TV has been around for years, but it still has a certain charm to it. No matter what technical advances the internet brings forward, cable TV will always remain. There is hardly a house in the US that doesn’t own a TV. That’s because cable TV channels offer some of the best variety of content that everyone can enjoy. From kids to adults, there is something for everyone.

Moreover, TV deals are usually the least expensive option compared to other forms of entertainment. And with the huge variety of channels on offer, you cannot beat the value. So, not only do you get great value for money but also top-notch entertainment. Not to mention world-class customer support such as Spectrum TV customer service. Generally, TV providers are much more reliable than streaming services. And here’s why people still prefer TV over other means of entertainment:

1: Better Customer Service  

Cable TV companies have a strong presence and usually offer more than one service. So, internet and phone customers also rely on them for a better service. A lot can depend upon the customer care reps and how they deal with queries. So, the provider has to bring their A-game to you or risk losing you to a competitor. You can rely on cable TV companies to help you out if the service is ever down or experiencing disruption. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to wait for technical problems, TV might be best for you. Most cable companies will take your needs very seriously and resolve them as quickly as possible.

2: Affordable Packages  

Most of the time, cable TV packages can be much more affordable than streaming services. Overall, the value for money is also much greater. You might end up spending more on the TV itself, but a cable subscription will usually only be a fraction of the cost. Streaming can cost more in the long run because you need a high-speed internet connection as well. So, initially, it might look like TV cost you more, but it is quite the opposite. Moreover, you get a lot more options for content, sports, and news on TV than any streaming website can offer. Overall, if you factor in additional costs as well, TV can be more affordable.

3: More Content  

TV can offer more types of content than a streaming service. Probably the biggest edge TV has, is live transmissions. So, if you are a sports fan or like to watch the news, TV is your best bet. You can watch anything on TV according to your mood. If you’re feeling down, watch a comedy. If you want to distract yourself, switch to a sports channel. You can also watch dramas, cartoons, or documentaries. Moreover, you can get multiple TV channels for the same kind of content as well. As a result, you never miss anything worth watching.

On the other hand, there are limited options on streaming sites such as Netflix. Although you do get some variety, it is very limited compared to cable TV. What is available on one streaming site, is usually missing on the other. So, you might have to get multiple subscriptions to keep your options open, resulting in higher monthly subscription expenses.

4: Convenience  

Watching TV might be the best family-friendly thing you can do these days. Sitting on a couch in front of the TV on weekends can be a comfort for many people. At the end of a tiring day, watching TV together can be relaxing. Take the agony of choosing between hundreds of titles out of your life. All you have to do is switch it on, sit back and relax. So, it might be one of the most convenient options for entertainment in any household. If you are in no mood to go out, a movie night can make up for a cozy night in. Moreover, it can bring you closer to your family if you can find shared interests in certain content. If dressing up, buying tickets, and going to the movies doesn’t sound fun TV should be your first choice.

5: Smart TV  

Smart TVs revolutionized the screens we have at home. Now, TV entertainment is a lot more than just cable channels. You can connect your Smart TV to the internet for a plethora of more entertainment options. It can allow you to watch your favorite shows, listen to music, and even watch YouTube videos. The possibilities are endless when you have a Smart TV. With internet access in addition to digital cable, you can have non-stop entertainment with no additional costs.

6: Better Screens

TVs have improved a lot over the years in terms of picture quality and screen size. The latest models can have UHD and 4K video playback as well. So, it isn’t too different watching a movie at home or in the cinema. The surround sound and stark picture quality have kept TVs in the run for one of the best entertainment options.