Gaming is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world, and it comes as no surprise seeing how technologies have advanced to bestow players with an immersive and memorable experience in adventures beyond the screen. Those who are ardent gamers may want more in terms of gaming, for instance, access to a package of premium features on the gaming platform in exchange for a paid membership. Subscriptions are always valuable to have but perhaps there is a cheaper way to buy gaming memberships? Gaming for a hobby can be just a bit pricey at times so knowing cheaper alternatives can be ground-breaking for budget gamers, so it’s extremely important to get acquainted with possible ways to acquire gaming services like memberships cheaper.

Choose activation keys

One of the most prominent ways to save money on gaming is by purchasing video game products in the form of product codes. Digital marketplaces like Eneba store sell activation keys that once bought are activated on the respective platform via an active account. PS Plus membership, PS Now, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Games Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, EA Play, Nintendo Switch Online, and many more subscriptions can be purchased remarkably cheaper in a form of product codes, or otherwise known as activation keys.

The reason activation keys are cheaper is that they don’t have a fixed price, and due to the ongoing competition in the market, merchants lower their costs. In addition, such retailers often give discounts and prompt sales that include not only video games but gaming subscriptions and other services as well. All in all, activation keys are a solid choice for gamers, especially those on a budget, seeking ways to elevate their gaming experience.

Secure and reliable shopping

While the popularity of product codes in the gaming market is increasing dramatically, some may still doubt whether this shopping method is secure. It’s in the best interest of established retail stores to maintain a secure platform in order to keep their business going, so there are security restrictions for merchants that sell their keys on the respected platforms – all to make sure a smooth and safe shopping experience.

The selling and shopping processes resemble well-known platforms like eBay: several merchants bid the best prices they can offer for a product, the customer chooses one, buys the activation key, in this case, a gaming subscription code, and redeems it on the respective platform. The only thing that people have to look out for when buying gaming product codes like subscriptions is the region of the product since most items are region-restricted, so just make sure you choose the correct one.

Buy subscriptions even cheaper

While gaming subscriptions in the form of product codes are already discounted, you can buy them even cheaper. As mentioned briefly above, gaming retail stores quite regularly sell video games and other gaming-related products on discounts and launch themed or occasion-based sales that contain a selection of discounted gaming products, platform-exclusive subscriptions and gift cards among them.

Subscribe to the newsletter of the store and follow them on social media to be informed about upcoming sales, and check the store site daily to see what is on discount today – that way you are bound to grab some cost-effective deals. Sometimes, to save your funds efficiently, you must keep vigilance since all offers are typically launched for a very limited time. And because product codes don’t have an expiration date, you can buy a gaming subscription way before your current one expires if it happens to be a great deal.

Are gaming subscriptions worth it, though?

Why invest in gaming subscriptions at all? The answer is simple – they are valuable to those that play video games on a regular basis. Paid gaming subscriptions grant users access to a myriad of premium features that upgrade the gaming experience, for instance, enabling online multiplayer (as in the case of PlayStation Plus). Additional features are quite universal for all or most video game subscriptions, and these include these benefits usually:

  • Online cloud storage of a noteworthy size;
  • Member-exclusive discounts and deals;
  • Access to a library of video games;
  • Streaming services;
  • Early access video games;
  • Up to 2 free games monthly;

One subscription will not contain all of these features, this list entails the most common premium benefits among gaming subscriptions. No doubt these features are valuable and prove why gaming subscriptions have so many active users worldwide.

Enhance your gaming experience

To put it simply, a subscription will grant a package of benefits for a limited period of time that not only enhances your gaming experience but also user experience on the gaming platform, granting you access to game libraries, special discounts, and such. With an active subscription, you don’t need to worry about limited storage and other issues that may arise with the free version of gaming networks.

Gaming industry giants like Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, along with other PC gaming companies, designed platform-exclusive subscriptions for the sole purpose of granting a greater gaming network and experience for their most avid players in exchange for a fee. That’s why it’s only a sensible decision to invest in a subscription for the platform you’re gaming on and save your funds by purchasing them in a form of product codes from trusted retailers – two birds with one stone, so to say.