The strong position in the EU, business-friendly atmosphere and easy seed capital availability is what makes France a lucrative market. Many start-ups have already embarked on their global expansion journey in France and have tasted success as well. If you haven’t started yet and thought of doing the same in the upcoming future, then let us tell you that cloud-telephony is what you need for a better and hassle-free transition.

Cloud-telephony is the latest addition in the business communication suite that takes everything on -cloud. Simply put, in cloud communication, all your telephony-assisted tools are deployed on the cloud space making data access, communication, and operations free from any geographical restrictions, thus, saving time and effort. 

How will cloud-telephony strengthen your business in France? 

Implementation of cloud telephony for your France-based business will assist you at various verticals. Starting from cost-effective calling to result-oriented marketing, it offers solutions for all. Here’s why you need it – 

Ready-to-use as you purchase 

When you are expanding your business in France, you need to set-up a strong back-up system to support the menial operations. Setting-up a call center for the business holds the prime significance. If you are doing this with the PSTN number, then it will consume a lot of time. 

Cloud-telephony doesn’t demand any special hardware or software installation and start working as soon as you purchase it. This reduces your time-to-market and helps you launch your business call center in no time. If you are an individual and your business is a small scale that can be managed single-handed, then you can have a business communication system just by downloading the calling app for your virtual phone number

Almost all the leading VoIP service providers offer to call apps for the customers that are available for every platform that can be downloaded in two-minutes, and handle business communication easily. These apps come with the whole set of features, can send voicemail, email, SMS, and arrange web-conference over a single click. Having robust business communication, a global level was never as easy as it is with cloud-telephony.

Traceable marketing 

No matter what business you own, you need to market your service/product in the respective market. That is why almost every business is spending millions of dollars on this. While marketing is so important and costly, tracing its fruitfulness in the real-time world is far more than important.

With cloud-telephony, it is as easy as clapping. Your cloud-based France phone numbers come with call recording and call analysis facility that makes you capable of tracing the call origin, recording the number of calls received after an advertisement and conducting real-time call analysis without making any extra special efforts. 

For example, if you are using France’s phone numbers of Paris (+33 1) and posted the numbers in the advertisement, then it will auto-recording the number of calls giving you the picture of the impact of your marketing strategy. If you are running two different campaigns at the same time, then you can set IVR for different programs and take note of the output of each one. 

Remote working is possible 

There is no hidden secret that you invest good enough money while setting up an office in any of the foreign locations. Other than this, there are many government implications, as well. However, if you want to see your business flourishing, then you can’t let these factors hinder your progress. In that case, cloud telephony acts as a boom. With this, you can set-up your office in any of the remote locations. VoIP is a stand-alone solution for business communication. 

When it is deployed on-cloud, your agents can easily log in, start making/receiving calls, attend a web-conferencing, and do whatever it takes for a successful business from anywhere. You can also set-up a second phone line for your business and transfer the calls to the next available agent without any hassle. The easy business data accessibility makes sure that your operations should not be hindered just because of the location.

Easy training and quality service 

The learning curve of the cloud-based system is easy. Your team will be able to handle it after a simple brief. This further eliminates the need to conduct thorough training sessions for the team and make them qualified, professional, and learned representatives of your business. 

Cost-effective calling 

Last but not least, cloud telephony makes business calling a dirt-cheap affair as it transmits calls over an internet connection. It converts the voice signals into the data packets using a VoIP gateway and transmits them over an internet connection. This type of communication is far cheaper than transitional PSTN-based communication. Your cloud-based business phone number can also send SMS, voicemail, and emails without charging you an extra penny. That means business communication is streamlined, cost-effective, and unified with cloud telephony. 

As we come to an end 

Operating a global business is not easy. You need robust resources and diligent planning to taste success. Cloud telephony fist well in all these prerequisites and help you operate your global business without any hassles. So, get it today and run your global business easily.