Print on Demand

There are plenty of reasons why someone would consider starting a business on the internet. These days the plethora of available options certainly encourages people to try it even if they have not done anything similar before.

One niche that seems to be getting quite popular recently is print on demand. Thanks to Printing and their consistent articles, such as the one titled How to start a print on demand business in 2019, the numbers of potential web store owners will not dwindle any time soon.

If you are interested to get an even better understanding of what it takes to start a venture like this yourself, continue reading.

Choosing Niche and Products

It all starts with the niche and products. As far as print on demand goes, plenty of newcomers would probably limit themselves to t-shirts. But the reality is quite different. There is a lot more merchandise that you can manufacture and sell. The best examples of that would be mugs, calendars, mouse pads, towels, key chains, etc. It would probably be better to pick either of these since the t-shirt market has very little room nowadays.

As for the niche, well, it comes down to your hobbies and skills. Since the selling point of your product will be the design itself, you need to make sure that regular people would find it appealing. Of course, sticking to something which targets a specific demographic also works.

As for the designs themselves, well, you might be in a tricky situation if you can’t do this yourself. But then again, there is always an option to hire someone and strike a partnership.


There are plenty of platforms that allow you to set up the basic website version with just a few clicks of a button. Then you will have to put all the products in and take care of other, smaller matters.


It is highly unlikely that you will be the one who takes care of the inventory. Leaving order fulfillment to another entity is the best idea. It will save you time and money, especially in the long run.

So where does one go to look for suppliers? Well, you could make use of Printings app and connect with over 15 suppliers, choosing whichever seems the best to you.


Once your store is up and running, you will need to start the promotion campaign. Social media is the first thing that comes to mind as it has a ridiculous number of active users on it. Not taking advantage of what it has to offer would be a silly mistake.

Of course, you should take a proactive approach and try to advertise in as many different channels as you can. Make use of websites like Reddit and Quora as well as some forums, even though they are not that popular anymore.

Finally, give influencers a chance as they can reach an even bigger audience, and sending them a copy of free merchandise might be more than enough for a promotional post.


A website will not last too long if there are no improvements in the SEO department. Organic traffic is the most valuable because people who come from it have intentions to buy.

Even if you have no experience with optimizing pages, you can find plenty of information about it online and start with the basics. Those make a difference too.

Ask for Feedback

It is always good to get an opinion from someone who is unbias and can give an honest review of the website. This would broaden your horizon and allow you to look at everything from another perspective. In other words, you could get a better understanding of what it is like to browse the site while being an average person on the internet.

Track Data

You will not know whether something is working or not if you do not keep track of data. You do not have to pay for tools like Google Analytics, and they are more than enough to get started.

Start a Blog

It is always nice to provide your website visitors with more content. And writing a blog is certainly what plenty of similar websites are doing at the moment. Not to mention the fact that it would help with SEO.

A blog opens an entirely different window if you decide to write about more personal stuff. Readers and customers will find such a thing relatable, and they are more likely to spend money on your products.

To sum everything up, print on demand is not something that you should underestimate, nor is it an impossible project to take upon yourself. After reading this you should get the general idea of what it would be like and figure out whether you are capable of creating a website like this.