The majority of people use Google Chrome as their default web browser but many people don’t use it to its full potential. It is not only full of features but also allows the third-party extension to take over and do pretty amazing stuff. 

It also allows different applications to handle different tasks that the browser is not capable of and people are not aware of that. 

Those tiny things can be easily done with the help of extensions. These extensions made chrome a powerful and most loved web browser.

So, extensions basically are small software programs that customize the browsing experience and they can do very useful things. 

But if you don’t like chrome and looking for alternatives to chrome browser then these extensions also work on them. 

Here is the list of top 10 useful Google Chrome extension

10 Best Useful Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Hover Zoom+

Hover Zoom is amazingly useful for people who love to explore images/videos and hate to get into the site. This extension works as a magnifying glass on images, enlarge thumbnails and videos, and resizes it to your window size. In order to zoom in user going to need to hold a special key.


Full page Screen Capture

Full page Screen Capture is a very handy extension that can be used for work and other purposes. As the name suggests, it captures and saves the full site in an image format, it automatically scrolls the page to capture the full site. Just simply click on the extension icon or press Alt+Shift+P to take a page screenshot.


Loom Video Recorder: Screen, Webcam at the same time

Loom Video Recorder is the best extension out there for recording your browser and it can also capture your webcam. It also allows you to customize your recording setting, select recording type, and mic on/off option. Just click on the extension and select Start Recording and it will start recording your web and webcam (if selected).



Honey is the only extension that can save you money. Honey basically used on shopping sites where it automatically finds and applies the coupon codes when you about to make a purchase. All you have to do is click on Honey extension while checking out. It supports shopping sites of countries like the US, Canada, Australia, UK and India.


Web of trust

Web of trust is a very useful extension that helps users identify fraud and scam sites. WOT allows users to report and review the sites and whenever you visit bad reviewed and untrusted sites then it will warn you to not to enter the site. It works automatically when you install the extension.



Many users might be using this and it is still the best ad blocking extension that can block any displayed ad and ad-popups that are generated from the site. AdBlock also allows you to whitelist any sites and custom blocking then only triggers when reached a certain page. With one click, you can disable AdBlock easily.


Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader extension can be considered useful for web readers. These days, websites are full of distraction as every site display random ads, play videos on the side, and show us different links which can be quite distracting. Mercury Reader is the only extension that will cut all the distractions and show you the readable portion. To make it readable just click on the extension.


uVPN – Free and unlimited VPN for Everyone

Best a free VPN on Chrome is uVPN is basically provide you a virtual private network that keeps you anonymous and secured also you can access sites that are ban in your country use using other country VPN. Use unlimited and any country VPN for Free. All you have to do is click on the power button after selecting the country.



Taking about extensions there is a very huge collection of extensions available on the Chrome web store and many users are using multiple extensions and the problem is they face a hard time managing these extensions. Where Extensity is just a simple and pretty useful tool that all can disable and enable all extensions on one click.



Many of you might be using it, Grammarly is can be a useful extension for those who have poor English skills. It basically corrects all the grammatical errors in the users writing and also gives you a suggestion of what to write. Grammarly is a very handing extinction often used by writers. It automatically detects text boxes and recognizes grammatical errors.