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6 Best Diet Apps to Track Carbs and Lose Weight

Millions enjoy keto, and it works by reducing the number of carbs you eat. Once you opt to follow it, download an app, and get started. Also, check out instant keto reviews to see the wonders of such a plan.

One point to note before you start downloading is which diet app to choose. There are hundreds of choices at your fingertips at any time. That’s why the best are listed here to make a choice easier for you.

Top 6 Diet Apps to Choose

1. 8Fit Workouts and Meal Plan

As you choose a diet app, you want the one that will give you the results you desire. That’s why you must find the one that goes hand in hand with an exercise plan. For keto to work well, you need a workout routine that aids in burning the excess fat.

Therefore, 8Fit is the answer you’ve been looking for and the perfect one to lose weight. It’s the best option when you want to work with keto and exercise.

As a beginner, you can try the Free plan and then upgrade to a complex one as you advance. Also, you benefit from tracking carbs intake and macros from this app.

2. LoseIt!

When seeking the best diet app for weight loss, check out LoseIt! First, you get a food diary that helps you keep track of everything you eat. You won’t have to worry about easily getting distracted.

Additionally, you get easy connectivity to fitness devices like trackers that keep you accountable. Start with the Free version available on the diet app, then advance to Premium as you progress.

3. Lifesum

Both Android and iPhone users can enjoy this app that has stellar reviews. Using it brings you face to face with diet app benefits you won’t get anywhere else. Therefore, it’s the right candidate to keep you on track.

You start by listing the goals you want to achieve. After that, you can proceed to track your calorie intake. Also, please take advantage of its diet app calorie counter to keep accurate records.

4. Lazy Keto

As a beginner, thinking of the keto diet might seem like a tall order, but that’s why this is the best diet app to get. It’s one of the best diet apps with meal plans that help chart your course.

You can choose the Lazy Keto diet health app for starters if you are short of time to keep track of every part of your plan. Also, the diet app has room for meticulous record-keeping if that’s your option. Its adjustability means you can direct your diet as it pleases you.

Also, peruse through the numerous meal plans and recipes available for your keto diet. It’s the best place to start before advancing to more detailed plans.

5. Total Keto Diet

When it’s time to take the plunge and fully embrace the keto way of life, get the Total Keto Diet app. It’s an advanced app that keeps you in line ultimately.

It helps you track every calorie and macro you consume. Also, it’s the best way to store all your precious keto recipes. In case you’re just starting, you can rest easy knowing there’s a beginner guide on the diet app for you.

6. My Macros +

In light of better keto apps, check out the My Macros + diet app, a trainer’s brainchild. With such a background, you can enjoy the best content to help you achieve your fitness goals.

To start, you have a macros counter, which keeps you accountable during all meals. Also, you get to key in your weight shifts to check on progress.


A good app covers all areas of your weight loss journey, including fitness. Therefore, using those listed here gets you one step towards attaining your goals.

Let us know of any questions you have about diet apps by leaving a comment below.

Author’s bio: My name is Adam Reeve and I have been a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years. Also, I’m a life coach, wellness writer, and low carb diet enthusiast.

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