The Open Group is a consortium that offers different methodologies and standards. The Open Group Architecture Framework is a development approach that a lot of organizations use to plan and design their IT architecture. The TOGAF 9 certification is a proof that an IT professional can effectively communicate with various heads of departments in the company to help them design quick and effective strategies and implement them. The specialists who have this credential help demystify multifaceted technical procedures andare responsible for designing and implementing quick and effective IT strategies.

The certified TOGAF specialists are the enterprise architects who help the companies develop a great organizational long-term IT strategy. Pursuing the TOGAF 9 certificate enables the professionals to develop proficiency in the principles of enterprise architecture along with their career towards the architect job positions.The role of an enterprise architect is to maintain the overall IT strategy of an organization. They also design the applications and technology roadmap to direct and steer the business depending on the standards of technological structures. These IT specialists are responsible for ensuring that every phase of the technological flow is clearly defined and all the IT approaches function well from the very beginning to the end.

Thus, we will discuss the reasons why the TOGAF 9 certificationis really worth the effort. But first of all, let’s take a look at some details.

What is TOGAF 9?

The TOGAF Standard is a proven methodology that is used by many organizations for their business efficiency. The first version saw the light in 1995 and was based on the TAFIM (US Department of Defense Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management). Nowadays, the company changes the 9 version and develops new ones with all the updates and corrected errors. And remember that the standard has 6 partsthat coverdifferent topics. They are:

  • Introduction
  • Architecture Development Method
  • ADM Guidelines & Techniques
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • Enterprise Continuum & Tools
  • Architecture Capability Framework

Why IT Specialists Should Get TOGAF 9 Certification?

Maybe you are still wondering whether the TOGAF 9 credential can help you grow in your career and whether this certification is the right IT path for you. The points highlighted below are the main reasons we point out for you to consider pursuing this certificate.

  1. Skills and knowledge validation

TOGAF 9 is highly valued and globally recognized certification. This means that this credential is a symbol of trust. It confirms your skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the position you want to get. The potential employers will immediately trust you with their companies. Having a college degree alone is not enough, and some countries may not trust the quality of education in colleges that offer the IT courses in other countries. But with the TOGAF 9 certificate in your resume, you demonstrate the availability of skills you need to work and deliver good results in any company.

  1. High demand for certified enterprise architects

In today’s world, architecture and IT technology have become deeply integrated completely into the growth and success of any organization, most, if not all of the proactive companies have now begun using the TOGAF credential to plan and design the management for not only short-term goals but also for long-term ones. The constantly growing number of companies and the available number of IT specialists with such certificates are not enough to take up all the available positions. This means that the demand for the TOGAF certified enterprise architects is very high. In spite of the economic downturn that many nations continue to experience, these specialists are likely to remain employed even at the time of massive job losses.

  1. Networking opportunities

Networking is very important in any profession. It is very difficult for a professional to grow in his/hercareer without networking.  The TOGAF 9 certificate gives the candidates an opportunity to interact and connect with other specialists in the field. It exposes you to the world but limits you to those professionals who are also in the same field as you. This is very important for career growth because you can communicate and share ideas with other certified individuals in this sector from around the world.You can also learn innovations and trends in the industry. By sharing ideas with other professionals, you will also improve your general knowledge, particularly about the TOGAF approaches.

  1. Development of great managerial skills

Earning this credential shows both technical and managerial areas of IT. Therefore, pursuing the TOGAF 9 certification is a great opportunity for anyone to effectively build their managerial skills in the sphere. The professionals with this certificate are usually burdened with the responsibility to design the IT infrastructure while also overseeing many other things. This actually means that they have to consider almost everything and weigh several perspectives when they are implementing specific projects.

  1. Space for opportunities

The TOGAF 9 certification opens doors to a world of opportunities. Big corporations and proactive companies trust the reputable credentials and their certification bodies.Earning this Open Group certificate is a clear proof that you have successfully gone through the rigorous training and methodical testing system by an institution with global recognition. By attaining the TOGAF 9credential, you also demonstrate that you possess the all-encompassing knowledge of all the concepts that are helpful and relevant to the field. This means that your employer is likely to consider you for promotion and salary increment. Besides, you can also switch jobs and apply for a higher position in another bigger corporation that pays abetter salary. This certificate also allows the professionals to apply for jobs and work in any part of the world because of its global recognition.

  1. Ability to use and understand the professional language

The professionals who are TOGAF 9 certified have thehigh level of expertise and common knowledge ground. Such knowledge gives them the ability to identify their organizations’ business needs and provide them with workable, long-term solutions. Only those who have gone through the certification process understand the unique language of certified specialists.


Obtaining the TOGAF 9 certification is not an easy task. The candidates are required to pass two exams. But with the reliable study materials like the ones offered by PrepAway, preparation for these tests can be easier. So, don’t hesitate, make up your mind, grab all the necessary prep tools, and get this credential in two ticks.