5 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Needs Media Attention

Have you ever thought about using media attention as part of your marketing strategy? Having an independent media source highlight your business can be invaluable. Print, radio, and TV media attention has many benefits, here are 5 you simply can’t afford to pass up:
5. Enhance Credibility

We say nice things about our own businesses all day, but that doesn’t mean our customers are going to believe us. If your company or brand is highlighted by a reputable media outlet that reaches your ideal audience, it will have a much greater impact on your brand reputation than a traditional advertisement. When an independent third party has good things to say about your business and positions you as a leader in your industry, it’s far more credible than if you were to say it yourself.
4. Reach a Wider Audience

According to a recent study done by Nielson, 93% of American adults tune into the radio each week. That’s 228.5 million people! A slightly less 216.5 million adults watch TV each week. Compared to only 127.6 million users that watch a video on a smartphone, media exposure via radio or TV extends your reach by a lot! You have the potential to reach 100 million more people by getting national media coverage. To be realistic, not everyone has the potential, or even the need, to gain national media attention. As a small business that’s just starting to experiment with media attention, aim for local media sources that target your ideal audience
3. Build Relationships

Today’s customers are looking for more than a nice logo to represent your business. They want to know the person behind the brand—they want to know you! Seeing your face or hearing your voice helps build a connection between you and your audience.
2. Gain Financial Support

Large and small brands alike are always looking for opportunities to be a part of organizations that are doing good things in the community. Positive media attention can open the door for sponsors or you might catch the eye of a potential investor if you are growing your business and looking to secure capital.
1. “Free” Advertising

If your marketing budget is strapped for cash, media exposure is a great way to get your brand out there. Although it’s free in the way that it won’t cost you any money, getting media attention will cost you some hard work and determination.

Getting media attention can make a substantial impact on your business. Although traditional forms of advertising such as social media can’t compete with the exposure print, radio, or TV media coverage can provide, it can certainly complement it. Make the most out of a media coverage event by incorporating it into your marketing strategy. Share, share, share on social media and use that momentum to further extend your business’s reach and impact.

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