The importance of keyword research for everyone who lands on website development can be understood once in the field of website development. Keywords must be powerful and frequent to ensure that they drive traffic by assuring their appearance on the search engine. Identifying and using the appropriate keywords in the website, is a skill that every developer should attain. After all, keywords are going to act as bridging the gap between what people search for and delivering what makes their needs satisfied.

Talking about the audit, these SEO audits are going to be assuring the health of a website and how further it can be improvised. An SEO audit can be done manually, if you are an expert in the field, also, on the other hand, using the SEO audit tools available across the internet. Since not everybody is an expert, it often requires a combination of both manual supervisions with the assistance of automated functions. However, performing the SEO audit is an unavoidable function at every stage of a website.

To bring the best out of the available tools, we must make the best choice out of the available ones. Especially in the current year 2020, since most of the things happen online, the number of websites and online existence of a business is gaining attraction and increasing in numbers. The email marketing companies also use these tools at their convenience. So, to stand out among the rest in the field, it is required to have a combination of the best among the competitors to take place in the search engine.  

Below provided is a list of the best SEO tools for keyword research and SEO audit in 2020:

1. Webmaster Tools by Bing:

A comparison is the best to give you the position of this tool among the rest. In this case, the above mentioned Bing Webmaster tool can be compared with the existing Google Search Console. Both Google and Bing are well-known search engines, who also offer this facility. But the Bing webmaster tool is not as rich and technical in comparison to Google. If you are a developer mainly concentrating on Bing users, this is the perfect one for you, as it can reveal you the most asked and frequent keywords. Usage can be free of cost, but also provides premium packages with advanced benefits.

2. The All in One SEO Pack

The term itself says that everything is available under this single shelter. Yes, so there is no need to refer from websites to websites, for each different function. Whatever you need can be accessed here, all under one domain, and is hence less time-consuming. To offer a comparison, this can be compared to the Yoast SEO plugin, and act as an alternative to them, at the same time offer better features, canonical tag support, description tags which are auto-generated along with a bad bot blocker feature. The required features can be easily enabled using this pack, with the premium subscription.

3. Botify

This is another technical SEO tool, offering easy and refreshing website auditing tools. Comparatively easy to handle and interpret, these can be used by beginners as well. Based on the input given, they can provide the average site running speed, HTML errors and depth of each click made, all through easy graphical representations, easily interpretable after an analysis. Also, requires a paid subscription to acquire the same. 

4. Bright Local

It is one of the best Local Search Audit tools, highly used among the newbies on the web. It functions comprehensively to deliver tasks simply. It is also a professionally built website offering audit facilities, which can be easily accessed. To find and correct duplicates, this would be the best option over the internet. Also, incorrect citation, online can be referred to here. Towards the end, a graphical summary would be provided, which helps in understanding and making necessary conclusions.

5. Cluster

For a take it easy kind of a person, this would be comfortable, but for the rest would find it tricky and crowded. Due to the toes of features offered, the functions are a  bit space-consuming and in boxes and lines that might look overly populated. Competitor analysis and site audits can be done, in a comprehensive manner using this paid technical SEO tool.

6. Browser

Search engine spiders and their view about a website can be assessed using this tool. It is also a professionally designed tool, which shows the function of a search engine spider, and hence gives more automated and technical results than the rest. The usage of Browseo can be free of cost as well.

7. ContentKing App

This is also very similar to the rest of the online SEO audit offering tools. But has an exceptional feature of acting proactively to keep a consistent eye on the website all the time and notifying of any issues that arise in the meantime, causing issues to the health of the website.

8. DareBoost

As is significant from the name of the website, so does it function to boost things up and find solutions on how to make it better. It is a robust tool, to identify website deficiencies and make it perform better with help of expert advice. Whether it be load time or start to render, they have the perfect solution to minimize errors that are lagging you behind, all at free of cost as well as premium subscriptions.

9. EasyRedir

Redirection across the web is made easy using this particular tool. All you have to do is give prior information as to when and where to redirect using which particular URL. The rest will be done for you using this optimized tool. The respective DNS information to move further will be automatically generated as a result to ensure easy flow. They offer paid services.

10. DeepCrawl

It works as simply as clear as the name suggests. These undergo a very deep crawl about the site, in every direction and angle, and provide a detailed review about the errors and drawbacks, across everywhere you exist on the internet, even Twitter. The results would be summarised in diagrams as such a pie chart, which would show the proportion of duplicate pages, paginated pages, and unique pages. It also gives insight into the failed URLs.

11. Buzzsumo

They were once underrated, while now has taken place on the first line in the list of keyword research and content optimization tools. They also provide this feature of viewing shares of your content and images spread across the world wide web, which is highly beneficial for the growth and analysis of a website and its development. Their alert feature notifies you as and when some keyword concerning you or your competitors is searched on the internet.

12. CanIRank

The name of this website depicts the need of every developer over the internet. A clear breakdown of a page works in comparison to the rest that will be provided. The importance of a keyword and its ranking matters, which will be dealt with by using the features provided on this website. On seeing the results, a clear picture of the traffic, search volume, add cost per click, etc would be delivered.

13. Google SERP Review

This tool simply provides you a preview of how your site will be appearing on the Google search engine, and at what position. It is indeed a demo of where and how you would stand in the search engine. This has been launched only recently and provides easy content optimization.

14. Keys4Up

This is a free tool, which gives a descriptive list of which keywords would be effective for your content and website as a whole. The active keywords for your topic would be displayed, the use of which can ensure you a good rank on the search engine.


The above listed are only a few among the rest, which when used effectively to meet your needs would serve the best and provide access to a better presentation on the search engine. These suggestions can be used when working on the development of your website on the web to ensure instant results.