Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is the process of guessing the expected sales volume for the future. It is a business growth technique which uses the past business performance, and the current market condition to predict what might happen to the company revenue in the future. The forecasting is vital to all types of business, irrespective of their size difference among businesses. It helps in better planning, and in making more accurate financial allocations. If you own a business and would like to increase your future sales through forecasting, consider the following factors to make the process a success.

  1.   Your Past Business Performance

The past performance records will help you to know the trend that your company has been showing for recent years. The records will also help you make realistic projections when forecasting sales. The essential things to consider in your past performance include the previous financial records, the volume of sales and the number of your past customers.

  1.   External Environmental Factors

Many things that happen in the external business environment have a significant impact on a business. For instance, ongoing politics in your state can cause negative results on your sales, and thus affect your sales projection figures. Consider all the factors that might affect your business, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to make accurate projections.

  1.   Internal Business Changes

Similarly to the external environment, many changes can happen in your business and affect your projections. Luckily, it is easier to predict the internal changes as compared to the external ones. The standard internal determinants are employees and equipment. If you intend to change them, find out the impact they might bring on your sales so that you can make a more informed future guess.

  1.   Competitors

Many entrepreneurs are starting and expanding their businesses; hence, market competition is ever increasing steadily. You should, therefore, consider the expected level of competition in your niche, and find out how it might affect your sales forecasting process.

  1.   MarketingTechniques

The projections you make should go hand in hand with the advertising and marketing strategies you intend to use. If you invest in great marketing strategies, the chances are high that you will make more sales.


Business people need to consider many factors during the forecasting process. They should consider the impacts of the external and internal environment. They should also use past business records to make more accurate predictions.