Apps like Polyvore

Best Apps like Polyvore To Make Your Own Outfits will be described in this article. Isn’t it great to have apps for virtual wardrobes like Polyvore or Polyvore itself that let you create different types of clothes, find inspiration from other community members, and plan what you’ll wear in advance? Are you looking for additional apps similar to Polyvore now that it has been discontinued?

A well-known community-driven social commerce platform was called Polyvore. Members of the community can add products to a single common product index and use it to create image collages known as “Sets” with the help of its virtual mood board feature. The community might have created universities using Polyvore, but it is no longer available because to low profitability and a small user base. Users are currently looking for alternatives as a result.

Fortunately, you won’t need to look for them separately because we’ve provided a carefully chosen list of the top Polyvore alternatives in the article below to assist you in selecting the app that will serve as your ideal virtual wardrobe.

Top 5 Best Apps like Polyvore To Make Your Own Outfits

In this article, you can know about Apps like Polyvore here are the details below;

1. Smart Closet

Smart Closet

Smart Closet is the ideal software like Polyvore if you want a place to keep all the things from your favorite companies and future outfit ideas that you would like to test. As the name implies, Smart Closet is a virtual closet, also referred to as your personal stylist, that may assist you in organizing your wardrobe, sharing your particular style with others, and storing many brands of clothing in one location. Users get to mix and match various combinations to determine which looks the most fashionable. Users can also view other people’s ideas to get ideas and get inspired in addition to this.

Therefore, you no longer need to spend hours in front of your closet deciding which clothing to wear today thanks to Smart Closet. With the help of its calendar and daily notification features, you can plan ahead what you’ll wear each day of the week and receive reminders to dress appropriately.


  • Provides a thorough statistical analysis of your closet.
  • You can use Smart Closet’s brand, color, or appearance filters to discover the item online at the lowest cost.
  • The category and event are completely customizable at any time.
  • Provides features for backup and restore for all compatible devices.
  • Supports both women’s and men’s closets.
  • You can get rid of the item’s background in the image with just one click.
  • Through the photo gallery, you may upload images from your advice, or you can snap a live shot.

2. Urstyle


With the help of the well-known fashion social network Urstyle, users may find outfit inspiration and shop for the ideal accessories to complete their outfit combinations. You can purchase goods from renowned brands and stores throughout the world and assemble a set of items that are the ideal complement to one another.

It enables you to take control of the styling of your clothing, mood boards, and interior ideas. While looking through other people’s fashion ideas, you may also come up with and share your own fashion ideas with your friends and followers.

The ability to communicate with other community members via the built-in messenger, follow function, group conversations, community board, likes, and comments on posts is one of Urstyle’s key features. As a result, you can support certain other community members whose ideas interest you while also receiving support from your followers.


  • To share more information and ideas, take part in fashion competitions hosted by others or organize your own.
  • You can create and publish your fashion tales on Urstyle, where you can also work as a professional fashion blogger.
  • You can edit your article, remove the background from images, and change the images as needed.

3. Fashmates


Fashmates is a place where innovative fashion designers, artists, beauty experts, and fans of home décor come together to explore and share ideas. It is regarded as one of the top Polyvore alternatives because it also offers a social commerce platform that enables you to pursue a career in the aforementioned industries.

You can create creative and one-of-a-kind collage ensembles and sets with the Fashmates app, which brings together thousands of global stores, designers, and brands. Additionally, it can introduce you to people who have similar interests to yours.

Through messages, comments, likes, and group chats, you may support your friends while they encourage you as you explore. You can communicate with people using all these Fashmates app capabilities, which can lead to some incredible collaborations and ideas.


  • To obtain timely feedback from the community, create style polls.
  • Your outfit sets can be shared on well-known social media platforms and through blogs.
  • It provides a ‘kayak-like’ search to assist you in finding products from around the globe.

4. ShopLook


VIsit ShopLook ShopLook serves as a comprehensive forum that makes it simple for users to build outfit postings and moodboards. The website is aimed at fashion fans, where you can access hundreds of product photos from millions of global labels and accessorize any outfit. You can also have pictures from your gallery or a photo taken with the camera.

ShopLook is a well-liked free-form platform with endless potential for creating collages, mood boards, and niche memes centered on various subjects. Furthermore, you may publicly discuss your interests and personal styles with your friends and family while making vision boards and mood boards for yourself. Additionally, you may post your creations on the app and see the inspiration of other designers.


  • To make a post, simply drag & drop any image onto the canvas.
  • Any image’s backdrop can be properly removed with only one click. Similarly, you can give things unique backgrounds.
  • You can create your own entertaining challenges on ShopLook or take part in those created by other users to have fun and discover more.
  • You can also put together other elements of the costume in addition to the apparel, such as your hairdo, accessories, perfume, and lipstick color.

5. Combyne


Combyne is now the most well-known and reputable outfit design software among the list of Polyvore alternatives that we have listed in this article. With Combyne, you can quickly put together the ideal ensemble by combining many pieces from numerous internationally renowned labels.

It has thousands of members from all around the world, so you may gain inspiration from other fashionistas and learn about the newest trends while shopping online at over 800 brands and retail stores for your new favorite thing.

Utilizing Combyne allows you to share your work with your fans, get candid comments from fashion enthusiasts, and gain the respect you deserve. Additionally, it enables you to search for products by category, such as dresses, jeans, skirts, etc., with over 30 different types mentioned. You can also use the platform’s other choices to search for items by designer, item name, or brands that are currently on sale. Simply put, Combyne is a creative platform that connects people and allows them to mix one-of-a-kind objects to create their own virtual changing room.


  • Ability to interact with your friends & followers by following and enjoying blog entries.
  • The community will pair you with your ideal partner in fashion, with whom you can communicate instantaneously, form relationships, work on projects together, and get quick feedback.
  • You can make your own fashion challenge and ask other users of the network and your friends to participate.

Last Words

Although there are many apps that make the claim to be a decent Polyvore substitute, the list of apps like Polyvore presented in the above post represents your best current possibilities.

All of the apps function in a methodical manner, have garnered above-average user feedback, and the standout feature is that they are acknowledged to resemble Polyvore the most.

As a conclusion, we’ll advise you to give the Polyvore alternatives discussed in this post a shot before looking into additional possibilities online. We sincerely hope this article has assisted you in your search for the ideal software.


What shall we use now that Polyvore is no more?

You can look at other successful apps like Polyvore in the market right now if Polyvore is temporarily unavailable. Fashmates, Combyne, ShopLook, and Urstyle are included in our list of the top Polyvore substitutes.

What app assembles outfits?

Combyne, ShopLook, Urstyle, Fashmates, and Smart Closet are a few apps that are fantastic at organizing your outfit ideas. You can use these tools to make vision boards, mood boards, colleges, and more, share your fashion ideas with others, or simply keep a methodical record of your wardrobe.

What is Polyvore known as today?

Any version of the Polyvore app is no longer functional. It has been formally discontinued and won’t be doing so any time soon. However, if you need additional options, you may check out the Urstyle, ShopLook, Fashmates, and Smart Closet apps.