2020 has been a year to forget so far. But as businesses start to renew their operations and employees start to flock back into their cubicles, business owners have to change the usual manner of supplying and managing their offices. Let’s unseal the office door and look into the list of 5 essential things to add to your office stationery in 2020.

1. Medical masks + hand sanitizer

You are probably used to everyone sporting a face mask these days. But what about your colleagues? What if they have forgotten to drop one into their pocket when leaving home? What if it got damaged beyond repair? What if they run out of hand sanitizer? Well, it is up to you to provide a substitute. Some online stationery shops even offer masks and hand sanitizing fluids when you go to office supplies. Add these essentials to your shopping list next time you go shopping for office supplies online and make your office safer and friendlier altogether.

2. Infrared thermometer

How do you know whether it is safe to start your workday? The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to check our body temperature regularly and built the anxiety we will not dispose of anytime soon. Anyone wants to be safe and healthy, and there is nothing shameful about it. So buying (and using) an infrared thermometer to ensure your employees are healthy and well is a great idea. Not only will it help us to keep the office a safe place by not allowing anyone with high body temperature in, but also to enhance a feeling of safety and reduce the overall anxiety level.

3. Digital safe

With fewer employees in big offices and yet more new employees hired to fill in for new openings, a responsible business owner must ensure that your possessions, especially some sensitive documents don’t find their way into the wrong hands. You should be extra careful if quite a number of employees are not present in the office every day, or have to work part-time. You can leave things you don’t want to lose in the safe and come back a couple of days later to find them where you left them. Also, if Karen from the neighboring cubicle has her eye on your yellow stapler or other stationery of yours, keeping them safely locked away is your best choice. Just don’t use your birthday as the key code.

4. Sign holders

Forgetfulness is the bane of a 21st-century human being. Some of us simply forget to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds or keep the mask on at all times. This is not due to malicious intent – just mere forgetfulness. Hence, you need constant reminders stationed in the key points of your office to remind everyone to stick to safety rules. Buying several sign holders may help with the task.

5. Business card organizer

Are all of your business partners back in business? Have any of them closed down? Skim through the pile of business cards you have and sort them – buying an organizer is a great start to have the info readily available.

Going back to the office after the lockdown is not the same as returning to work after a long vacation. Conditions have changed – and we have changed with them. Medical supplies landed on the shelves, and are there to stay for a long time. Hopefully, only for 2020. So don’t miss out on our supply recommendations to make your office safe and functional.