Whether you are just starting a business or you already have one, you need a winning strategy to get customers, increase brand awareness, build loyalty and boost sales. Choosing marketing goals, tactics and an overall strategy isn’t an easy task, especially if you are launching or running a small business.

Simply put, your marketing tactics are the steps you will take to achieve your ultimate goals. Until recently, businesses had only a few available ways to promote their products or services, such as flyers, billboards, TV commercials, whereas nowadays, we are lucky enough to have the internet. Today, most people get informed and consume content on their favorite devices – and for the majority of them, this is their smartphone.

Thanks to this, there are more and more possibilities for marketing, and the digital world has made marketing much more affordable, changing the game for small businesses immensely.

1. Use Instagram

If you learn how to get more followers on Instagram in the right way, the platform can give you the opportunity to be on the same level, in terms of reaching people and building a community around your brand, as some of the biggest companies in the world. This means finding the right tactics to attract and retain quality followers.

There are many ways to do this, including creating and sharing valuable content, following trends (such as hashtags, stories, live streaming), using Instagram tools and services that will help you grow organically, and so on.

2. Use Several Social Media Platforms

While Instagram is preferred by many businesses because it’s fast-growing and its users are very active, you should also choose other social media where you can find your target audience. To find out which is the best for you, you can research your competition and see where they have the most engagement.

Being present across networks will help you reach more people and increase your sales, and it will help you attract even more quality followers to your Instagram account as well.

3. Make a Digital Home

Social media platforms are becoming more and more advanced and now you can even use them to sell to your prospects directly. This is why some businesses may think it’s a good idea to skip having a website. However, every business needs both a social presence and a website, regardless of the size or the sector, because most consumers expect both when they conduct research.

A well-designed website will give your brand more credibility. There are many options out there for any business, but the best one is to hire a professional to create a suitable digital home for your brand.

4. Optimize Your Website for Smartphones

A website that can’t be easily used on smartphones is not only a lost opportunity, because most people nowadays go online on their phones, but it can even negatively affect your brand’s reputation and turn people away from your business. Make sure that you ask for a mobile-friendly website when you hire a professional to design it for you.

5. Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are a great and effective way to attract potential clients. They allow you to focus on the information you want to give. You can create a page to emphasize your offers and make them more attractive, ask interested visitors to leave their basic contact information, get an e-book, learn about your brand, get a discount or an offer, etc.

It should be aesthetically pleasing, simple, it should include a clear call to action (such as “try for free”, “sign up”, “start”, “download now” “get your free offer”). It can also include a questionnaire or another type of interactive content. Interactive landing pages are very effective at lead conversion.

6. Create Useful Content

Businesses today can’t thrive simply because they offer quality products or services, or good prices. Consumers want more. They want to have a personal connection to the brands they are using, they want to get value, learn something, be inspired and motivated, they want to understand the brand, its story, the people behind it.

This is why creating high-quality content, appropriate for the channel you are using, is so important. Relevant and useful content on your website will help you establish yourself as an authority in your field, and social media content adapted for the platform in question can help you grow your accounts, and turn more followers into customers.


Businesses today can choose many different paths when it comes to their marketing. But, one thing is for sure, investing in your online presence is crucial. Before choosing which tactics will work best for you, you must determine your needs and your goals. Your marketing strategy should include those that can help you achieve them faster and more successfully.