Apps Like Yubo

Best Apps Like Yubo will be discussed in this article. Smartphones surely serve lots of purposes in today’s world – one of them is helping you to meet new people out there. All you need to do is to download and use apps like Yubo from the App Store or Play Store. Later, you just need to let the system do its job.

On the other hand, Yubo is such an impressive app that helps people around the world meet each other, virtually. Through the app, you can chat, play games, and even use its video chat feature. Don’t worry because there are more offered by Yubo. Yet, Yubo is not the only app that will help you to find your friends. Thus, this article will show you how many opportunities you have out there through apps similar to Yubo.

Best Apps Like Yubo to Meet New People Around the World

What do you look for from an app that helps you connect with others from across the sea? Today, tons of apps offer interesting things to help you to find new friends and make connections.

As mentioned earlier, Yubo is not the only opportunity you can try to find new friends. Check out the list of Yubo alternatives below. You may find the one that suits your preference in the first place.

Top 11 Best Apps Like Yubo For Android And iOS

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Yubo here are the details below;

1. Tinder


The first name on the list is Tinder. This app is quite a popular one, especially among those who look for connections with others. Generally, Tinder is a dating app but you can always use it to find new friends, right?

Tinder utilizes an interesting approach to finding matches. After you complete a profile, the system will match you with other users who have similar interests. Of course, you are in charge of deciding whether you like them – swipe to the right if you like them and left for the opposite.

Recently, this app added a feature called “Panic Button”. As its name suggests, this feature offers emergency assistance as well as location tracking, in case you decide to meet your match in real life.

2. Spotafriend


Another app you should consider to meet new people is Spotafriend. As its name suggests, the main purpose of this app is to connect people with each other, especially if the location is close by.

Spotafriend uses a similar approach to Tinder. All you need to do is to swipe left or right to a picture that may potentially be your match. The system will find you a list of other users based on the distance and other factors that match your interests.

If you happen to like a person who likes you too, you can start chatting in a private room. More than anything, Spotafriend is an exciting alternative when it comes to other apps like Yubo that perform well.

Spotafriend is a free app but you have to deal with lots of ads and some limitations. Thus, feel free to sign up for its paid subscription – it offers a better experience and is ad-free too.

3. Badoo


Have you heard of Badoo? If you are familiar with Tinder then you may also know a little bit about Badoo. This is also one of the Yubo-like apps that focus on dating things. And until now, this app has been used by tons of users around the world.

This app sounds like something that will expose you to the world out there. To ensure safety and boost the user’s convenience, Badoo equips itself with numerous safety features. One of them is allowing you to request a selfie. It helps to ensure whether the person is the same as in the profile picture. By using Badoo, you can chat with other users, send pictures, do video chats, and many more. Of course, you have to match with the other person in the first place.

After creating a profile, Badoo will show you a series of users who share the same interests as you. Also, users that show up on your match list are from nearby. This app is quite a safety since it comes with tons of features to prevent unwanted content.

4. Wink


If you have been using online dating apps or apps to look for friends online then you may also hear of Wink. This app brands itself as a place to meet friends from across the world.

You may want to know about Yubo vs Wink, right? Well, both are excellent to use if you are looking for friends across the world. Wink, on the other hand, comes with a series of features. Other than sending pictures and messages, you can share audio messages, GIFs, and ice breakers.

This app even lets you play games with other users through the platform. Wink uses a similar approach to Badoo, Tinder, and most platforms on this list – you just need to swipe left and right.

There might not be more apps like Wink that require you to gather gems to send friend requests. Yet, this app is quite fun. For now, this app is available on both the Play Store and App Store. Also, it’s free!

5. Swipr


Meanwhile, Swipr can be a good alternative if you look for apps like Tinder but for friends. Well, the rest is your decision but this app brands itself with a friendship label all over the platform. Also check security of mobile banking apps

This app works like a social media platform in general. You can even use this one to increase followers on Twitter and Instagram. Also, you don’t need to be somebody’s match to start a conversation.

Swipr is a free app and is available for both iOS and Android platforms. However, the developer promises a better experience for those who sign up for the paid subscription.

But what if something inappropriate happens? Well, users can report such behaviors to Swipr and the system will ban the account permanently. All in all, this app is worth a shot, especially if you want to make friends across the globe.

6. Wizz


Talking about the best Yubo alternative, it seems impossible to only say one or two platforms. Wizz happens to be one of those alternatives that are worth considering, especially if you love making friends.

Similar to other platforms mentioned above, Wizz comes up with the swipe-left-and-right approach. The interface is also similar, which is quite intuitive and easy to navigate. Once you are friends with another user, you can create a group chat consisting of several friends you find through this platform.

Using Wizz is such a good choice to make friends virtually. Other than connecting you with other people who have the same interests, it is also possible to make a wider network by creating a group chat. You should give this app a try to find out how amazing Wizz is.

7. MeetMe


If you are looking for live apps like Yubo then you should consider MeetMe. This platform is also quite popular among those who commonly use apps to meet new people.

Similar to other previous apps on this list, MeetMe will connect you with other users that live nearby. Other than sending texts and pictures, you can send live videos to your friends. However, you have to match with another user in the first place.

MeetMe has a feature called SocialVerify Badge. As its name implies, users who have this badge are verified to be real human beings, not a bot. So, it will be way better if you can have this kind of badge too.

This platform is also a good catch for those who look for apps like Yubo. Since it’s free, why don’t you give it a try too?

8. Bumble


Is Yubo a hookup app? No, it is not – however, the decision is yours. You can use this app for anything you need. Generally, Yubo is an app that connects you with other people around the world.

Bumble happens to be another app that serves similar purposes to Yubo. You will connect with other users from any country in this world. You can make friends or turn it into something more than that with this app.

Many users try to use this app as something that opens their way to more opportunities. It can be for business too, after all. Bumble allows you to swipe and chat with an unlimited amount. Other than that, you can chat with your match as many texts as you want. This app has a feature to send video chats if you want to. One of the features that other apps may not have is the mode.

Bumble offers three modes you can pick, such as BFF, Date, and Bizz. This allows you to meet and connect with other users with the same interests and visions. You should hit this app, for sure.

9. Hoop


Hoop is one of the apps like Yubo for adults. This app has a clean and nice UI design, which suits all young adults out there. Even if you are an adult, this app is still very relevant for you. Also check Pomodoro Timer Apps

Other than that, you will have good times using this app, especially if you are using Snapchat. The approach is pretty similar to other apps mentioned on this list. You just need to swipe left and right, depending on your preference.

If you happen to like users who like you too, you can ask about their Snapchat usernames. You can say that Hoop is a place to look for Snapchat friends. Thus, if you are using Snapchat then you can try this app to widen your network.

Also, this app requires you to collect diamonds through various activities and challenges. Later, you can use those diamonds to ask people’s Snapchats.

10. Happn


You will find several good apps like Yubo. However, not all those good apps come up with great features that help you to find friends or other connections seamlessly.

Happn happens to be one of those apps that help you to connect with people according to your preference and location. Well, the idea is surely not the most authentic one. Yet, using this app is quite useful, after all.

There are quite a lot of users who use Happn as a tool to find friends or romances. You can download this platform on the Play Store and App Store for free. Also, you can send texts to other users that live nearby.

In case you don’t want other users to see your profile, you can use the Invisibility Mode to browse through matches. However, the exciting features are only for users who have signed up for premium memberships.