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Best Backpage Alternatives will be discussed in this article. You may be familiar with Backpage, a website where you can find advertisements for anything. That is because some shady characters were using it for dubious purposes a few years ago, which made national headlines. Despite this, many people used Backpage for legal purposes, such as to purchase or sell common items which you can trade on well-known websites like OfferUp.

Although a viable (and well-liked) substitute for Backpage, Craigslist no longer offers personal advertisements. Continue reading to find out more about twenty of the top Backpage substitutes. We will start by discussing Backpage alternatives for casual and hookups (like Tinder), and then we will discuss options for buying and selling stuff.

Top 15 Best Backpage Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Backpage Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Tinder


Since every person has heard of Tinder, this one really does not need an introduction. It has expanded internationally and is now the top app in the world in terms of the number of registered users, partly because of its appeal to millennials and generation Z. If you are not familiar, Tinder is a simple programme. You come across haphazard profiles in your neighbourhood that have pictures and scant text. Next, you swipe right to show interest or left to show disinterest. You will then be paired with individuals who you swiped right on and who also did so on your profile. You can then begin messaging and proceed from there. Like other websites, Tinder offers both a free version and a paid tier (Tinder Gold) with more features and limitless swiping.

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Ads for Ashley Madison have appeared on those websites because the main goal of this website is to bring together mature individuals seeking flings. The fact that Ashley Madison values secrecy is a major benefit. For instance, if you choose to pay a monthly fee, “Online services” will appear on your credit card account. And if you want to use all the features on this website, like “Traveling Man,” which enables you to communicate with locals in the area you will soon be visiting, you will probably want to do that.

3. Friend Finder


When it comes to Backpage alternatives for romantic encounters, Friend Finder is without a doubt one of the best choices. With over one hundred million accounts, it claims to be “The World’s Largest Site & Swinger Personals Community” and has an astoundingly large user base. Like Ashley Madison, there is a free alternative, but it is fairly limited in comparison to the paid subscription tier. You can discuss your ideal life in chat rooms, vlogs, texting, and a (paid) tool called Stories so that other users can determine whether they have similar interests or aspirations.

4. Kasual


Kasual, formerly Yumi, is a wonderful Backpage substitute because it is so distinctive. You are randomly connected to someone instead of being matched up by an algorithm or swiping, so you can start a conversation and determine whether you two clicks. The free version of this programme, which is accessible for both Android and iOS, is comprehensive. But you may always choose the Premium membership if you would like. Due to its focus on casual hookups, Kasual is a breath of fresh air (something new) when compared to many hook-up websites like Tinder.

5. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

The phrase “there are abundance of fish in the sea,” or “POF,” alludes to the old  adage that there are many people out there, so do not worry about being alone or getting dumped (billions, in fact). POF has both a website and an app, you can use whatever is convenient to you. You are paired with folks based on shared interests on a very conventional website. This app/website also have a nice video-feature that may make you feel more comfortable in meeting someone after first seeing them on video, especially if you are a woman. This is another Backpage Alternatives.

6. Pernals


An app called Pernals focuses solely on personal advertisements. It enables you to make your own customised ad for free so you may specify your exact requirements (a relationship, casual hook-up, friend, etc.). Even Pernals itself is listed as a direct competitor to Backpage’s classifieds. Like how Backpage’s personals page used to have relationship categories, they include platonic, woman looking woman, woman looking man, man looking woman, etc. It is only accessible through an app that you may download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

7. Bedpage


Another option to Backpage is Bedpage. Although it has many other categories, the  and  sections would be of particular interest to those looking for a Backpage substitute. However, you should agree with caution as there are undoubtedly many people attempting to use this site to con people and/or engage in illegal activity in it.

8. Doublelist


Another website like Backpage is Doublelist. You must register to access their website, which has the phrase “Connect with straight, gay, bi and inquisitive,” which is a little bothersome. So, it is simple to ascertain what most people are looking for using Doublelist. They do claim to have more than three million users in the United States, so there is a chance you will find something you like. Always be on the lookout for catfishers and other con artists. This is another Backpage Alternatives.

9. Oodle


With sections like “Men Seek Women,” “Women Seek Men,” etc., Oodle includes elements that are strikingly comparable to those of earlier personal websites. One of the available filters is age, which is helpful if you want to narrow down your search. Even though it seems like not many people use this site, it might be worthwhile to give it a shot.

10. Locanto


The interface of Locanto is like that of Oodle and the other Backpage imitators. For instance, the category “Casual Encounters” has numerous subcategories. To let people, know what you’re looking for, you can submit a personal ad. Similar to Oodle, it seems like primarily men are posting, and some of the female entries seem like they might be scams. If you exercise good judgment, Locanto might prove to be a good option for meeting people.

11. eBackpage


eBackpage is a Backpage clone that resembles Bedpage exactly in terms of appearance. Personal advertisements are accessible, and like Bedpage, there are sections for and  with the standard options. However, it did not seem like many individuals were posting on this site. For instance, the most recent posts in the “Women seek men” section were made in May 2021. You can give this website a try but be aware that it is home to a lot of con artists. This is another Backpage Alternatives.

12. Craigslist


If you live in the United States, you do not need much of an introduction to Craigslist since it has been well-known for a while. Despite the Backpage scandal, which made Craigslist’s “personals” page disappear, it is still one of the best places to look if you are looking to buy or sell something nearby.

13. Offerup


Offerup is a website for buying and selling products, including anything from clothing to furniture to headphones to guitars. Even if you can use it on your desktop, the app is a little bit more effective. Additionally, unlike Craiglist, there is a shipping option, allowing you to find items from across the nation if the seller is ready to ship their goods. This gives you additional choices as a buyer or seller. There is a “free” section on Offerup, which is another cool feature that allows you to benefit from items that people are trying to quickly get rid of.

14. Pennysaver


Another well-known website for those of us who are constantly looking for ways to save money is PennySaver. You can search for listings for real estate, automobiles and motorcycles, jobs, services, and even pets! The PennySaver, which has been running for more than fifty years with its original printed classifieds and mailers, offers a tonne of different ways to save money. This is a fantastic local Backpage substitute that will help you save money whether you need to hire a plumber or go out to eat. This is another Backpage Alternatives.

15. Kijiji


If you happen to live in Canada, Kijiji is a great alternative to Backpage. There is a Kijiji Autos page specifically for people wishing to purchase or sell a car, and since it is a Canadian website, you may browse in either English or French. You choose your region, followed by your city, just like with Backpage. Like PennySaver, you can find anything on Kijiji, so you can save money on things like cars, apartments, services, and even pets.