Amazon listing optimization is essential to drive sales. If it seems that your business on Amazon does not receive the support that it deserves, then most likely, you need to optimize your listings.

Market competition has increased by an average of 8% over the past year, so it will be more challenging to get more sales without proper optimization.

Many sellers use different strategies to rank their Amazon product lists to work better in the market.

You do not want to stay behind. When they track and adjust prices, conduct product and keyword research, and align their marketing tactics with their sales goals, you need to do the same if you want to increase profitability.

What is the Amazon list optimization?

As the owner of an online business, you probably know about search engine optimization (SEO). This is what you do to get search engine visibility – and Amazon – is primarily a search engine designed solely to sell goods, and not for anything under the sun, like Google.

It’s important to note here that optimization on Amazon differs from optimization on other platforms such as Google or Facebook. To improve your e-commerce and profitability, you need to know how Amazon listing optimization works.

Unlike Google, Amazon does not look at:

– How long is your content;

– How many links on other pages point to your list;

– How long people stay on the product page, or

– How many people click.

Amazon only cares how much sales you get from all these visits, i.e., about your conversion rate.

Therefore, optimizing your Amazon listing depends on what you can do to improve your conversion.

Amazon A9 algorithm

A9 is a subsidiary of Amazon, which specializes in the market search algorithm.

The work of A9 is:

  • Monitor traffic;
  • Analyse data;
  • Index the text that describes each product in the Amazon directory;
  • Learn from previous search patterns and
  • Adapt so that it can continue to display relevant results for customers.

As soon as a customer begins to enter a keyword, Amazon is ready with instant offers and several relevant search results.

This cycle of observation, analysis, and indexing is carried out according to a set of rules that determine the ranking of product pages in response to customer searches.

This is a kind of artificial intelligence (AI) that determines which products are ideal for each request.

It sounds simple, but in fact, the A9 combines several different relevancy features to come up with these matches and their place in the ranking.

Rating factors for A9

Amazon will not reveal the secret of what constitutes the A9 algorithm. However, we know a few essential factors you can use to optimize your Amazon listing to increase conversion and sales.

Seller ratings and reviews

What customers think of you is important on Amazon. The higher your seller’s score and the more positive feedback you have, the more likely you are to sell more. A9 looks at your overall rating, and a review shows how customers interact with your products.


Images are vital to any online listing because customers cannot see the actual item. Therefore, the image quality of your product plays a huge role in optimizing your Amazon listing. Customers want to see product details from all sides.


A9 checks to see if the product name, description, and characteristics of your product list match the customer search criteria. The better your content matches, the higher it’s ranking.


A9 compares prices. It is more important to focus on relevance and sales, but reasonable prices makes you come first.

This is what customers increase in the first thirty seconds they spend on the product page:

  • Text,
  • Images
  • Pricing
  • Ratings and
  • Reviews

These are the most critical ranking factors that make up about half of your Amazon listing optimization ranking.

Other factors below are also important, but they can lead to success you only if you previous steps.

Done by Amazon (FBA)

Indirectly, the FBA also affects your rating potential. Because products are stored in Amazon warehouses, they can deliver faster to customers.

The FBA program also offers benefits such as getting a Merchant’s “Favourite Badge” and giving you access to Amazon Prime Members.

It also increases your chances of winning a Buy Box. This will help you get more sales, which will help you improve your search ranking.

Sales rate

A9 takes into account the amount in dollars and the number of transactions associated with your listings for the last month. He then compares this to the sales rate on the lists of competing sellers (that is, on lists using the same search terms that the user typed). The list of sellers with the highest sales rate ranks first.

Stock availability

A9 also looks at product availability when rating. If your product is often out of stock, your ad will not have a chance to achieve the best results. Amazon wants to sell and keep customers happy. Customers want to buy it. Thus, A9 gives priority to sellers who always have goods in stock.

Advertising and Promotions

doing Amazon PPC helps you increase your ranking by increasing sales and increasing your conversion rate. Similar to how advertising campaigns work, promotions can help you achieve visibility and drive sales. This is only useful for you if you need a quick upgrade. This is not an excellent strategy to improve ratings in the long run.

Premium Content

Amazon has an established format for displaying essential product lists. However, you can get around these restrictions by using premium content. A + content for sellers and brand content for sellers can increase sales by 5%.

It can also reduce returns and increase customer satisfaction.

Premium content provides you with the best options so you can better present your product to customers.

This means that customers can make more informed choices, and then they are less likely to be disappointed with their purchase – provided that the product you send them matches the displayed premium content.

Why you should optimize your Amazon listings?

As an online marketplace, Amazon is three times the search volume for products Google has.

Many buyers go straight to Amazon when they are looking for products to buy.

Thus, even if you are at the top of Google, you can still miss a bunch of sales.

Amid growing competition at Amazon, you cannot afford it. You need to understand how to optimize Amazon listings properly and how to update your listings to drive more traffic and improve conversion.

You also need to know what other sellers are doing so you can compete. This is the only way to get the visibility you need to improve your performance and continue your Amazon business.

Amazon sales are doubly important. Sales ratings boost sales. Amazon listing optimization is how you get this initial sales growth to get an A9 ranking.

And if you want your Amazon business to continue to grow, you need to make Amazon listing optimization a common practice.

Keywords Before Everything Else


Use the keyword tool that was created for Amazon.

This will give you keyword statistics on what customers are looking for on Amazon. This is what you need.

# 2

Begin your keyword search based on the product you are selling.

You can search on Amazon to help you brainstorm. Look first of all at the top lists of the contest.

Paste these terms into the Amazon keyword search tool of your choice. It will show you the statistics of what you typed, and also generate offers.

# 3

Choose the best keywords to use on your listings.

Saving the top for the title, then bullets, then description.


Finally, fill in the backend search terms field with what is left.

Amazon Product List Items

There are six elements to every Amazon base product list:

  1. Images,
  2. title,
  3. description,
  4. functions
  5. ratings and
  6. reviews.

As mentioned above, they are not all treated equal in the eyes of Amazon.

If you put these listing elements in the rating scale, it would be like this:

To maximize the results of optimizing your Amazon list, you need to improve each item by following the recommendations made by Amazon.

The first step to these improvements is to see what top sellers do.


We have a limited understanding of how Amazon works, so sellers who get better results can give you an excellent idea of ​​what works.

When you analyse how top listing works so well, you will notice that it has optimized the elements above.

The optimized list has:

  • relevant keywords in the text
  • attractive images
  • excellent seller rating
  • many positive reviews
  • Organized text areas with appropriate lengths are written to be informative and easy to read.
  • most likely executed by amazon


Now, how do you do the same with your list?

Reviews and ratings

The number and quality of your ratings and reviews on your list will affect how well you can get a rating. Moreover, it will affect the number of sales you can get. Even if your visibility is excellent (for example, in advertising campaigns), you need this social proof to gain the trust of customers to buy from you.

Professional and comprehensive visual effects

Use the image quality levels, formats, and sizes that Amazon requires and recommends. This is the first step in optimizing your images.

Use all available image slots as well. Just make sure that each image clearly shows the unique angle of the product, function, or option, as well as various related lifestyle settings.

Order your images logically.

Start with the basic image you need for Amazon, then go ahead in a good stream, keeping your best pictures in the first six slots.

Optimized images that provide strong value propositions and present key characteristics are gold.

They arouse the interest of customers, show them what it will be like to own the product and give them the information they want before deciding to buy from you. And they do it all the better than text because images take information more easily.

Amazon Product Video Guide

You can improve the visual appeal of your ads by adding product videos.

The videos are useful because they are even more attractive to customers and better explain the advantages and features of the product, as well as convince buyers to make a purchase.

Please note that product videos are included for registered trademarks. Check your expanded brand settings to see if you can use this feature. Amazon is continuously updating its recommendations, so check the EBC help page or visit the EBC Recommendations Video page often.

There are three types of video products that you can create to interest target customers.

# 1 – Product Video They are clean and straightforward, product-oriented, so they usually give a 360 ° product overview on a simple background.

# 2 – videos about customer experiences are technically accepted by customers and therefore demonstrate a realistic experience with the product.

# 3 – Explanatory product videos These are incredibly high-quality videos with engaging scenarios that explain the benefits of the product.

After downloading a product video, it may take up to six hours to appear on the product page.


Amazon listing optimization is highly dependent on a reliable product name. It doesn’t have to be catchy like your images. It must have quality keywords in it to be matched as matching A9. It should also give reasonably robust and accurate details in the place allotted to attract clicks.

The name formula recommended by Amazon is as follows: Brand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Colour. Amazon usually accepts 250 characters in the title field, but truncates it to 112 characters, so the rest cannot be read in the search results. If you have the necessary elements, 80 characters are the right length to get the highest rating.

Make your headline more comprehensible; use dashes (-) or pipes (|) to break keywords; Include a unique point of sale for the product or other key elements that set you apart from your competitor.

Finally, use numbers instead of the writing amount to save valuable real estate.

Detailed, accurate information

Consumers usually spend only 30 seconds viewing a product.

This is all the time you should interest them in the purchase. Your five main points should be focused on the main functions and advantages of the product to attract customers. 

Use calls to action. Answer the central questions of clients.

They will then read further to confirm that this is the product they want.

You must fully describe your product using a simple language that is easy to read.

You must also ensure that your description is accurate. 

Tip: Do not add keywords because they are often searched for if they are not related to your product.

Final Thoughts

Be patient. Optimizing Amazon listing is not a quick fix – for Amazon’s real success, this does not happen. Having invested time and effort in a good strategy, you will see how it helps increase the number of click-throughs, increase the number of potential customers and increase sales, which leads to an even higher rating when the cycle starts again.