Apps Like Airtime

Best Apps Like Airtime To Host The Amazing Parties will be described in this article. People are social creatures. Even if you disagree, humans do require social interaction in order to survive and function normally. Without social contacts, we simply go closer to a life of robots.

On a daily basis, one needs a lot of time with oneself, family, and friends. The ideal work-life balance must be achieved over time. Work and discipline are absent if your workload is too heavy and you are living an excessively busy life.  And if you aren’t on the side that finds it difficult to make friends or has fewer friends but needs to make more. Then you are the focus of this post. We’ll search for the top applications similar to airtime in this article.

App like Airtime

With the help of the program Airtime, you may communicate with individuals all over the world via video calls, chat, or voice choices. On the app, you may view movies, videos, and audio with brand-new online buddies. You merely make new friends online and engage in activities with them.

You have access to other apps as well. We’ll discuss the top applications like Airtime in this post, which provide you the chance to meet new people and host watch parties with them. You’ll learn about their main characteristics, device compatibility, and how they compare to Airtime at the article’s conclusion.

Top 6 Best Apps Like Airtime To Host The Amazing Parties

In this article, you can know about Apps Like Airtime here are the details below;

1. Rave


Apps Similar To Airtime Rave is a carefully curated software that allows users to host watch parties and share movies and videos. Together, you may stream anything online while staying in touch with your pals via text or phone messages.

Never watch or listen to anything alone is advised, as Rave is quite fascinating. As previously noted, Rave is an alternate software to Apps Like Airtime because it shares all of the same features as the latter, making it simpler to grasp overall.

Key Features of Rave

  • While engaging in an activity with your friends using Rave, you can easily communicate with them via voice and text messaging.
  • Together, you may view movies on official websites like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar+, and many more.
  • By combining your favorite music videos with the help of a Rave DJ, make your own mashups.
  • For international movie evenings, you can choose to share videos to Google Drive.
  • With individuals from all over the world, enjoy music.
  • You can connect via VR or other comparable technology with Rave.
  • Has a special feature that allows you to connect your phones to a speaker system to view movies or watch videos.
  • The ability to organize a watch party so your entire group may participate and watch with Rave.

Compatibility  of Rave

  • IOS Devices
  • Android devices

2. Blink


Blink is a place where you can effortlessly make new friends, similar to Airtime, on iOS and Android. Online, you may easily find folks who share your interests and start a massive party line with them. It is a fantastic option, especially for the TikTok creators and communities.

Blink focuses on building communities and authentic fandoms using merchandise. It is a fantastic substitute for Airtime because it enables you to establish party lines with groups of fresh individuals.

Key Features of Blink

  • It costs nothing to use or download Blink.
  • The app’s interface is very similar to TikTok’s.
  • It offers the chance to make friends on a worldwide scale.
  • Online content creation and merchandise sales are fantastic options for creators.
  • Users have the ability to recruit new acquaintances and supporters to form sizable groups.
  • The app is regarded as the finest way to interact and communicate with celebrities and fans who have verified account handles.
  • Stop recording voice memos and start interacting with individuals by mentioning your age and interests.
  • Gives users and fans access to the first drops of limited-edition merchandise and other exclusive releases from the stars themselves.

Compatibility of Blink

  • Android Devices
  • iOS Devices

3. Yubo


Yubo is a massive social network for iOS Android users to communicate with others and make new acquaintances through live streaming and other activities. It operates based on the interest you specify. Similar to Airtime, Yubo provides a live chat function that allows users to connect with up to 10 pals at once and play games, go to the movies or the theater, go live and start a conversation, etc. You can find additional advantages and Snapchat lenses here.

Key Features of Yubo

  • The relationship with Snapchat and YouTube Streaming are thought to be Yubo’s two standout features.
  • The app has a social network where you can quickly meet people and then chat live to share special occasions.
  • Yubo allows you to share YouTube videos, gaming material, DIY videos, music, and other content with your friends.
  • Use the swipe feature to find local people who share your interests and look at their tags to learn more.
  • Users can connect with a variety of communities on Yubo through in-store features, including those in the fields of games, arts, music, movies, theater, beauty, yoga, dance, and many more.
  • Would you rather play a lot of games? to be honest, speculating on images and other activities with pals online.
  • You can stop inviting people to connect with you on Snapchat and other social media sites with the Yubo app, which is entirely free.

Compatibility  of Yubo

  • Android Devices
  • IOS devices

4. Teleparty


Previously known as Netflix Party, Web Android Teleparty implies that you can throw a party and watch Netflix shows with pals. To watch movies & series with friends is a terrific Airtime substitute.  Additionally, staying in touch with distant friends and soulmates and organizing night outs, movie evenings, and other activities digitally might be a terrific alternative.

Key Features of Teleparty

  • The use of Teleparty is rather simple.
  • All you need is teleparty on your smartphone and a Netflix account.
  • Streams video from Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and Amazon Prime to consumers.
  • Simply register with Teleparty, create a group link, and invite family and friends to connect with you using the link.
  • You may easily connect and share with individuals after making a connection because the link offers security.
  • Accordingly, telepathy is capable of capturing your IP Address and location, therefore you should only connect to well-known sites.
  • It’s simple to synchronize speakers so that friends may watch together and talk at the same time.

Compatibility of Teleparty

  • Android Devices
  • Chrome Extension
  • IOS Devices

5. Clubhouse


The clubhouse is one of the greatest apps like Airtime that allows users to communicate virtually with one another. The virtual meet-and-greet capabilities offered through mobile devices are growing in popularity.  Clubhouse is designed for real-time communication and teamwork so that users can talk or leave voice messages for one another.

Key Features of Clubhouse

  • Provides the opportunity to interact and connect with new individuals while learning about their perspectives.
  • It is viewed as a tremendous opportunity to interact with new people who have fresh perspectives and different lifestyles.
  • To consider and understand human civilisation, you might research a range of peoples and their philosophies.
  • When you sign up for a Clubhouse account, they give you the option to link your Twitter and Instagram accounts so that people may connect with you elsewhere as well.
  • Your hobbies can be simply listed, giving visitors a better picture of who you are and letting them know who has invited you to speak.

Compatibility of clubhouse

  • IOS Devices
  • Android Devices

6. Zepeto


The Zepeto app’s main selling points are its features for making 3D avatars, online chat, and making new friends. It is a fantastic alternative to Airtime that enables communication. Additionally, it offers a chance to engage with people who are far away or in neighboring radius or areas. Everyone in this place develops an avatar based on their lifestyle and connects it with interests.

Key Features of Zepeto

  • Zepeto provides tools for creating and designing 3D characters.
  • Offers to help them construct a profile so that others can connect with them from all around the world.
  • They may use the app to check out other people’s 3D characters and, if they choose, chat as well.
  • With Zepeto, users may play games and chat with friends online.
  • Similar to Snapchat, it provides a comprehensive 3D avatar creator where you can choose your hairdo, face, eye color, model, clothing, makeup, shoes, and many other features.
  • With Zepeto, the software allows you to design stickers that you can use in Telegram and WhatsApp discussions.

Compatibility of Zepeto

  • Android Devices
  • IOS Devices

Ultimate Verdict

The finest apps like Airtime that we covered in this article are Rave, Blink, Yubo, TeleParty, Clubhouse, and Zepeto, in that order. We hope you’ll pay attention to their distinguishing qualities and compatibility so that you may spend your time making new pals.


What are some uses for airtime?

You can easily hold a viewing party online with Airtime and watch movies and videos with your friends.

Which apps are similar to Airtime?

Apps like Airtime include Teleparty, Zepeto, Clubhouse, and many others, as noted in the article.