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Top 7 Best Eloomi Alternatives For 2024

Eloomi Alternatives

Best Eloomi Alternatives will be described in this article. Success comes from continuous learning, therefore if your company wants to foster a learning-centered work environment, you’ll probably need a cutting-edge, approachable learning experience platform to get you started. At Thirst, we understand how crucial it is to select an LXP that not only assists you in reaching your goals but also, and maybe more importantly, makes several good contributions to your organization.

Thus, this guide will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the most widely used learning experience platforms (LEXPs) to assist you in your research and enable you to make an informed choice in 2024. You’ve probably come across eloomi if you’ve been looking through the most well-liked learning experience platforms available on the market.

What is eloomi?

The goal of the learning and development platform eloomi is to promote the growth of individuals, groups, and cultures. LMS/LXP, skills development, performance monitoring, and a content library are among its four scalable modules. Capterra data indicates that eloomi’s user-friendly interface and customer service are highly rated by its users.

Pros of eloomi

The platform’s users like eloomi’s user-friendly design, fluid user experience (UX), and moderately flexible API that connects with a variety of currently available software platforms.

One user said:

It has a fantastic modern UI, is very easy to use and intuitive, works on all devices, is simple to link with other systems, and complies with GDPR regulations.

Another noted:

Selecting, configuring, and utilizing eloomi has been quite simple. Our users have embraced our technology with ease and effectiveness. The eloomi team has provided us with exceptional customer service, support, and help in setting up and ensuring the platform is successful.

Cons of eloomi

Many reviews have noted that although eloomi has a lot of capabilities, some users have experienced problems with some of these functions not being completely developed or working as intended.

Other users made software issues in the translation functionality comment. Here’s what one user said:

“The platform has many language translations available; we primarily use the Spanish and English versions. Although the English is flawless, local adjustments are occasionally needed for the Spanish translations.

Review Source

Capterra, UK: Software/150609, Eloomi: Reviews

How much is eloomi?

Although eloomi’s pricing information is not visible on their website, you can utilize the connection form on their website to inquire about more about their policies.

The 7 Best eloomi Alternatives

After going over some of the advantages and disadvantages of the well-known eloomi platform, let’s look at some of the other LXPs that are out there.

Including the following

1. Thirst

Why should you choose Thirst as your LXP in 2024?

Thirst is a cutting-edge, artificial intelligence (AI) learning platform that gives L&D professionals the ability to

Here are five reasons to choose Thirst

1. Drive learner engagement through dedicated learning campaigns

Learning campaigns, as any L&D professional knows, target specific skills, knowledge gaps, or development requirements within a group of learners. They play a crucial role when organizations want to implement a more comprehensive learning effort or promote changes in key competencies throughout their workforce.

The reason learning campaigns are so beneficial is that they offer an organized method of learning that enables organizations to monitor advancement, gauge effectiveness, and modify tactics as necessary to achieve learning goals.

With its essential insights regarding learner engagement, behavior, and skill development, Thirst can assist you with all of this and more, enabling you to maximize and enhance L&D throughout your company.

This is how it works.

However, don’t just believe what we say.

What a genuine Thirst user has to say is as follows:

“Since we launched the venue, we have consistently held 98% learner engagement thanks to Thirst’s power and ability to deliver personalised content to each learner.”

2. Personalized learning journeys

Thirst provides your company with learning trips driven by AI. Change the way you approach learning and development by incorporating adaptive material, personalized learning experiences, and continuous learning into your workers’ regular work routines.

Here’s how we go about it.

Keen to know more?

Find out how Thirst can assist you in designing customized learning programs for your employees.

3. Skills Development via a Skills Engine

An intelligent system called Thirst’s Skills Engine is made to recognize, map, and improve an organization’s workforce’s skills and abilities.

Thirst assesses skill gaps, recommends learning paths, selects relevant information, and tracks progress by utilizing data and algorithms.

Here’s how we go about it.

4. Learning Events Management

We can assist you in organizing, coordinating, and carrying out various educational events and activities within your organization in a strategic planning manner. The Thirst platform can assist by providing you with a space to support your employees’ learning and skill development.

5.   Shared Drive Integrations

Thirst intends to simplify the process of organizing, sharing, and gaining access to educational materials kept in cloud storage services or shared drives by integrating shared drive connections.

We can easily interface with the tools and software that your company regularly employs.

Thirst can coexist with…

How much is Thirst?

Spend less without sacrificing quality. At just £6.00 a month for each user, Thirst offers great value.

What you get when you select Thirst is as follows:

For All Users:

For Administrators of Organizations:

2. LearnUpon

With LearnUpon, an online learning management system (LMS) housed in the cloud, organizations may create, disseminate, and oversee eLearning and online training programs.

Pros of LearnUpon

The LearnUpon platform is described by some customers as being “easy to get started on, and we were able to get up and running in less than three weeks.”

Others disagree, saying instead that “I found the LMS to be very important and user-friendly whenever I had an issue or a problem doing something.” The LearnUpon team came through with a solution and saved the day.

Cons to LearnUpon

The system has a few less sophisticated functionalities, much like any program.

“The least likeable part about this software was the limited ability to change default settings,” one reviewer wrote. But it looks that LearnUpon has considered this and is now developing software changes that better suit our requirements.

“Learning paths could use some updates so learners can navigate along a journey,” another person remarked.

How Much is LearnUpon?

There are other options available, however to find out the precise cost of using the platform, you must speak with LearnUpon directly.

3. TalentLMS

A learning management system (LMS) focused on training success is called TalentLMS. With TalentLMS, providing customized training to each team or user should be made easier.

Pros of TalentLMS

A user expressed satisfaction with TalentLMS’s constant adaptation without compromising affordability, saying, “TalentLMS has continued to deploy regular quarterly updates which improve the features and usability of their product.” Even after significant system upgrades, they have continued to offer reasonable prices.

“Our favorite TalentLMS features are its ease of use, learner analytics, and the ability to set up branches,” said a user who complimented the platform’s suitability for their particular business. We, as an education services organization, provide busy educators and school administrators with microlearning opportunities through TalentLMS. Also check Dropmms Alternatives

Cons of TalentLMS

“One disadvantage is its home page customisation,” a customer noted in reference to TalentLMS’s lack of home page customization. As a front end to the system, there isn’t much to do beyond creating visually appealing landing and home pages with basic animation. Only a certain amount of static, designed images may be added.

Others questioned TalentLMS’s usability, pointing out that it ought to be made more user-friendly for non-technical users because customizing elements like branding can be difficult. For instance, it can be challenging to work with the logo image’s size constraints.

How much is TalentLMS?

TalentLMS offers four different options, ranging in price from $69 to $459 per month, in addition to its $69.00 introductory plan. To test the system out before committing, you may also utilize the free trial version.

4. Docebo

The purpose of Docebo’s LMS Suite is to improve the effectiveness of customer education, development, onboarding, and enablement for enterprise and corporate clients. Docebo includes all aspects of content production and administration, including delivery and business effect analysis.

Pros of Docebo

Users laud Docebo’s user-friendliness, with one client saying:

“The product was comparatively simple to launch and easy to use. It is very simple to create and manage rule sets inside the system.

“We wanted to host all of our learning in one place, documents, videos, and e-learning, and this LMS allowed us to do this easily,” one customer commented, praising how simple it was to have everything in one location.

Cons with Docebo

Certain consumers have expressed that there are moments when technological innovation is uneven. According to one review, “They are working hard to develop new and interesting features, but sometimes they move too quickly to release something that’s not quite ready or move on from older functionality that still needs to be optimized.”

Some people find Docebo’s assistance lacking in consistency. One user complained, saying that their team had to spend a lot of time opening tech support complaints and attempting to get them “elevated” so that they could be answered. Even though the majority of the problems were minor, when taken as a whole, they significantly hindered our team’s progress.

How much is Docebo?

You are welcome to question about the cost of Docebo as there isn’t any readily available information about it on the website.

5. Absorb LMS

A cloud-based learning management system called Absorb LMS was created to increase administrator and learner productivity in the workplace. Customers can customize the LMS to fit their own learning programs with the aid of its flexible software.

Pros of Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS has a respectably great customer service and usability rating. This was confirmed by a user: “It stands out for its pleasant user interface and simplicity of use.” It provides a considerable deal of flexibility in designing learning experiences, allowing them to be tailored to the unique requirements of any training procedure. In order for participants to prove that they fulfilled the requirements of their training procedure, it has an electronic signature.

“Users can efficiently customize the look and feel of the platform to best suit the needs of their organization,” stated another. It can also be scaled up or down based on the size and training requirements of the organization.

Cons of Absorb LMS

The length of time it takes to set up the system deters some customers: “Getting the system settings just right can be difficult, especially for non-technical users. It takes some time and effort.” Furthermore, the navigation and interface should be more user-friendly.

Another commented, “More integration would improve this platform; there aren’t many third-party software options that are compatible with LMS Absorb.” Also check Unsee Alternatives 

How much is Absorb LMS?

There are several packages accessible on Absorb; however, to get more precise costs, get in touch with the Absorb team directly.


Image of the HowNow LXP Platform

What is HowNow?

A digital network called HowNow makes it easier to share knowledge and offers a wealth of online instruction. It also serves as a central hub that gives organizations the ability to create, arrange, and provide training resources to their staff members or students.

Pros of HowNow

As per Capterra, user evaluations about HowNow’s customer service are excellent, with users praising the company for being “Fun, friendly, supportive, and efficient!””

Another positive feature that HowNow customers have mentioned is related to staff onboarding: “The system has enabled our senior-level team members to optimise the onboarding process for new talent.” Other users like that “HowNow consistently enhances its platform and is willing to entertain and occasionally implement user requests.”

Cons to HowNow

Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with HowNow’s inability to clearly track learning progress, completion hours, or overall time spent. Furthermore, some users state that “the system’s initial use is challenging because it introduces almost a new language to learn.”

How much is HowNow?

A variety of price options are available for you to choose from, with the regular package requiring a minimum of 100 users. There is an onboarding fee associated with the regular package, which costs £72 per user annually.

7. Litmos

ThirstLitmos, an LMS that specializes in developing eLearning solutions for companies, is a Litmos substitute. It was founded in 2007 and contains a vast library of educational materials.

Pros of Litmos

“Litmos allows us to offer fun & innovative ways to share information, collaborate with the discussion forums, and have fun with gamification,” says a user who praises the platform’s ease of use.

One other person expressed their appreciation for the modules’ “easy build out and flexibility to use in multiple courses.” For us, compliance training is made simple by learning paths for course combinations.

Cons to Litmos

Litmos is expensive, and it can be expensive if you run a large organization, according to many reviews on Capterra. One user writes, “The tool is a little expensive than the one’s available in the market,” while another says, “Their prices kept going higher and higher and we had no other option other than discontinuing our subscription.” Poor client service. It took multiple follow-ups for our account to be terminated.

How much is Litmos?

Because Litmos offers so many different packages and add-ons, users must contact the company to find out the cost.

So, which LXP should you choose?

After reviewing each of the aforementioned learning experience platforms, you might be wondering what to do next. Prior to getting started, we advise considering these three important issues.

What financial resources am I working with?

For many teams, budgetary restrictions frequently play a crucial role. Setting a budget is the first step in starting your search for the ideal LXP. What is your monthly, quarterly, or annual budget?

Which features are indispensable to your organisation?

Make a long list of all the features you would like to see in a possible tool, and then rank the elements from “essential” to “nice to have” in order of importance.

What is my schedule?

Remember that some tools may require additional time for setup and training at first. Include the amount of time required for the process of implementation and acclimatization. Utilize some of the feedback discussed in this post to gauge each company’s potential onboarding assistance. You may quickly, cheaply, and effectively prioritise learning across your business with the aid of an LXP such as Thirst.

Because information can be readily accessed through a dedicated portal, including insights, resources, and company-wide expertise, employees may learn more quickly and intelligently. Additionally, Thirst can assist you in identifying knowledge gaps across teams and people, enabling your team to produce work that is more precise and thoughtful.

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