How to increase sales of eCommerce stores has now become one of the billion-dollar questions among businesses.

Whether you have been operating an eCommerce store for 5 months or 5+ years, the struggle to get conversions is never-ending.

A report by Statista shows that around 88.05% of online orders were abandoned and not turned into a purchase.

There are a lot of reasons for the same:

  • Wrong Target Audience
  • Not Proper Set-Up of the Funnel
  • Users Do Not Trust your Site
  • Your Prices Are Quite High
  • Website Is Not Suitably Optimized
  • Poor Customer Service

So, how do you manage to get higher conversions? What eCommerce sales strategy can you follow?

Today, I will provide you with some great tips from the market experts that are going to assist you in increasing your online store recurring business.

7 Actionable Tactics to Increase Sales on eCommerce Website

  1. Site Navigation

Smooth and flawless website navigation is all you need!

If your customers can get what they are looking for in the least time, they are likely to purchase something. Besides, they will come to your website again whenever they need something.

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes; pick an item, and attempt to discover it without any earlier information on your website.

Any alteration to your website navigation is going to have an exciting impact on the UX and your business goals.

2. Website Speed

As per the surveys, pages that take two seconds to load consist of a standard bounce rate of 9 percent. On the other hand, pages with a loading time of five seconds have 38 percent of bounce rates.

Online users with higher alternatives than ever before are fickle and restless. They may leave your website without any purchase if it takes a long time to load. Thus, it is best to ensure that your website is quick.

3. Use SEO Plugins

Optimizing your online store for search engines is going to enhance your organic traffic, primarily if you maintain a rank on Google’s first page for a specific keyword.

And everyone loves free traffic, right?

If you want to run away because of SEO, I can understand why. Search Engine Optimization is not effortless to handle.

However, SEO for eCommerce online stores isn’t that time-taking, and you can pick from multiple prominent plugins to ease the process. A few are free, and a few are paid, but eventually, these plugins are reasonable and will give a higher ROI when utilized to their most prominent potential.

Think like this- every time anyone comes to your site through an organic search, you don’t have to spend on the paid promotions.

4. Minimize Cart Abandonment

It must have happened to you that you get an alert mentioning that someone has filled up the cart from your store.

Undoubtedly, you get enthusiastic about the massive sale going to happen and begin thinking that things are eventually taking a shift for the better. However, your customer abruptly leaves their cart without concluding the sale.

This perhaps occurs more frequently than you think and might leave you helpless. However, there are smooth methods to reduce cart abandonment.

For example, an exit-intent pop-up can convert your visitor to consider twice before hitting that ‘x’ key on your online store’s tab.

This sort of pop-up provides them the last possibility to redeem an attractive offer if they make their sale.

5. Display Your Top-Selling Items

We all know that our first impression is our last impression.

The landing page of your store should display the best-selling products. Why? Because it is the first thing users will notice.

By displaying your best-selling goods, you’ll not merely make an impression but even give a beginning point for your users’ shopping spree.

Besides, if these items are best-selling, they have established their worth so far. Leverage their potential to attract all newbies to your store.

6. Include Customer Testimonials

As per Zendesk, 90 percent of study respondents going through online reviews mention that positive feedback will impact their purchasing choices.

In other words, users wish to utilize digital word-of-mouth to determine whether or not they will purchase your goods.

One of the best techniques to boost your online sales is to incorporate these user testimonials and reviews from some reputed firms like Softwarefirms on the ecommerce development companies. In case they are not there, consumers are prone to abandon your site in search of them, and perhaps they might not come again.

Users are 270% more inclined to purchase with 5 reviews than with one or no reviews.

Moreover, this is not so tough to set up because most eCommerce platforms bring forth a plugin for customer reviews. After this is turned on, you need to prompt your users to provide feedback. It is possible to do this by forwarding an automated text around 5 to 7 days once the item is delivered.

Some other techniques to ask for reviews incorporate social media posting, stating the feature in email newsletters, and telling users when they come to your website again for the other purchase.

7. Simplify Your Checkout

The last trick that I want to mention to increase sales through eCommerce is by providing an effortless checkout process.

In case you make the eCommerce method too challenging for users to purchase and pay for items on your site, they will be swift to discard you for an opponent.

If your users do not wish to register, provide them the alternative to shop as a “guest,” because what matters the most is sales. Display a progress sign to let your users know about the process.

Final Thoughts

Being an owner of an eCommerce store you must be looking for the tactics to increase your conversion rate.

I hope now you got the answers to the question of how to increase your eCommerce sales.

Whether you are opting for smooth website navigation or paid traffic- the options are several.

Whatever alternative you choose, its success will usually be dependent on knowing your users thoroughly.

For example, you cannot function a paid traffic campaign without knowing your target customer. In any scenario, now that you know what requires to be done, start implementing it without any further delay.

What strategies have worked for you, mention in the comment section below!