Instagram Stories are one of the most loved features by Instagram users because they allow you to make short videos or publish photos every day simply and quickly.

Those who start Instagram daily (or several times a day) can browse through the Stories of the users that follow and, in a few minutes, have a complete overview of what has been published.

Whether you make the stories permanent or you let them vanish within 24 hours, you will have happened to think about how to make them original and captivating, like influencers and bloggers who often dedicate themselves to real marketing activities. In this article, we will see some simple tricks for Instagram stories to use to make every new post appealing.

Tricks for stories

The goal we set ourselves is to increase visibility to get followers or simply amaze our friends and followers by publishing stories that are more particular than those published on average by users and followers can get easily from Basically, we need to know how to create stories.

After this brief introduction, let’s start immediately with the tricks of IG to know and use. Many of these tricks are dedicated to the use of photos and videos.

  1. How to add music or a soundtrack to stories

Let’s start with a very simple but indispensable trick because it could come in handy on many occasions, adding music to stories! The trick is trivial, but it will prevent us from using complex editing tools just to add a soundtrack. Just start playing a piece of music with our favorite music player (even streaming music) directly from your mobile phone and start recording video on Instagram by holding down the shutter button. The audio will be captured by the phone’s microphone and will be included in the video you are making as a story. Be careful because recording, using the phone’s microphone, will potentially also record background noise. Another micro-tip, you can use the “Superzoom” function, which allows you to add sound effects to the “zoomed” video.

  1. Create a solid or semi-transparent background

Using a plain background is useful if we want to insert texts or quotes to emphasize the writing. With Instagram, you can use a single color with a simple trick.

Let’s start with creating a new story and choose the pencil icon at the top; at this point, we select the color to be assigned to the background, and then we tap for three seconds in the center of the image. The screen will become the selected solid color. It is also possible to obtain a semi-transparent background with the chisel tip tool and repeating the same procedure.

  1. Get full access to the color palette

We continue to explore simple tricks regarding the use of colors in Instagram stories. Normally you can customize the colors of a story by choosing a limited number of colors to choose from in the palette provided by the app. However, with this trick, you can have access to the entire color range and choose any color variant.

To do this, just click on the button at the top ‘Aa’ or on the pen-shaped button to open the text tool or the brush; at this point, it is sufficient to keep pressed longer on any of the colors at the bottom to have instant access to the entire color palette. At this point, simply choose any custom color to use!

  1. Post old photos in a recent Instagram story

To add photos to the stories, Instagram selects them from those taken in the last 24 hours. This means that to add photos, we need to take a new photo. In fact, we don’t always actually have photographic material to publish for a new story. To overcome this and still publish photos that were taken in previous days, we can “deceive” Instagram, making it believe that we have recent photos available:

  1. We can again save the image we want to add to the story to bring it out among the last photos
  2. Take a screenshot of the photo, which will then be cut out from the gallery or the camera roll, once saved on the phone.

With this factual trick, we can publish anything in the stories. The final quality (in the case of screenshots) will not be the same as the original, but the difference will hardly be perceptible by our Instagram followers.

  1. The gesture to navigate through the Instagram Stories

Several gestures are available when playing stories:

  1. You can tap on the left edge to go back to the previous story, or tap on the right edge to see the next story.
  2. if there are too many stories to see, you can use the swipe on the left to skip all the stories
  3. or keep your finger on the screen to stop scrolling of the stories and have the opportunity to read a message or linger for longer on a photo

6  Zoom control during video shooting

The moment you are making a video with a long press on the record button, you can zoom the shot; while continuing to hold, move your finger up or down to get the zoom-in or zoom-out effect. This trick also works in the “Without holding” mode.

  1. Use a selfie as a sticker

You can create a sticker with your selfie. There is nothing more beautiful than using your own selfie as a sticker to add to the stories! To do this, simply take a photo to insert it as a story, and then tap on the sticker symbol at the top right and finally taps on the camera-shaped symbol. A small round box will appear imprinted with what is visible from the front camera.

  1. Save your story in the phone memory

Instagram allows you to save your stories easily. In this way, we can eventually share them via WhatsApp or Telegram. To save the story:

  1. If we haven’t posted the story yet, just select “Save” on the story options selection screen
  2. If the story has already been created on the social network, you can open it and from the settings menu (three dots) select “Save photo” to find it in the roll or photo gallery. Unfortunately, this trick cannot be used to save other people’s stories.