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6 Online Tools to Grow Your Social Media Marketing Agency


Marketing agencies are faced with a number of responsibilities in this day and age. From customer experience to social media marketing and advertising to influencer marketing, there is a lot to cover. This is why social media marketing agencies have been hiring more people of late.

Luckily, there exist many online tools which will help these social media marketing agencies to grow. We’ve gathered the most efficient of them and slapped them together in this fancy list:


PromoRepublic is a social media management software for agencies, meant to save time on content creation, posting, and collaboration. It can be used as a White Label tool hosted on your website domain and branded with your agency colors and logo, for all the details go to It will enhance your agency reputation and impress your clients, provide them with a tool that looks like it’s your own. You can invite team members and clients to workspaces, in order to comment on content and get it all approved in real-time.


It helps in finding the most shared content and all the trending influencers out there. It can be used to analyze which content is performing better. It makes the search more filtered and better. BuzzSumo will also help you understand the impact of social media on your business in a better manner. It provides an additional benefit, in that the user is able to track what content is performing better across the Internet.

Google Trends

It is one of the best online tools out there. Most importantly, it is free to use. It can be utilized to look for the trending topics online. There are a lot of brands using this tool to look for the things that are happening in the world. Many professionals make use of it in order to share information about the popular things in the world. You must definitely incorporate it in your digital marketing strategy.


Another free software that must be used. However, additional features come at a cost. Sometimes, marketers and social media managers need to create beautiful images without having a designer. Canva is the tool that can be used for this purpose. Icons, ready-made templates and illustrations can be used to make the images appear more professional. There is not much to do when using this software. There are several graphical elements as well that can be utilized.


One of the social media tools that can be used to create marketing videos. Video content is of immense importance in this day and age. There are many benefits of creating marketing videos that engage with people in an effective manner. There are plenty of opportunities when using this software which will help to add more life to the audience’s content. However, this software comes at a price, but is a nominal one.


The final tool that social media marketing agencies have to have to enhance their business is Feedly. It is simply useful for a number of things. If you are much into content ideation, then this is perhaps the best online tool. Several writers, bloggers and publishers whose content you like can be put into one feed.

To wrap it up

Above are listed some of the major online tools that are recommended for usage, if you’d like to grow your social media marketing agency. However, it is not an exhaustive list, there are several other online tools as well that can be utilized.

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