Every year there is a new promise or a new resolution that we stick to. Likewise, the online world looks into the current trends and implementation every year. The biggest backbone of every domain to rank on SERP is search engine optimization, and it is required to optimize every website according to the latest update of the search engine.

Hence, let us have a look into this year’s newest updates and some of the essential ones among them. Would you be interested to know what the search engine has come up with this 2020?
Let’s get started!!!

#1 An alarm towards Google’s BERT Update:

The BERT update, which was released in late 2019, is depicted to check the overall reputation of the website through factors: YMYL (Your Money Your Life) and EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.)

Tujuan aloritma ini adalah untuk memahami inti dari suatu ...

Things that you need to get prepared for the BERT update:

Answer precisely to your audience questions that appear on SERP. For example, if a person is looking for “Best Wardrobe Stores Near Me,” the search result results should show wardrobe stores near the user’s location and not far from the user destination or the neighbor country.

The context of the content is way more important than the keyword density. Earlier stuffing keyword was the biggest trick that most marketers used to fool the search giant. It is not going to be the same now; the search giant has grown wiser that only contextual content can attract them and ranks better on SERPs.

The BERT update checks for every sentence and phrase that the website owner should be very studious in updating the right content for their user.

#2 Voice Search is Getting Attention:

Voice Search Software - Free image on Pixabay

Voice search was one of the trends that were introduced and practiced in later 2019. As we all know that the use of virtual assistants has improved in recent past years, the need for voice search has also increased literally.

Voice search has taken its new dimension as people consider it more conversational when compared to the textual content. Provided it is better to optimize your website for long-tail keywords that your website is visible as well as compatible with longer search queries.

Make sure that your keywords are altered according to voice searches as they may differ from textual searches.

#3 Work On Your Click-Through Rate:

An essential aspect that converts every client into a potential customer is the CTA. Placing the right CTA in the proper context is very much important. Before placing a call-to-action button on your website, it is very much important to analyze which part of your website gains the right attention of your audience.

Some websites have CTA’s placed wrongly or amidst of the wrong context. It is because people are aware of having a CTA on their website but not in the right place. It is equally important to consider placing the CTA at the right place to that of placing it on the site.

Not just your website, you can add a CTA to your email marketing campaigns. By adding a CTA to your email feed, you drive in more subscribers. As the ultimate goal of a call-to-action button is to make your users click on your website.

#4 Improve Page Speed:

From day #1, maintaining a good loading speed for your website is more important and influential. As users are tied up with various businesses, people wanted to move fast and make the essential out of it. In such a scenario, having a poor loading speed of your website might disappoint and make them leave your site instantly.

As days pass and several algorithmic changes roll out from the giant, people might miss this ultimate strategy of improving page speed or even underestimate the importance of having a fasting loading website. Though there comes an N number of optimization techniques and rules, the demand for page speed has never dropped out. So, it is highly recommended to optimize and maintain a good page speed for your website, that your customers may return to you for your business.

#5 Make Your Site Secured For Your Visitors:

A secured domain is the best place to get your personal information boldly. Any customer or user would expect this from its service provider before entering their details into the website. As security has turned to be a must factor both physically and virtually, it is recommended that every site owner should ensure that his site is secured enough for users to share or interrupt the portal boldly.

So how to safeguard your website?

A common question from day #1 is “SECURITY.” Assuring of keeping the customer data safe is the most prominent authenticity of having a clean website. To ensure 100% security about customers reaching a domain, one can install an SSL certificate to his domain, which ensures every interaction with the site is safe.

Understanding the need for security and how it can help prevent customer database of a website, the search engine has made it even more worthy, stating it to be one of the ranking factors. This eventually made website owners understand the importance of securing their website for their customers and users.

Installing an SSL certificate is not just beneficial in one way, but it can also help websites rank on Google’s top searches. Provided the security of the site is ensured in several ways, hence installing an SSL certificate was made convenient based on the requirement.

If you are planning to secure multiple domains, you need not purchase an SSL certificate for every single domain; for instance, you can opt for the cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate that can protect multiple sub-domains through a single domain.

A comodo Essential wildcard SSL certificate offers 256-bit SHA-2 encryption with more than 99% browser and server compatibility. You can install iton as many servers as you need without paying any extra charges.

#6 Improve Your User Experience (UX):

User experience has also turned out to be one of the most important SEO aspects that every search engine focuses on. In case if your website doesn’t provide a good user experience, make sure that your website is under trouble.

User experience is not just based on the ranking factor, as the name indicates it is a factor that is proportionate towards the ease of using a website. In simple, your website user should find your website easy to navigate through every menu, tab, and content of the website. Only when your site meets the criteria, it passes the UX test of the search engines.

#7 Generate Unique Content:

Content is meant to educate and not to rank better on search results. When you educate your customers and users the way they want, your website will automatically rank on better places of the search results. Never always focus on stuffing your targeted keyword into the content; instead, make sure that you provide essential content that meets the requirements of the user queries.

Your content doesn’t necessarily have to be textual; it can be of any form like infographic, social media posts, videos, and so on. Any type of quality content is worth ranking on search results. So, if you are planning to have your content or your website on better places of the SERP, make sure that you provide your readers with unique content.

Wrap up:

The trends of SEO may or may not change eventually, but it is better to stick to every single requirement of the search engine. Here we have displayed the most important aspects of SEO this 2020; it is just to make you find them easy and get them implemented on your website.

Especially, stick to Google’s BERT update as it has launched recently and that the search engine might first peep into it on domains. Also, concentrate on the further listed trends of SEO this 2020 to rank better on SERP.