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5 Field Marketing Tips For E-Commerce Stores

Looking to increase traffic to your e-commerce store? Your online business would benefit from non-traditional marketing strategies. Field marketing ideas can be more innovative and successful for internet-based businesses.

Field marketing involves more public interaction than standard marketing practices. It involves more creative attempts to reach buyers. And face-to-face contact can make your website appeal more to online shoppers.

There are many ways to integrate field marketing into your branding strategy. From utilizing social media to attending public events, there are various ways to grow your audience. Here are five tips for using field marketing to benefit your business.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Hand out swag to bring awareness of your website. Branded promotional items are a great way to get your name out there. Keep costs low while also being creative and finding unique swag items.

Useful swag items are helpful in increasing brand visibility. Every time a person uses your item, they and everyone that sees it are reminded of your company. This is especially beneficial to an online business. The more familiar consumers are with your website, the more likely they are to visit it.

Think about your target audience when selecting swag items. You want to select items that are useful to them but also align with your brand. Consider the types of items you would like to receive and would actually use in the future.

Handing out your item at an event is a great way to get it in as many hands as possible in a short time frame. Try to make your swag make sense for the event. Attendees at a summer festival will find branded sunglasses or lip balm useful. And water bottles or towels are perfect choices for sports or fitness events.

Focus on making a good impression as you hand out swag. You may only have a few seconds to interact with buyers. Seize the opportunity to be a friendly and engaging representative of your brand.

2. Social Media Strategy

Social media is a great platform to market your e-commerce store. Your comfort with having an online presence will help you plan an effective campaign. And you can use non-traditional methods to create buzz.

In order to benefit from social media marketing, it’s important to have a dynamic strategy. Your posts will need to be unique enough to grab the attention of users. And encourage them to engage with your page.

Consider using themes to make your company more relatable. Creating posts for fun themes like Throwback Thursday or Saturday Swag makes your vibe more fun and personable. Using hashtags also helps drive traffic. You can even come up with your own theme and hashtag to get users involved in marketing your business.

Social media platforms are a perfect forum for running contests. Drive visits and post participation by offering contest entries for commenting or sharing. You’ll receive greater exposure and more engagement from visitors.

Using influencers is a growth strategy in the social media marketing world. These influencers have pages with a large number of loyal followers. Using their page to promote your product can give you access to a wider audience and increase awareness of your site. Influencers are also reputable taste-makers, so their endorsement can boost your brand image significantly.

3. Demos and Samples

Getting out into the public to show off your site’s offerings is a great opportunity for an e-commerce store. Look for events that will attract your target demographic. And focus on quality and memorable interactions.

An engaging demo is a great selling tool. Especially when your business is done online. It gives customers the opportunity to see your product in person. It’s also a good chance for them to ask questions and try products out for themselves.

Seek out venues to set up demos that align with your products and brand. Fortunately, there are countless events to fit nearly any niche. It will benefit you most to find one that matches your target demographic.

Does your e-commerce store focus on food items? Check out festivals that are focused on drinks and dining and hand out samples. If your inventory is more geared toward electronic items, look for an expo that focuses on tech. A dynamic demonstration of your products is a perfect opportunity to create buzz around your site.

The key is to create a lasting impression of your brand during your interactions. Being personable and genuine goes a long way in getting new customers. And being knowledgeable and having the ability to answer questions thoroughly is important. You want to use the opportunity to leave buyers with a positive image of your company and website.

4. Hit the Streets

Customers love to feel like they are getting a discount or a great deal. Reaching out to buyers at enjoyable and exciting events can make them more receptive. And crowded venues are a great way to reach a large audience efficiently.

Incentives can be an effective way to gain site visitors. Offer a promo code for a discount on their first order. A coupon for free shipping or a gift with purchase can be an incentive for customers to check out your store.

Events like parades and street fairs are a prime spot to pass out promo items. The mood is usually happy, and customers will be more willing to accept your information. Try to align your marketing material to the theme of the event to make it more memorable.

5. Give Back

Giving back to the community is a great marketing tool. Consider participating in events that benefit local communities. Your company’s name will get out there to attendees. And you will get an image boost as being a socially responsible brand.

Sponsoring an event can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. Your company’s name will often be included in everything from social media to t-shirts and signage. And your sponsorship costs might even be tax-deductible.

Online businesses can lack personability and visibility to consumers. Actively participating in events goes a long way in giving your business a face. It also gives you the opportunity to reach buyers in person. Look for festivals that ask for companies to supply volunteers and actively engage with the attendees.


It might take some trial and error to find the right mix of strategies for your business. But thinking outside the box and using creative marketing strategies will make you stand out from the competition. And your business will benefit from public engagement.

Making personal connections will create new buyers and further brand loyalty. You can cultivate an awesome public image for your online store. And your marketing efforts will continue to make your company more and more successful.

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