Buying clothes online is not a cup of tea for everyone. You are that person who likes to go to a store, try on and see how it looks before buying, like me? Yeah! It is another joy level, but we cannot try anything in the store in this pandemic situation and with social distancing rules.
Don’t worry! Without the luxury of trying things in the store, you will have a great online shopping experience at an online boutique store that you won’t regret by following these seven tips. Whether it’s your first experience or not, you will fall in love with your online shopping by getting the exact thing you want and become a home shopper.

1.Get exact measurements of yours

You order a hoodie under a size medium as the medium size fits you. But you are depressed seeing that in your hand that it doesn’t fit you. Yeah, size may vary from brands. And you don’t want this thing to happen to you, right. For that, exact measurement is needed from your tailor or by measuring yourself.

The secret of buying online is the exact measurement of yours. It is the primary concern for online shopping and getting the actual size.

Look at their sizing chart and note down what you need to measure. If you are buying a top, then neck, chest, sleeve, and buying bottoms, then waist, hips, and inseam length.

Chest measurement: Measure your fullest part of the bust, and it is best if you take it with a bra that you are wearing with this garment.

Waist measurement: Measure your waist from the hip bone. Usually, it is to the level of your belly button where you typically wear your pants.

Hip measurement: you are going to the fullest with your butts and hips. Measure it while sitting for the best result as you will feel more comfortable with your garment.

Inseam: It comes in three different sizes, usually small, standard, and tall. Start measuring from the uppermost part of the inner thigh and go till you want your cuffs to end. By wearing heels, this measurement can vary.

Tip: you can get the tailor’s measurement to get the exact as it is only a one-time investment.

2.Reference the items sizing chart and compare your measurements

Now, you have your measurements. Moving on to next, check the size charts and compare your measurement with it. If you are on a women’s clothing online site with multiple brands, you need to check the size chart of all, as it may vary sometimes and have slight differences.


As mentioned in the image, the size of the model wearing small has been mentioned, and from that, you need to decide in which size you come in small, medium, or large.

If you want your garment to be comfortable and want to be happy when you receive it, then the measurement and the comparison of size should be on point.

3.Know about the materials you do and don’t like 

Now that you do online shopping, you can’t feel the cloth’s fabric and not guess that it is comfortable for you or not. You put on a garment and immediately take it off because you don’t like the material, and you are not comfortable with it.

So for that, you need to take a tour of your closet and check the behind tag and know which type of materials dress you have and the types of materials you don’t like and don’t wear.

It’s hard to tell in an online boutique store what the garment will feel exactly. You will decide how much it shrinks and stretches to feel you comfortable as by the material you know.

4.Read the product description

The product description has mentioned all of the details you need to know when buying anything online. It has all the valuable information on material, the cut, and fit. Few question you need to know like taking the above image only:


What is the garment material made of?                                                                        So you can clearly see in the image, it is 100% of rayon.

What style/cut it has?                                                                                                  It is a sleeveless peplum top. 

You should check that you are comfortable wearing sleeveless, then go for it and order as per your largest measurement that if it has fit and flares style, you should focus on where to fit rather than where to flare.

5.Know and read the shops return policy

It is essential to know in online shopping to check and read the return policy thoroughly. You need to look at some points while reading the return policy:

  • How many days do you have to return?
  • Can you open the package and try it?
  • Will you get a refund or store credit?
  • Who pays for shipping ? or is it free return?
  • If shipping is on us, then how much money?
  • Are there any other fees with returning items like restocking fees?

It seems to have many questions, but online women’s clothing stores do all have for your satisfaction. Mark relevant deadlines in your calendar if you want to return something. You can often find the link at the bottom of your website page.

6.Filter the result as per your choice and read reviews

Online stores have vast storage, so making your shopping more efficient offers you filter a search by size, cost, items, and style.

Additionally, you also need to take time to read the reviews both the best one and critical one. Review impacts more on your decision to shop online.

As mentioned, how true they are as per size chart, the condition they came in, and how the material, many of the customers have included pictures, which help you get a thorough idea about the product.

7.Ask questions, and get to know your retailer

Many of the online boutiques have taken to social media groups to see their garments. You will get the best customer services, and they help with sizing questions to ask owners to know the garments. Just be humble and ask questions only if you have to buy, don’t waste time for your sake by asking random questions.

Also, you may get to know the opportunity to ask people who have previously purchased the item. It is the best time to take out the information.

Wrapping it up:

There is no such perfect method to shop online in the women’s clothing store, as it gets better by experience, but we tried our best to make your stress low in this situation. With these little guiding tips, you will not face any difficulty and find the right purchase. We hope that you make your online purchase a success.