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An Easy Way to Sync Square with QuickBooks Online

In the current scenario of techno-infused lifestyle, small businesses irrespective of their sizes have adapted to new age automated accounting. With multiple benefits offered (which will be discussed in this article towards the end), automated accounting enables your company with increased sales guaranteed. When we talk about accounting solutions and bookkeeping, the first name that pops in our minds is Quickbooks Online.

And in this article, we will provide you an easy guide to sync Square with Quickbooks Online. Before we dive into the Square Quickbooks Integration, let us briefly know about Square and Quickbooks.

Square is a global payment processor where it lets customers pay easily using their mobile phones or tablets. It makes the merchant’s life easier by processing payments from the customers through online, credit cards and debit cards easily. Although, if you are in a high-risk industry Square will likely deactivate your account.

Meanwhile, Quickbooks Online is an online bookkeeping solution that helps you to manage all your transaction details and account data into your books.

How to connect Square with QuickBooks Online?

Syncing your Square account with Quickbooks is very easy and can be done in minutes, provided you have a Quickbooks and Square account well in hand. If you already have your accounts opened on both platforms, let’s start the syncing process. Shall we?

Integrating Square and Quickbooks using PayTraQer is a breeze and is just a few clicks away. You do not have to be a techno Spike to perform this integration procedure. Before jumping into the syncing procedure, let’s get to know some basics about PayTraQer. PayTraQer is a top-rated and Intuit trusted automation tool that synchronizes your Square data with Quickbooks.

Also, the tool is built exclusively for Quickbooks synchronization, therefore it’s completely trustworthy. PayTraQer synchronizes all the required details such as Square Customers, Sales, Payouts, Fees, and Taxes into your bookkeeping solution i.e Quickbooks Online, ensuring that your books are accurate. Also eliminating the hassles of manual data entry.

Steps to Integrate Square and QuickBooks

 To begin with, you will have to link your Quickbooks account with PayTraQer. We have listed all the steps in detail,

You can add Quickbooks into Paytraqer in two different ways:

To start with, after heading to your Quickbooks account,

Once you have finished connecting your Quickbooks with PayTraQer, you will be piloted to the Payment Systems screen automatically.

Choose the ‘Square’ option and hit on the ‘Connect’ button. You will then be navigated to a new screen where you need to grant permission. Click the “Allow” button to grant the permission and you will be pivoted back to the PayTraQer page.

To obtain perfect sync, you will need to configure a few settings which are easy and completely user friendly. The settings include Sales Preferences, product settings, tax settings, fee settings, payout settings, and expense settings.

Congratulations you have successfully connected Quickbooks and Square using PayTraQer.

Once the installation is completed, Quickbooks looks for your historic/old/previous transactions processed from your Square account. You can import previous months worth of transaction data instantly. Nevertheless, in all cases, you can import all your future transaction data after connecting your Square payments with Quickbooks.

Configuring Square account settings

Here are the steps you need to follow to configure your Square bank accounts.

Importing Historic Square Payments in QuickBooks Online

 If you remember you just read about syncing Square and Quickbooks using PayTraQer in this article. Well, after completing the sync settings configuration, PayTraQer will automatically pull your last 30 days’ transactions from your Square account.

If you want to enter historical transactions beyond 30 days, prefer entering the transactions one month at a time. Follow this with reconciling all the bank accounts, only then move to the next month.

Benefits of Integrating Square and QuickBooks 

Square integration with Quickbooks comes with multiple benefits like time-saving, no manual efforts required, accuracy, and so on, but let us focus on the key benefits as to why Square Integration with Quickbooks can be your go-to choice.

What are you waiting for?

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