens. You need to find a rental commissary kitchen that you can afford and set up your business. You might even get a kitchen with all the appliances.

Short Time Commitment

If you are trying the food business for the first time, renting a kitchen is the best way to go. This will help you avoid a significant loss in case the business does not work out. The flexibility that commercial kitchen offers can also be a stepping stone before you buy your own kitchen because you can move any time you need to expand.


Rental kitchens are located all over the country. Renting a commercial kitchen will allow you to move from one location to another if you need to. This also helps when you want to franchise your food business.


Some rental kitchens offer storage where you can store all the food you need without it going bad and causing any losses. Without proper storage, the food business can be tricky because most of the ingredients are perishable.


To avoid the stress that comes with your food business Occupyd has access to different commissary kitchens to rent. So whether you are running a successful food business or starting one, renting a commercial kitchen should be something to consider. Choosing the commercial kitchen to rent can make or break your business; find the right kitchen that will help you expand your food business by considering the factors mentioned above. As much as doing your research is important, also consider visiting the kitchen before you rent, assess all the things you require, and make sure they are up to your standard.