If you are looking for the best cheap car insurance deal, you can start by taking stock of your situation. Are you a new driver or a teenage driver? Are you a grown-up? Are you now serving (or have you served) in the army? What does your history of driving look like? Will you want compensation that covers responsibility for accident and liability for property damage? What’s about roadside assistance and injury forgiveness?

The answers to these questions will impact which car insurance companies will give you the best and cheapest car insurance quotes. You will need to be crystal clear about what the insurance covers.

Yeah, there is inexpensive auto insurance, but a low-cost policy is only worth it if there is sufficient minimum insurance coverage. Furthermore, the cheapest auto insurance for one driver may not be the cheapest for another, and many insurance providers offer discount rates and exceptional circumstances policies.

All that has been said, there are some plans out there that provide decent coverage at a low cost. Keep reading to learn more about the best cheap auto insurance companies in the country.

Cheap car insurance in general: GEICO

GEICO’s advertisement presence has made it one of the most recognized car insurance brands, and the rates and customer service of this insurance company have made it one of the most loved ones. Across each group, the automobile insurance provider is consistently ranked to offer some of the best coverage choices available to drivers at the best prices.

GEICO famously informs drivers that they could save 15 percent or more by switching to the carrier, but how does it make such savings?

The response comes from the company’s robust discounts. As a GEICO policyholder, you can get discounts based on the safety equipment of your vehicle (airbags, anti-lock braking, anti-theft systems), your driving habits (good driver, use of seat belts), your employer (federal, military, and some individual employers) and the courses you take (defensive driving, driver training courses).

GEICO has a unique product (and hotline help) for military service members and veterans.

Cheap car insurance for members of the military service and veterans: USAA

The United Services Automobile Association is the only insurance firm that provides affordable car insurance premiums. The catch is that to apply for a policy with the USAA, you need to be either a member of the U.S. military, a veteran, or a close family member of one of the two. That disqualifies most people—but if you qualify for USAA auto insurance, it is highly recommended that you check out the insurance company.

Not only can consumers switching to USAA save an average of $707 a year on their auto insurance coverage, but the organization has been dubbed the “most beloved financial brand on earth,” with 64 percent of USAA members identifying themselves as “very satisfied.”

USAA also has a host of incentives available, so most drivers who can get insurance with the insurer are likely to be able to save even more money. Discounts provide money back for safe driving, driving lessons, multi-vehicle insurance, family membership, and car storage on a military base.

Cheap car insurance for seniors and teenagers: Progressive

Most insurers charge extra for teen and senior citizen drivers. Members of these age groups are more likely to be involved in auto accidents, but carriers see them as more likely to be covered than other drivers. As a result, teenagers and senior citizens may need to look a little harder at coverage options to find the cheapest car insurance provider that meets their needs at a fair price.

Progressive makes it more straightforward (and cheaper) to insure teen drivers than many of its rivals. In addition to being fully open about the discrepancies between implementing a new policy for teens and adding one to the current policy, the organization gives several discounts to younger drivers. There is a discount for merely getting a driver 18 or younger on your list, as well as one for adding another vehicle to your account. Also, teen drivers can save by keeping the B-or-better average and driving safely as part of the Snapshot program.

Those Snapshot savings often help drivers aged 75 and over, whom Progressive agrees are more expensive to insure. As part of the Snapshot initiative, progressive consumers download the Snapshot app (or use a plug-in device) to track their driving habits. People who drive safely or use their vehicles infrequently (as many senior

citizens do) are eligible for an annual savings of $145 per year.

Cheap car insurance for drivers with dubious records: The General

The General has been serving consumers for over 50 years. The General, over the years, has a series of TV advertisements and a catchy slogan. The General recognizes that not every driver can boast the cleanest record and that errors—such as accidents and driving violations—occur behind the wheel. Still, the company aims to have fair prices for drivers under the “nonstandard” mark. It also extends courtesy to low-credit drivers and those who have caused their insurance to lapse.

The General offers additional benefits to all customers. For example, the company provides a “low down payment” option for its plans, as well as discounts based on your car’s safety features, your driving record, and more. Whether or not you have a less-than-stellar history of driving, The General is worth a look to get car insurance quotes.

Cheap car insurance for low-credit scores: Root Insurance Company

Root Insurance may be a relatively new player on the field, but its approach to ensuring drivers will eventually be a game-changer. It’s sure to be convenient for drivers looking for the cheapest auto insurance with lower credit ratings. Root uses telematics (via the iPhone or Android app) to track your driving and then gives you reduced auto insurance rates depending on how safe you’re driving. Your credit score never comes into play—instead, your driving skill is measured, and you save money based on Root’s measurements.

People moving their policies to Root will save up to an impressive 52 percent of their car insurance premiums. Root is in a position to have such low prices because it only guarantees healthy drivers. Any customers whose telematics are not up to par during the test drive time will not be given coverage. Root is now available in 36 states and will soon be available in two more, so you will want to search its website to see if you are eligible for coverage.

Points to bear in mind when you’re looking for cheap car insurance

  • Saving money is vital, but so is getting a policy of liability coverage and comprehensive coverage that you need. If a particular auto insurance policy is not suitable for you, it doesn’t matter how little it costs. Being under-insured is nearly as bad as being an uninsured motorist.
  • Try to decide which factors can ultimately affect your insurance premium, such as your driving record, age, and credit score. These factors will help you in deciding which car insurance you would require.
  • It is crucial to get the car insurance quotes from several different insurers (factoring in the discounts they offer) and weigh those rates against the nature of the coverage choices offered.
  • Try to partner with car insurance companies that you already use for other insurance coverage or an insurer that provides exclusive incentives to workers at your place of business. In that case, you can save even more money on your car insurance policy.
  • You may be able to save money on your insurance premium by sacrificing some coverage. Still, it’s better to keep all the liability coverage and comprehensive coverage you may need—and it’s probably cheaper in the long run in the event of a crisis.