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Complete AnyUnlock Review will be described in this article. If the Apple operating system is renowned for anything, it is its unwavering security.

It is so strong that, even with a passcode on it, Apple is unable to access your phone. However, it’s likely that you frequently find yourself locked out of your Apple devices, such as your iPhone, iPad, Apple ID, and others, if you’re as forgetful as I am.

AnyUnlock Review: A Perfect Solution For iPhone’s Password Unlocking

In this article, you can know about AnyUnlock Review here are the details below;

If I had a cent for each time I had to reset my Apple ID password or was locked out of my phone after making several unsuccessful tries, I would have been quite wealthy 🤑.

Fortunately, you are spared from that unfortunate event. AnyUnlock is the answer to every concern you have. Whether your iPhone is protected by Touch ID, Face ID, or a custom numeric code, this amazing method lets you get back full access to it.

You may prevent yourself from going through the hassle of forgetting your password or locking yourself out of your gadgets by using this wonderful application.

After using and enjoying the app for a while, I’ve put up a thorough review that covers its features, applications, and alternatives. For the complete AnyUnlock review, continue reading.

Reason to unlock your iPhone Password

Reasons to Unlock Your iPhone Password

It’s inevitable for humans to forget their passwords. The more internet we use on a daily basis, the more passwords we have to remember. Everything from social media and email accounts to computers, iPads, phones, Apple IDs, and iTunes logins.

In light of that, the following are some reasons why you could eventually need to unlock your iPhone password:

1. Your Forgot Your iPhone passcode

Before you may access your smartphone, you must enter your iPhone passcode, which is a combination of pre-set alphabets or letters.

If your passcode is lost, you won’t be able to access your account without using an unlocking program, unless you want to take the extra journey to a hardware store to have your passcode reset by a specialist.

You can get around Touch and Face ID as well as any other type of password with a program called AnyUnlock.

2. You’re Locked out of Your iPhone

In the event that you attempt many guesses at your passcode and are unable to gain access, your iPhone will lock you out as a precaution. This function protects your phone from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Although Apple deserves praise for maintaining such strict security, you are more likely to be attempting to hack your own phone than an outsider. The best course of action if this continues to happen to you is to use an iPhone unlocking tool.

3. You’re Locked Out of Your Apple ID

If you use iOS, you are aware that your Apple ID serves as your portal to all things. Your Apple ID password is required for every operation, including managing subscriptions, making fresh installations, and making in-app purchases.

If you can’t figure out how to unlock it, you could be in a lot of trouble if you lose your password. I have experienced all of these scenarios, and prior to installing AnyUnlock, I would frequently struggle to get access to my iPhone. No more.

Continue reading to find out how AnyUnlock can help anyone who has misplaced their iPhone password.

1. What is AnyUnlock?

What is AnyUnlock

iMobie created AnyUnlock, a third-party iPhone unlocking solution that offers a plethora of built-in tools to assist you in getting past iPhone locks and passwords.

The software was created by a group of professionals in the field, and it has state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the greatest success rate.

The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are among the devices on which the software is compatible. It is really successful at getting around passwords, and the greatest thing is that you don’t need to be tech-savvy to unlock your iPhone.

You should comprehend the entire extent of their service before believing me and installing the app in the belief that you’ve discovered the secret to success.

2. Features of AnyUnlock

Although AnyUnlock provides many incredible features, these are a few of the most significant ones:

1. Unlock All types of Screen Locks

Unlock All Types of Screen Locks

You may use the app to unlock all screen locks, including Touch ID, Face ID, and Numeric. The catch is that all of your data will be lost and your smartphone will be reset to factory settings if you utilize the feature to unlock it. This implies complete data loss.

A grouping of iPhones with various apps, such as AnyUnlock. You shouldn’t be concerned if you frequently backup your data to iCloud. You can retrieve all of your data and start over using your iCloud account after you reset your phone.

The software may also be used to get beyond mobile device management (MDM), bypass screen time passcodes, and retrieve iOS or iTunes backup passwords.

2. High success Rate

Compared to other tools of a similar nature, AnyUnlock has one of the best success percentages. I don’t have any trouble trusting this because I was able to get my iPad and iPhone passwords using the program. With more than ten years of outstanding industry experience, it supports the assertion.

3. Safe to Use

Like with every third-party software we install, I had my doubts about the app’s safety before I even downloaded it. But it’s reasonable to declare that the utility is 100% safe given that it has passed all anti-virus tests and doesn’t include any malware or advertisements. This is another AnyUnlock Review. Also check Ultra Applock Alternatives

The only thing you need be worried about is data loss, for which iMobie is not liable. If you exercise caution, you can use backups to safeguard your data and save the use of the app for emergencies only.

4. Compatible with most Versions of Mac, Windows, and iOS

AnyUnlock is a desktop application that works with both Mac and Windows in addition to iPhones. The versions that are supported are shown in the following table:

If you’re running one of the aforementioned operating systems on your laptop or MacBook, you may simply install the unlocking tool to unlock your iPhone.

3. How to Use AnyUnlock to Unlock Your iPhone

Now that you are aware of how AnyUnlock can make it simple for you to unlock your iOS device, follow these instructions to utilize the tool:

Step 1: On a Mac or Windows computer, install and start the AnyUnlock program. The initial step is completely free. This is another AnyUnlock Review.

Step 2: Use the proper USB cable to connect your iPhone to your laptop or PC.

Step 3: Navigate through the app, select Unlock Screen Passcode, and then wait for your iPhone to be detected.

On the app, navigate and click on Unlock Screen Passcode and wait for your iPhone to be recognized

  • In step four, select “Start Now.”

Click on Start Now

Step 5: Use your PC to download the most recent iOS firmware. After clicking on Unlock Now on the following screen, the unlock process will start as soon as the download is complete.

 Download the latest iOS firmware on your PC

Step 6: Let the tool complete the operation and reach 100% accuracy. After it’s finished, your iPhone’s passcode will be deleted, and you can establish a new one right away.

You may use this approach to unlock any password, including Apple ID passwords. The only thing that is different is that on the homepage of the solution, you would need to choose Unlock Apple ID rather than Unlock Screen Passcode when you first run the app. This is another AnyUnlock Review.

4. AnyUnlock Alternative

Although AnyUnlock does a wonderful job, there are many other options available as it is not unique. In the event that the need arises, you should think about these two excellent choices in place of AnyUnlock: Also check How To Unlock A Blacklisted Phone For Free

1. Tenorshare 4MeKey

With the help of Tenorshare 4MeKey, you can disable Find My iPhone, get rid of Apple ID, and get around iCloud Activation Lock without having to enter a password.

This solution may not have as much functionality as AnyUnlock. Even so, if you choose to erase your iPhone data without the password and have forgotten it, it can assist you in recovering it.

After then, you can make a new account, start over, and hope that this time, you will remember the password.


  • Unlock iPhones and iCloud without a password
  • Activation lock bypassed without a password
  • A free trial is offered.

2. UnlockGo

If you bought a locked used iPhone or forgot your password, UnlockGO is a program you can rely on to unlock your iOS devices.

The method can be applied to a number of situations, such as failed activations, stolen or lost iPhones, disabled Apple IDs, forgotten Apple ID passwords, and unrecognized Face or Touch IDs, to name a few. This is another AnyUnlock Review.

You can also take total control of your iPhone by deleting your Apple ID without a password. Whether you use a Face or Touch ID, a 4/6 digital passcode, or a bespoke numeric code, you’ll appreciate the app’s flawless operation that consistently completes the task at hand.

The best aspect is that you can evaluate whether it’s worth the money by trying it out for free.


  • Easy access to your gadget
  • Easy to use UI that is favorable to users
  • Compatible with nearly every iOS version

Closing Thoughts

It’s advisable to have a backup strategy in place if you have trouble remembering passwords on your devices to prevent losing your data.

AnyUnlock can handle all of your iOS unlocking requirements in one convenient package. The program can assist you in rapidly recovering the password, regardless of whether you’ve misplaced your passcode, forgotten it, or confused your iTunes account.