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Best Autodesk Shotgrid Alternatives will be described in this article. Software for the media, teaching, entertainment, engineering, building, product creation, and manufacturing industries is produced by the American multinational software company Autodesk, Inc. On their website, they describe themselves as a “leader in 3D design, engineering, & entertainment software.” The company was founded in 1982 by John Walker, a co-developer of the first versions of AutoCAD, the company’s most well-known software product. At Autodesk’s corporate headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are more than 11,000 employees. Autodesk makes a lot of really good software, but all of it is proprietary. Furthermore, the majority of their products are too costly or not user-friendly for small and mid-sized production teams.

Top 7 Best Autodesk Shotgrid Alternatives In 2024

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Why are mid-sized production teams searching for a different approach?

The intricacy of your projects increases with the number of your crew. You have more people, files, and data to manage. Additionally, you will need to scale up your workflow as your staff expands. Film and television production businesses use software like ShotGrid for these kinds of projects. However, a lot of new concerns are posted on Reddit each year. People are searching for simpler yet efficient pipeline solutions because of this. They are trying to find a way to assign jobs, store media files, and modify the pipeline to suit their production. The top options that we discovered are included in this post.

Top 7 Best Autodesk Shotgrid Alternatives In 2023

There are several of choices if you’re searching for an Autodesk Shot Grid substitute. These are a few of our top picks.

1. Prism Pipeline

Prism Pipeline

Prism is a pipeline designed specifically for VFX and animation tasks. Users can better manage their projects by automating tasks and optimizing their workflow. With the software, you may automate the rendering process, manage scene files, exchange data with other scenes, make playblasts, and compare and convert media. Also check User Behavior Analytics Tools 

2. Pimcore


Enterprise digital asset management is what it is. Your whole collection of media assets, including pictures, graphics, documents, videos, and other types of media material, is centralized using digital asset management (DAM) software. Digital asset management is the cornerstone of digital experience management, according to Pimcore’s DAM. Any kind and quantity of digital assets can be managed, combined, and integrated with it. Open-source software is available for free in the community edition.

3. – Creative Collaboration and Video Review Software

A technology called assists media production businesses in managing their creative teams by facilitating visual communication between them and their clients throughout the whole production process. With Krock, you may add photographs, movies, and other media assets and annotate the content above it. You may assign individuals to projects, manage tasks, and keep an eye on the work at every stage and version with this platform. Its UI is easy to use. Krock also offers the ability to store project assets and manage who can see them, including clients and team members. Every project asset may be kept safe in the cloud, accessible to both local and remote colleagues, and kept within a single project.

4. ReviewStudio


ReviewStudio is an online proofing tool that makes it simple to collaborate on workflows for all of your media projects, including review and approval. Give up talking in isolated silos. Everyone is in agreement thanks to centralised feedback and approval processes. Images, videos, PDFs, web pages, and more may all be readily marked up & remarked on by reviewers, collaborators, and visitors. You can designate any annotation, markup, or remark as a task with integrated task management. Adaptable notification choices guarantee that the appropriate individuals receive the input at the appropriate moment.


A (re)defining of the modern video workflow. Your teams may collaborate on content creation from across the room or the globe with this platform for teamwork. Quicken approvals and feedback. Cloud-based, safe storage for your resources. Delays in approvals and lengthy email exchanges are history.

6. Ftrack


FtrackWorldwide, film and television productions employ the review solution. With Ftrack, you can share high-resolution videos with anyone and always stay in sync. Use annotation tools to give your feedback shape and to scribble in ideas so that it appears in line with other reviewers’ comments. CineSync never processes any media files via its servers. The biggest studios in the world entrust us with their programming because of this. Exchange concepts, explain needs, and advance the process with feedback that is contextual and frame-specific. Regardless of bandwidth, cineSync can achieve 4K playback, excellent color accuracy, and very fast frame speeds. Linux, Windows, and macOS are supported by cineSync.

7. Yamdu


Yamdu is a framework for managing creative work for all kinds of visual media. Throughout every stage of production, our systems facilitate information sharing, communication, collaboration, task scheduling, project scheduling, and creation of all necessary products. Create a production schedule, assign tasks to complete critical jobs, and use our resource planning Add-On to manage your staff, rooms, and inventories. You can make and manage shot lists, storyboards, content objects, and AV scripts with Yamdu. Also check HR Software In Canada

Which values bring as autodesk shotgrid alternatives

We think that being able to quickly adjust to changes in a project is essential to success. Krock thus has all the resources required by creative teams for the administration, evaluation, and approval process:

  • Construct project pipelines
  • Assigns coworkers to various responsibilities throughout various projects
  • Make Storyboards Online
  • Exchange various file formats
  • Any media file can benefit from visual comments (use case: how to make annotations).
  • Produce an infinite number of iterations and maintain a central repository for them.
  • Review progress in real time and receive feedback from the client.

Why do small and mid-size companies prefer

It’s not only that it’s simple to use. The popularity of among producers in South America can be attributed to multiple factors.

To start with, it features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Secondly, it provides a great deal of the same functionality as other systems, such as video annotations or an online storyboarding tool.

Krock is the preferred online platform for collaborative video production projects by budget-conscious businesses. You can simply arrange your costs when you use Krock. For $200 per month, for instance, you may subscribe to a firm with 20 members, or for $280 per month, you can subscribe to an infinite team.