Across the country, houses are in huge demand. Younger generations – particularly millennials – are looking to make the jump and finally get onto the property ladder. In contrast, many older generations are looking to switch homes or even purchase second homes that they can use for staycations.

All of this is great news for estate agents, as the number of potential clients is endless.

However, being an estate agent isn’t easy, as it’s a very competitive industry. So, even though more and more people are searching for homes, estate agents need to be on the top of their game to experience fruitful success!

The best way to drive your sales and build your portfolio is simple: follow these 10 success tips specifically for real estate agents.

1. Use self-storage

Real estate agents often have a ton of business items to look after, from signs and placards to marketing materials. If there is no space for these in your headquarters, then you need to use a self storage unit and keep your office space clutter free and professional looking at all times.

2. Advise clients on mortgages, current market trends, and other properties

Your clients need to be up-to-date with everything. This should include:

  • Potential mortgage payment details
  • Current market trends. How volatile are housing prices?
  • Other property options. How many houses do you have available that would be of interest to the client?

Don’t leave them in the dark!

3. Chase leads

To be a successful real estate agent, you need to be like a dog chasing a bone. Any hint of a lead should always be followed up, even if you are doubtful of a positive outcome.

4. Focus on your professional appearance

Appearance is everything in the property industry. If you don’t look the part, potential buyers won’t put their trust in you. Therefore, you need to work on perfecting your look. Ideally, you should always be suited and booted, with a nice watch and smile to go with it!

5. Launch an awesome website

A lot of business that real estate agents receive comes directly through their website. People looking to buy a house usually hop onto Google, search for high-rated real estate agents, and click on the first handful they see.

Therefore, you need to launch an awesome real estate website to give yourself a great chance of big profits. Your website should include:

  • 1080p photos and videos of listed properties
  • User-friendly property filters
  • SEO-optimized web copy
  • Reliable customer service options
  • Customer case studies to convey your trust and reliability

Once you’ve nailed your website, half of the battle is won.

6. Your pitch is everything – give yourself plenty of time to work on it

As an estate agent, one of the biggest skills you can develop is how to give an excellent pitch. More often than not, your pitch will determine whether an individual or family opt to choose a property or not, so give yourself plenty of time to perfect your individual pitches.