Now that you have completed your driving lessons, perhaps with a reputable company like LTrent Driving School, you must have gained some level of faith and confidence. But remember, this is not the end to it, you still need to face the big day of your driving test.

To make the day a great one for you, it is important you prepare well for it. So you have to do all you can to avoid the common mistakes many learner drivers make on the day of their driving tests. Here are the common 6 mistakes you may need to watch out for.

Mistakes Learner Driver Should Avoid On Driving Test

#1: Doing rolling or incomplete stops

This is definitely one of the most common driving test mistakes students make, so you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Don’t do rolling or incomplete stops. Don’t be like many learner drivers that partially slow down their car and not come to a complete stop when necessary.

It is important you slow down your car and come to a full stop behind the demarcation line. Also, when taking a right-hand turn at an intersection, don’t forget to stop the car.

#2: Getting distracted while driving

Even if you are the type that enjoys music a lot, you have to abstain from it during your driving test. Keep your mobile phone away and don’t play the stereo during the test because they can distract your mind and break your concentration. Just keep your attention on the road and focus only on driving the car.

#3: Wrongly changing lanes

When you are about changing lanes, don’t forget to signal your intention to other drivers by using the indicators. This will help them prepare well for the diversion you are about to make. Before you change lanes, make sure you check your mirrors and blind spots carefully. Whether during or after your driving test, this is one thing you should always bear in mind while behind the wheel.

 To make a proper lane change, ensure you look first, then turn on the indicator light, check side mirrors and rare views, and finally turn your head to check if there is no vehicle in your blind spot. When all these are done and you are sure it’s safe to change lane, then you can go ahead to do so.

#3: Lack of steering control

Yes, it is good you have confidence in yourself while driving but remember that overconfidence is not good for you. Don’t let it push you to drive one-handed or be tempted to have a wrong sitting position behind the wheel. Sit properly and keep your two hands on the wheel.

#4: Driving too slowly

This is another common mistake learner drivers make. Because they get carried away with how to handle the car and taking a diversion, they end up going very slow. While it is not good you go too fast, you should also not drive too slowly during your driving test. So if you notice other cars are passing you, it may be a sign you need to speed up the vehicle.

#5: Making a turn without using turn signals

The only way you can make your intentions known to other drivers that you are about to make a turn or merge is to use the turn signals. So when driving – whether during your driving test or after, it is important you use the signals smartly, and whenever necessary.

Using the turn signals will make the other drivers give you space to do whatever you want to do. However, if any driver still insists on not giving you a chance to let you into the lane even after signaling, allow them to pass and don’t take it personal with them.

Final note

Though passing your driving test is very important to get your license, don’t let that cause fear in you. Calm down during the test and be in full control of the car. Remember these common mistakes and ensure to avoid them.