Have you got time to create the greatest business plan for your company? business plan software may help you develop the best company report with no effort. One of the first steps entrepreneurs must do when starting a firm is to create a good business plan. A great business plan must include essential areas of the business, such as product specifics, pricing models, and financial estimates for the next years. Creating a business strategy may be difficult, especially if you’re not sure where to start or don’t have enough time. The good news is that you don’t need to start from scratch when developing a strategy. There are many business plan software tools available that may assist you in creating a professional business plan.

What is Business Plan? How to Make One?

A Business Plan, on the other hand, outlines a company’s goals and how it aims to attain them. These are crucial written documents that businesses need for both internal and external audiences. A normal business plan should be between 15 and 20 pages. If it has lengthy components, include them in the appendix and refer to them in the main plan. If you want to create a business plan for your corporation, follow these steps:

Write an Executive Summary

Consider it an elevator pitch with a description of the business plan and objective statement. It is advisable to write it toward the conclusion.

Describe Company

In this part, provide basic information about your organization, such as its registered name, location, key staff, and areas of specialization. Include the firm structure, history, and ownership percentage as well.

Mention Business Objectives

Your business plan should include a goal statement that explains what your company wants to accomplish in the long run. If you’re creating an investment or using plan, concentrate and build on this part.

Discuss Your Products and Services

Well, Describe in detail what product or service your firm will provide. Include your pricing, target audience, and sales and distribution strategy.

Market Research

Discuss with your rivals in this market. Include the reasons for their achievement and how you can outperform them.

Strategy for Marketing and Sales

So, in this area, describe how you aim to attract customers to utilize your services and keep them loyal.

Financial Analysis

While you may not have enough financial information as a startup, mature organizations should have a balance sheet, profit-and-loss statements, and cash flow statement.

Make Financial Projections

The financial prognosis is another important aspect to consider when looking for loans or investors. In this part, you must explain how you expect to produce profit in order to repay the loan or offer a satisfactory return to the investors.

Further Information

Any extra information you decide to include in the business plan should be included in the appendix.

How Can I Easily Create a Business Plan?

To construct a business plans, do extensive market and competition research. You must also develop a sales, manufacturing, and marketing strategy that meets the demands of your target customers. To construct a best business plan, include all of this, as well as your company’s facts and predictions.

9 Best Business Plan Software

1. LivePlan

Are you looking for a low-cost business plan tool? If so, utilize LivePlan. It provides 500+ business plan templates spanning all major industries. In addition, LivePlan has a prediction tool that allows you to finish the math on your own. Enter the information into the program, and it will create charts, figures, graphs, and other documents for the business plan. After you’ve finished your business plan, save it in Word or PDF format. Aside from real-time financial data monitoring, the product is compatible with Xero and QuickBooks. In addition, this software has milestone scheduling, sales, budget tracking, and other useful features.

2. Cuttles

Cuttles is a highly dynamic and successful business plan software. It not only assists entrepreneurs in developing company ideas, but it also helps them comprehend their operations. This cloud-based online tool contains in-app instructions for drafting a business plan, generating a startup pitch, calculating budgets, and forecasting financials. Furthermore, firms may emphasize their team members in the plan by utilizing Cuttles’ Team feature. The business plan software is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Danish. Sharing is straightforward after building a business plan using this application. Within this app, you may invite other users to see your business plan, exchange links, and export the report in PDF format.

3. Bizplan

Bizplan is an amazing business plan software for entrepreneurs seeking investors or funding. Our modern and user-friendly business plan builder allows entrepreneurs to design a business plan exactly as they want it. Bizplan offers instructional tools to help you learn how to utilize this drag-and-drop tool for designing templates. Its Financial Command Center offers a number of financial instruments. Companies may use this business plan software to generate team salary forecasts, revenue estimates, and balance sheets. While you may add collaborators and stakeholders, you will have control over who can view and comment on sensitive material. You may also share the business plan by providing an internet link.

4. IdeaBuddy

Have you got a business idea but aren’t sure what to do with it? IdeaBuddy is the tool you’ll need to turn your concept into a business plan. All you have to do is enter data into the sections of the Business Guide. The program will quickly produce an investor-ready company plan that can be edited and shared. It contains an inbuilt editor that allows you to add and alter text. You may remove any component of your plan that you do not want to include. In addition to exporting the plan to PDF or Word format, you may share it with others via a link.

5. Enloop

Enloop is a business plan software that enables the quick production of company plans. Aside from assisting you in developing business plans, it also provides automated text writing, financial plan comparison, and a real-time performance score to measure your progress. Enloop enables users to create business plans using customizable text, tables, charts, graphics, and over 100 currency symbols and formats. Furthermore, its automatic text-generation capacity helps to streamline the business plan-drafting process. For example, you may make a temporary plan and ask other partners to modify it. In addition, the software produces a pass/fail report to aid in the diagnosis of the problem.

6. PlanGuru

Unlike tools that are just focused on generating a business plan, PlanGuru incorporates financial features relevant to company financial planning, such as budgeting and forecasting. As a result, you may use it to generate financial estimates, budgets, reports, and other documentation for your organization. The cloud-based platform is also available in a Windows-based desktop version, enabling you to choose the format that best matches your needs. It’s compatible with Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. Companies may make estimates for up to 10 years utilizing its 20+ conventional forecasting approaches. Furthermore, it has a powerful dashboard and reporting tool.

7. iPlanner

It is a professional business plan software that offers a variety of high-quality features at an affordable price. iPlanner is a fantastic choice whether you are a startup looking for financing, a firm that wants to do a risk assessment, or a company that needs to explain its business plan to its staff. iPlanner has a feature for business modeling. Entrepreneurs may spend as much time as they like building and strategizing their company model before developing their business strategy. It offers several easy templates that will assist you in developing an organized and transparent business plan. In addition, you may add an endless number of team members and contributors to these projects and assign them one of three roles: Viewers, Advisors, or Project Owner.

8. PlanBuildr

If you don’t like writing, let PlanBuildr manage your business plan. This easy solution enables you to quickly fill in the blanks and create a company plan. Users may create a business plan for their firm by utilizing one of 10 templates from various industries. In addition, PlanBuildr allows you to build complete financial predictions using basic figures, such as an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Users may also add charts and graphs to their ideas.

9. The Business Plan Shop

It’s a system that allows you to rapidly create an amazing business plan. The Business Plan Shop has an easy-to-use interface, and when you join up, you will get instructions and examples for each area of the business plan. In addition, the Business Plan Shop offers templates for generating business plans. Select your company industry to acquire the finest template. Businesses may use their product and service data to make commercial and financial projections for three or five years. Financial analysis, break-even point analysis, data visualization, and credit analysis are all provided. After developing the plan, you can simply export it in MS Word or PDF format.


Regardless of the size of your projected firm, a well-written business plan is critical for future growth and success. You may effortlessly create a business plan using smart business plan software. The list above will help you choose the best option for your organization.