Comments increase the worth of a blog and make it more credible. It cannot thrive without comments — feedback supports authors and draws more attention. A blog that has a steady comment flow will give impetus to the writer to develop better content. 

In this article, we will discuss how to get more comments on your blog. By the end of this article, you will realize what you have been doing wrong or not doing at all. 

But before we dive into how to increase the influx of comments, let us quickly see how it helps your blog. We have intended to prepare a report that includes every essential factor concerning blog comments. 

    1. A blog may be an individual effort, but it is not journal writing and, thus, not restricted to the individual. It aims to build a community, like American express with similar thoughts, opinions, and interests. Comments help to do just that. 
    2. It promotes your content and keeps posts reaching their audience. That way, if you take a break, the older content gets circulated, and you never go out of your readers’ minds.
    3. Blog comments feed increases your credibility.
    4. As a content developer, you may often run out of ideas for your next post. You may analyze the comments and assess your audience’s needs to get an insight into what they want to read. 

Now, let’s see how we can encourage people to post blog comments. 

  1. Address Your Audience

Engaging the readers of your blog throughout the article is a great idea. Once they genuinely feel involved, their natural instinct will be to leave a comment. Think to yourself, if you come across a great content that has touched you or made you laugh, while constantly trying to put yourself in the given situation, wouldn’t you want to reach out to the writer? 

There are several to converse with your audience:

  • Make the tone of your content conversational. Even if you are writing about your personal experiences, treat people as listeners more than passive readers. Instead of journalistic writing, opt for a monologue. This will inevitably make them get in touch with you. 
  • Use CTAs at the end of your article. Urge and encourage readers to comment on your content. It must give out a vibe that you welcome their feedback, whatever it is. 
  • Maintain modesty — do not let your writing scream out superiority. Your aim is to write content that people can relate to. Try using words that are elegant but not pretentious. They must not feel inferior and close the page before leaving a comment.  
  • Be regular in replying to the best blog comments. That will actually encourage your readers to keep on expressing their ideas.

2. Understand the Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist simply means the spirit of the age. A good blogger is very intuitive about the psyche of his/her target audience. Know what would touch the cord between you and your reader — it could be anything, starting from political to personal issues, but it must be relevant. 

Once the readers feel connected to your content, there is no looking back. Not only will they comment regularly but also visit your page more often. You must be very attentive to the issues that are raising storms in the tea-cups. It is not very difficult, as a blogger, you can easily understand their conscious and collective interests with a little research on your own. This will definitely increase your WordPress blog comments.

3. Ditch Too Much Political Correctness

Political correctness is important, but being too strict can mar your prospects. Give up the conservative tone or moral teaching. It will repel the audience. They would refrain from either reading or commenting. 

Human beings love to read and refer to things that would sympathize with them and not bind them in rules and guilt. Thus, balance your content between liberal and justified thoughts. If you want to speak about sensitive issues, like gay rights or rape, make sure your tone is friendly and factual. 

Remember, people are influenced big time by the pleasure principle, and most wish to explore pleasures — make sure you do not spoil them as long as they are not harming anyone. 

Another important thing that every blogger must keep in mind to have a successful long run is never to indulge in fake blog comments.

4. Lists Are the Way to Go

Lists are gaining a lot of readers these days. Precisely because they are quick to deal with. Whatever your content may be, just present it in lists, and the audience would be compelled to leave comments on your page. 

Make a catchy title and striking headings. Ensure it pertains to something trending. The benefit of the list mode is that it can work with every type of content. Whether it is something serious (for instance, top 10 real-life tragedies in history), popular culture (a list of 8 best romantic comedies of all times), or political (a list of 5 countries that largely took part in the pride parade) — you can cover absolutely anything. 

Try this and see for yourself how comments will bombard you. 

5. Finally, Manage the Blog Comments Section Well

Besides all the above ways, you must keep this one in mind in particular. How you handle your comments and react to them is essential in building your reputation as a blogger. Make and follow a strict blog comments policy. Comments do not always mean they are going to be all good and flowery. While most of them are either promotive or have constructive criticism, some blog comments are just foul play and have been done precisely to harm your site. You must learn how to deal with such nuisances. 

Moderating blog comments is a way to ensure that the feedback you get is not doing more harm than good. You can get rid of spam blog comments, leaving those that will help you. 

Lastly, do not forget to reply to the encouraging comments and never discourage questions or differing opinions. In fact, be open to criticism, disagreements, and debates. Give out a vibe that the readers can react to and defend your case elegantly. 

We hope you now know what to do to increase the influx of blog comments. Do not waste any more time and engage yourself in designing the next content keeping the points we discussed in mind. Do not forget to share your opinions on the matter. We love to hear from you.