Best Free PDF Reader

Even though the web browsers have significantly reduced the need for a PDF tool, people need the best PDF reader software for digital signature, annotation, form filling, etc. There are many software tools designed for PDF reading. Which software will work the best to fulfill your demands?

The best way to get this question answered is by assessing all the top-rated PDF tools for Windows PCs. Windows 10 is a popular operating system nowadays and therefore many tools are designed for this OS. What if you are using Windows 7 or 8? Is there any tool available for these old Windows operating systems? Let’s find out the answer now.

10 Best Free PDF Reader Software for Windows 10, 8.1, 7

In this article, u can find out the best 10 Free PDF Readers Softwares to read your PDF files on windows computer.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  2. Your Web Browser
  3. SumatraPDF
  4. Nitro PDF Reader
  5. Google Drive
  6. Foxit PDF Reader
  7. Slim PDF
  8. Javelin PDF Reader
  9. Expert PDF Reader
  10. PDF-XChange Editor


  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

It is probably the most powerful PDF reader program available for the Windows PCs. Ordinary tools often do not work properly. Some PDF files require sophisticated PDF reader programs. Files like fillable forms, which a basic PDF reader tool cannot handle on a Windows PC, require advanced solutions. Adobe Acrobat Reader is capable of dealing with all kinds of PDF files.

It might feel a bit bulkier in comparison to some other tools on this list. This program works pretty great when any other solution do not work. You can use this software for text highlighting, PDF reading in various modes, adding notes, digital signatures, filling forms, and so on. It is a feature-rich solution for your PDF reading demands.

It is a free PDF reader, designed for windows. You can enable tabbed view to open multiple PDF files at the same time, while working on an important project. All such features make Adobe Acrobat Reader DC the best PDF reader program for Windows users.

  1. Your Web Browser:

A dedicated PDF reader software is required only when you have to use advanced features of that tool. You do not need a premium tool if your main demand is to read the PDF files. Popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc. are capable of reading any PDF file. These browsers come with built-in PDF reader program that allows you to open and read any PDF file.

Every web browser comes as a complete package. Their PDF reader programs are updated consistently to help the user in opening and reading any advance PDF file. It even doesn’t ask the user for pressing any key. You click on the file and browser opens it. That’s how this tool works. So, if you are in no need of using advance features of a sophisticated PDF reader program, use your web browser for reading PDF files.

  1. SumatraPDF:

This program is one of the most widely used PDF reading software in the world. It is a lightweight PDF reader tool, which you can easily download and install on your Windows PC. It is an open-source tool, licensed under GPLv3 License. You can use this program to open EPUB, FB2, MOBI, CHM, DjVu, XPS, and of course PDF format files.

SumatraPDF is regarded as the best free PDF reader right now! It comes with a 64-bit installer which is only 5MB in size. This program is fast, but unfortunately it lacks features like document signing, annotation, and form-filling. You will have to choose from other below-listed tools if you seek these advanced features.

  1. Nitro Reader:

Nitro Reader is the best program for your PDF reading needs if you do not want to deal with many unnecessary features. In other words, this program shows a great balance between features and usability. It comes with quite a simple user interface, like other Microsoft Office suite tools.

The QuickSign feature of this program allows you to make digital signature. You can use this program to lock the PDF document so that only authorized people with the key can open and read that document. Experts call it a no-nonsense PDF reader because it is sleek, user-friendly, and quite reliable.

  1. Google Drive:

Google is offering many sophisticated programs for free. Google Drive is one of them, which you can use to open and read a PDF file without using any software program. It provides the user only with PDF reader. Here you can store important files and secure those files against potential threats. It is up to you that who can see and open that file.

Even though Google Drive offers only PDF reading capability, you can use external Chrome apps to add some additional features. Whenever you get a PDF file that requires some improvement, you can convert it into another format and edit it easily. You won’t need a file conversion tool to perform that task and that’s why it is great program to read and edit PDF files.

  1. Foxit Reader:

This program works great on Windows 10 and older Windows operating systems. Your search for the best PDF reader is over if you are looking for a robust program. Millions of professionals rely on this program for their PDF reading demands. It is quite useful like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, but it is much lighter.

It is a smartly designed tool with no unnecessary features. This program only provides an additional tool which is Foxit PhantomPDF editor. You get this additional tool for a 14-day trial period. You can acquire its premium version if you find its features useful.

Foxit has also launched the latest online ConnectedPDF Document Management System. You won’t be dealing with complex formatting because this program’s Text Viewer mode will feature the PDF file in simple form. You can use this program to open, edit, and share PDF files online.

  1. Slim PDF:

The makers promote it as the world’s smallest PDF reader program that works flawlessly on any Windows PC. It is another lightweight solution for your PDF reading needs. You won’t spend much data to download this program because it is only a 1.43MB program. It will hardly require 5MB space on your PC to work perfectly. Slim PDF is a perfect solution for people using old computers.

We don’t say it is the best PDF reader program because you can use it only for viewing, reading, and printing the required files. However, this program quickly loads bulky PDF files and helps you in saving extra time. Avoid downloading and using this tool if you are looking for a program with advanced keyboard shortcuts. You cannot highlight text when using this program. It is only perfect for reading PDF files.

  1. Javelin PDF Reader:

It is one of the best PDF reader programs because it provides PDF reading features that we all need on a daily basis. This program features a clean and simple user interface. You can choose between different PDF reading modes such as side by side, full screen, continuous, etc. This program is much lighter than Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and therefore many people are using it.

You would download it immediately if you are seeking a program with DRM-secured PDF file viewing capability. Its download size is only 2MB and it will not cover a lot of space on your computer. Therefore, you can download it on your Windows 10, 8, or 7 PC and use it daily for PDF reading.

  1. Expert PDF Reader:

This program is equipped with a new interface and all the basic features you need for PDF reading. We consider it one of the best PDF reader program because it allows you to create a text box, highlight the text, and read all kinds of PDF files. This program is quite reliable when it comes to creating and managing custom stamps. Yes, it also allows you to making digital signatures.

The developers are constantly working to improve the performance of this program. The latest version comes with advanced features to create and store PDF files for a very long time. You can easily optimize the file size before storing it on your PC.

  1. PDF-XChange Editor:

PDF-XChange Lite is a thoroughly improved PDF reader program for Windows 10 computers. Now you get a simplified version of this program, so that even a newbie can use this tool easily. It can open any PDF file fast, allow you to check many pages of the file without waiting for their loading, print, annotate, edit text, save images, and do many other things on this program.

There were no basic editing functions on older version of this program. The users used to pay for editing features, but now it is providing those features for free. This free version of PDF-XChange Editor comes with up to 60% features of other premium programs.

You will pay only if you want to use all the advanced editing features otherwise you won’t pay for basic reading and editing. That’s why it is the best PDF reader program with advance editing capabilities.

Final thoughts:

Each listed program comes with certain perks. All of them are best PDF reader tools in comparison to other useless programs promoted on the internet. Assess your needs to choose a tool and download it directly from the associated link to get it now!