Cloudbounce Alternatives

Best Cloudbounce Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Like SoundBlade and eMastered, CloudBounce is another online audio mastering platform with machine learning, low turnaround time, with superior-quality results. The site provides its users with advanced methods for mastering tracks, like machine listening, different audio processing tools, compressor, EQ, and stereo imaging.

CloudBounce is not just useful for music, but people can use it for speech, live or private concert recordings, DJ performances, audio tracks, band practice recordings, or commercial use. CloudBounce – Instant Audio Mastering tool to enhance your tracks made by musicians for musicians, record labels, artists, and music producers.


  • Audio Mastering Plugin
  • Track Optimization
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Cost Effective
  • Stereo Enhancement

Top 10 Best Cloudbounce Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Cloudbounce Alternatives here are the details below;

1. ReMasterMedia


ReMasterMedia is an Intelligent online Audio Mastering tool that makes the sound quality of your track and video even more louder, with an easy drag-and-drop interface. By using ReMasterMedia, you have to just submit media, adjust your presets, compare your sounds, preview, and then download it to share. This Platform provides users with improved depth & clarity, stereo enhancement, punchy volume boost, and cross-platform optimization. ReMasterMedia also has an online AI-powered tool to remove noise from your media.

2. eMastered


eMastered is an audio mastering web application developed by Grammy Winning engineers. This site allows music makers to master their tracks instantly with an easy-to-use interface. Using it lets you get master tracks within seconds, upload a song, analyze, and master or download. eMastered is an AI-powered platform that improves your sound quality according to your style and preferences. In addition to making the track louder, musicians can master the track’s synth, piano, and drums or improve bass quality.

3. MajorDecibel


MajorDecibel is an online Audio Mastering Engine established in 2016 by Adam and Emily Love. MajorDecibel – Instant Online Audio Mastering Service offers a wide range of features to enhance and master your product. By using this software, you can enhance bass and sub-bass, adjust multiband compression, set linear equalization, stereo enhancement, level adjustment, and limiting. Furthermore, it provides support of stereo up to 24bit/48kHz, and you can choose a sound of different intensities and EQ options.

4. Metropolis Studios

Metropolis Studios

Metropolis Studios is a music production studio established by Gary Langan, Carey Taylor, and Karin Clayton in 1989. If you want to master your track from the world’s renowned artists and engineers, then visit Online Mastering by Metropolis – The Best Mastering Engineers. By using Metropolis, you have to choose the engineer of your choice, master options, upload your track, and give your requirements to the artist. After that, you can download your master track which is ready for release.

5. Pro Track Mastering

Pro Track Mastering

Enhance or Master your sounds with Pro Track Mastering – Online Human Track Mastering Service where editing is done by humans, not by machines. With the help of Pro Track Mastering, you don’t need to go to any mastering houses and pay thousands of dollars; just sign in, upload, and get your master track ready instantly. The users of this site can get HQ Mastering and improve their production, which stands out in the community at very affordable rates.



Record, Edit, Convert, and Master your music with MAZTR – an Online Audio Mastering tool invented by a group of audio engineers and musicians in 2016. MAZTR can master songs and podcasts in the cloud, and you can create your own mixes, tweak the levels, and customize EQ. In addition to customizing your tracks, you can select genres and their predefined sets of EQs, compressors, or effects that suit the chosen genre. MAZTR also provides users with free audio resources. This is another Cloudbounce Alternatives. Also check Revivehost Alternatives

7. MasteringBOX


MasteringBOX is a professional audio recorder, editor, mixer, and master that can cleverly detect the spectral characteristics your music needs and automatically apply appropriate adjustments. The tool provides users with an easy-to-use mastering technique where they can upload, edit, and master their tracks with unlimited features. MasteringBOX – Online Audio Mastering Service collects your data, carefully processes it, and produces the final mastered output. Furthermore, you can fine-tune the parameters and adjust loudness and EQ control before saving.



LANDR is an online Audio Editor and Digital Audio Workstation that enables users to create, master, collaborate and distribute their work to grow their network. LANDR: Creative Tools for Musicians offers a wide range of music templates and exclusive plugins that can easily be integrated and helps you to manipulate your sounds in high quality. The Platform provides its users with an AI-driven engine that smartly understands your music preferences and applies reliable master. Using LANDR, you don’t need to.

9. BounceCast


BounceCast is an online Audio Editing tool that is specifically designed for music creators to record, enhance, and master audio/video on desktop and mobile as well. BounceCast is a cross-platform and perfect software for editing and analyzing podcasts without complications. Moreover, using this site, you can import and process recorded files and achieve professional results in just seconds. The tool has a smart enhancement feature that intelligently improves equalization, and controls unwanted frequencies, transparent compression, peak limiting, and level normalization. This is another Cloudbounce Alternatives. Also check Revivehost Alternatives 

10. Sound Forge

Sound Forge

Sound Forge, previously known as Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, is an online audio editing application developed by Magix Software GmbH. Sound Forge – The pioneer in audio editing offers many advanced features for music creators, including recording, audio editing, audio mastering, and processing. Sound Forge comes with advanced and new ways of audio editing and uses modern technology to provide the best quality. This Platform enables music creators to master their audio tracks with ultra-clear sound quality of up to.