A rage for being active on social media isn’t a new thing. It has grown rapidly in the last decade and Instagram being the most trendy platform. Because of its diverse user engagement, the trend got hyped up incredibly. It became a global platform to showcase your talent and products. Marketers took its advantage and introduced their brand page with an eye to humanize it. 

As a new user, we usually begin with following brand pages, bloggers, influencers and admired artists. But, why so? The reason being that Instagram has now become a hub of latest updates regarding every topic, irrespective of its relevance. 

You may have also noticed the increase in the number of brands who’ve developed a presence on the platform. Customers receive updates from the brand page on their feed, while the brands raise awareness campaigns, deploy and track advertising, collect detailed audience insights, and interact with the users who seek customer service.

Marketers have a  knack for searching possibilities which are reliable and offer better results. And, they have found another thing altogether. Instagram widgets are an array of tools that liberate you from dealing with pesky embed codes, as well as from Instagram integration plugins which stuff your website. Instagram widget supports your organic social engagement without any extra work on your side. 

What is Instagram widget ?

Instagram widget collects engaging, viral and attractive posts from your Instagram brand page and embed it to your website. In common parlance, the content you add to your instagram page will be updated and displayed across the website. It is a consolidated solution to upgrade the engagement, traffic & revenues for your brand.

It makes your website look modern, engaging and attractive. Your website gets updated the moment you share a post on social media. It increases brand value and makes the website look lively.

The content on the social media can be assembled using various methods such as hashtags, mentions, handles, pages, keywords and many more. Such content is helpful in expanding your brand’s reach, boosting website performance and increasing conversions. 

Below, we’ll dive into the benefits of embedding instagram gallery widget on your website.

Benefits of embedding Instagram widget on your website

  • Instagram widget builds a trust among your targeted audience :

Your audience wants to be heard. Curating the user generated content on your website develops a trust in them. They feel acknowledged and can turn out to be a potential customer for your brand.

In-house content can sometimes be questionable. Instead, the verbal evidence is trusted. It intensifies the loyalty of your target group towards the brand. They are rational decision makers so be wise about the type of content you curate.

User generated content adds a social proof to your brand which spreads through word of mouth. It refers to the theory that people tend to adopt the opinions or actions of people they trust. 

  • It increases engagement and boost revenues :

Brands advance towards Instagram to connect with the diverse audience. Since people have a rational mindset while exploring Instagram, you are likely to make a lasting impression.

Embedding Instagram gallery widget creates an engaging website which looks more appealing to the users. The engagement increases subsequently. A significant increase in website traffic can be observed. 

It skyrockets  revenue as a result of lead generation. The brand receives recognition. 

  • Instagram widget triggers buoyancy :

Instagram widgets are an array of tools that help brands share the user generated content on their website. It allows marketers to reach out to the customers beyond their existing audience. 

The new campaigns receive user endorsement and few turn out to be fruitful in the matter of brand recognition, lead generation and attracting potential customers.

Instagram widget is a prominent tool that keeps your website upto the minute. UGC serves as a cherry on top. It glues your audience to the brand as they observe its zeal. 

  • It helps expand website traffic :

Instagram widget draws the attention of your target audience and increases site traffic. It curates relevant Instagram feeds and flashes them on your website.

Instagram widget makes it look engaging and hence increases the online reach. Assemble all the UGC into a single feed and drive the attention of your intended audience. 

  • Transforms your website into a comprehensive platform for Instagram feeds:

Your audience usually prefers a platform which is simple and effortless to explore. Extending them a platform to explore your social media content and UGC assembled through campaigns, increases customer loyalty and retention.

Instagram widgets streamline your website and gives it a neoteric look. Your brand’s website needs to be as fascinating as the brand itself. Its tedious and boring look might result in higher bounce rate and a substantial decrease in the engagement. 

  • Instagram widgets can be customized effortlessly :

Before embedding Instagram feeds on your website, customize them as per your requirements with oodles of options available.

Customize your social media wall on the website with customization features such as layout options, embed themes, color styles, banner, content styling, etc. Design and compose discrete social posts, visual galleries, etc. 

  • Instagram widgets are absolutely code-free :

Use social media aggregator tools, curate your user generated content and embed the Instagram feed widget to your website.

Simple!! Isn’t it ?

Embedding Instagram widget is completely code-free and doesn’t require expertise. Even a person with no technical expertise can integrate Instagram widget effortlessly. 

Instagram feed widget saves us from the complicated and pesky coding techniques. Get access to the updated Instagram feeds on your website with just a few clicks.

Engaging your audience with the brand can be annoying and tedious if a perfect strategy is not adopted. A lucrative strategy saves you from the setback and a loss of conviction. 

Instagram widgets are the latest and the most crucial tool to give your audience an avidity towards your brand. Using your website viewers to increase your Instagram community is no longer a hassle. A single button on the widget will deliver an effortless method to direct your audience to your account.

The widget’s modus operandi enriches your website content with the Instagram feeds and similar curated content of your choice through hashtags, handles, tags and mentions.