The construction industry is not left behind in terms of having to pay taxes to the government. These taxes apply to construction companies that take up various construction projects. While the companies complete most of the projects, some of them have to be outsourced to other companies. In any case, they still have to pay taxes for all the projects they take.

Proper Record Keeping Is Key

Proper records of all financial transactions are vital to any construction company. This is because of several reasons. First, they have to determine the amount of money to be made on each project and what percentage should go into paying taxes. The second reason concerns the sub-contracted projects. They need to maintain records to know how to share the profits between themselves and the sub-contractors

Hmrc Workshops

Owners and managers of construction companies stand to benefit a lot by attending HMRC workshops. Here, they get to learn by being availed with a lot of information with regards to their construction business.

The workshops provide invaluable insights on how to start a construction business and getting it registered as a limited company. It also provides information on the types of taxes that apply to them and how to prepare books of accounts, determine taxes to be paid, and filing their returns. Please note that by attending these workshops, you not only get tips to help you in being tax compliant, but get many lessons that you can apply to improve the success of your business.

How To Handle Sub-Contracts

Established construction companies get a lot of projects from its clients.  They may not have the ability to complete all of them in time making them to give some of the projects to sub-contracts. While the work is done by the sub-contractors, they will receive payment and proceed to pay taxes.

Construction company owners should take it upon themselves to make sub-contracting work. They can get valuable tips by attending HMRC workshops. Similarly, they can employ the services of construction accountants to take care of keeping the records, filing returns and ensuring the company complies with the relevant taxation policies.

Use A Good System

Bookkeeping for construction industry can be quite challenging. This is especially true if it involves sub-contracts. To maintain proper records, it is important that you use good systems to make it easy for you to track all transactions made by the come. This can be simple accounting software or an Excel spreadsheet.

The use of a good system will also mean that all transactions will be captured. Automating your system will mean no transaction will go unnoticed.

If you plan to hire a professional accountant in future, it is important that you go for a system that the accountant will be familiar with. Attending HMRC workshops will shed a lot of light on system automation.


Construction companies are prone to lose a lot of money when things are not done the correct way. This could be either lose profits or a reduction in profits due to fines on late payment of taxes. This article has shown you how you can avoid such a situation from happening.