For achieving real digital success, all the content, from blog posts to the guest pieces on the third-party publications to service pages, must appeal and engage in the search engines. The clear secret of digital marketing is that when SEO money and engagement are set, both build upon each other’s mission. Content marketing is considered as one of the most practical, useful, and effective digital marketing tactics that the brand can utilize for reaching out and engaging more customers and quality leads.

Below mentioned are the top 8 reasons why to prefer attractive content in SEO for engaging customers –


1. Impressive content influences conversions –  To optimize the content for conversions, make it a point that you include the clear CTA (Call-To-Action) in your content. The CTA tells the reader about what they are required to do next, assisting them to the next step of the conversion procedure. Whether converting refers to getting more data, making the purchase or reaching out to the sales team, it is imperative for making it clear to the reader within your content what you wish them to do next.

If you know what is SEO and the benefits of providing quality content to the readers, then it can imperatively help you better the site conversion rates. It assists to improve conversions as it permits you to educate and connect with your customers and leads. Along with working to establish relationships and trust, you also motivate conversions by offering customers the required information so that they can make an educated buying decision.


2. Smaller investment but greater return – Even in case you opt for outsourcing the content marketing strategy or hiring somebody for producing your content, the charges will still be a lot less than other types of advertising.

All those people who are well-aware of what is SEO and the role of content marketing in it know that the latter not only gives you the benefit of reduced costs but also consistently produces thrice the number of leads. Never forget that these leads are an important part of the larger collection of traffic that finally brings about new prospects, extensive brand visibility, and social shares. Although traffic is something we can call the vanity metric that must not be the only point of measurement for the success of content marketing, it is a vital point to keep an eye on.


3. Quality content boosts up your market reputation – In today’s hectic marketplace, lead generation company must work to establish trust with their customers and leads. Doing this can assist your company builds a positive reputation so that you can effectively engage customers. Establishing trust can assist your company builds a positive brand reputation. As you begin to produce quality content that offers value for the customers and leads, you work for building authority and credibility with the target audience.

When customers go through the offered content on your website, they start developing their own opinion of your business. In case the content they get is educational, valuable, and engaging, then they will begin to think the same about the brand. The more value is provided with the content, the easier it will turn out to be for building trust with the target audience. This will motivate them for trusting your guidance and advice in terms of services and products which can add value to their lives.


4. It helps in lead nurturing – How do you get the customers to purchase more with the individual sales? And then how can you Engage customers and make them stay with you for a long time to better the lifetime value? Well, the answer is that you nurture those customers and leads. As per Marketo, those brands which excel at nurturing the leads spend about one-third less on the acquisition and marketing costs while producing roughly 50% additional leads with the campaigns.

Now the question arises – how does one nurture the leads? The answer is simple i.e., through content marketing. There is no denying the fact that content acts as a backbone to better consumer trust. As they start trusting you, they will be more than happy to share the content as well as will return for extra information. As the content sharing and viewing frequency increases, so the brand engagement and recall does.


5. Optimized content helps in improving the SEO efforts – The more good quality content you acquire, the better your SEO is. The more your site is optimized for search engines such as Google, the more you will gain online visibility. Although more pages do not inevitably result in higher traffic, it gives your business the chance of ranking for more keywords. For example, producing blogs on a diverse range of topics that are important for the target audience offers you more opportunities to rank for those keywords that these target customers are looking for on the search engines.

According to CMI (Content Marketing Institute), content comes under the category of the most efficient ways of promoting a brand. Say in case someone is searching for “What are the benefits of buying a second-hand AC?” on Google and they come across a blog written by you with the exact title, it will help in bringing the interested person to your website for learning more about the inquiry and knowing more about how the brand can help in answering their queries as well as solve the challenges.


6. It keeps the website relevant and fresh – To engage with customer, “quality content” is regarded as an unclear term, as what can be qualified for a person cannot be the same for the other one. Moreover, it is not relevantly the depth or context of the type of content that Google takes a look at while determining your importance or rank to the search queries. It is also determining the content’s freshness. While regularly producing content or the small business, you are generating the ongoing stream of the latest content with new links and updates pointing to the older one.

When Google needs to weigh that which content to display for searching users, it can enhance the chances that the content written by you is picked over the competitor. However, only having fresh content is not enough as the created content should also be relevant to the audience as well as offer real value.


7. You can showcase the subject matter proficiency – With the help of content marketing, not only you can efficiently Engage with customer but you can also demonstrate the expertise in the sector offering invaluable knowledge that can assist readers to make an educated buying decision. Furthermore, about half of all marketers plan for using content to reach out to their consumers.

Suppose you are given with two options i.e., either buying from a company that publishes regular content that is informative and educational or the one that does not offer any content. There is a high probability that the consumer will purchase from a brand that has showcased their expertise and knowledge. Each time you publish the new white paper, blog post, landing pages or any written piece, you are displaying customers and leads how much knowledge you have about the market and the challenges that they encounter. In terms of making the purchase, customers will always remember the business that offered them the required information for understanding their solutions, problems, as well as other options more effectively.


8. Good quality content gives you an edge over the competitors –Providing effective content on your website also helps engage customers on social media, through the same, small companies can work for setting themselves apart from the others in the market as well as showcase what makes their business special. Those topics which you produce content around as well as the content’s value you offer can make a difference when it comes down to a consumer selecting your company over the competitor’s.

For example, in case the buyer is researching their problems and specific products that can assist resolve those problems, they will be more interested in working with the company that’s offered them useful information. Examining how you wish to portray the brand as well as developing the brand voice can assist you to produce content that is special to your company. This can aid you to connect with the target buyers as well as show them what makes the brand special.

Ann Handley, who is the Chief Content Officer and co-author of Content Rules, states that “Social, search, and content are like 3 musketeers of marketing. Through optimization, it is shown how in very measurable, specific ways, a person can put them all together to work for the business.” With the help of content marketing strategy, you can engage customers on social media, as well as delight, and attract prospects and customers by offering quality content that gives value for every website visitor.


 Author bio:

Apeksha Goswami is a Digital Marketing Executive at Activant. Her focus is on creating a well-knit digital link between the audience and the company which helps develop a sturdy relationship and drive new traffic towards the clients. She believes in herself a little more and also loves to express her thoughts to the world on Instagram.