White labeling is a common business practice, whereby a service offered by a company is rebranded and resold by a second company. This helps the second company offer more solutions to their customers under their own brand name, without much investment or risk associated with entering a new market.

White label partnerships are especially useful for growing agencies in the following ways:

More customers and revenue: Selling someone else’s product under your brand name allows you to offer more value to clients, increasing your overall revenue.

Reduced operational costs: As your service capacity increases, the cost incurred by your agency to provide white label services decreases, due to economies of scale.

Improved service quality: White label partnerships help growing agencies outsource marketing and branding activities, enabling you to focus on your team’s core competencies.

However, delivering quality services to various customers under different brand names while managing business relationships can be challenging, particularly when your agency has limited hands on deck.

Let’s look at the five best white label tools that will help you offer more value to your small to medium business (SMB) clients efficiently.

1. vcita: create seamless digital operations

A digital experience consists of various elements such as a mobile app, the design of a website, etc., that a customer might use to avail of certain services. A strong digital experience makes it easier for customers to interact with a brand the way they want and is crucial in invoking loyalty and trust.

SMBs might, however, find it difficult to deliver digital experiences to their customers due to the complexity of integrating multiple systems, ensuring the security of customer data, and operating with limited resources.



As their white label partner, you can partner with vcita to create a custom version of the business management platform with your logo, tools and messaging embedded in the app.

When your clients use your white-labeled instance of vcita, they can also create their own self-service portal, so they can accept appointment bookings, payments, and messages easily. What’s more, all of this data will be automatically synced with their CRM, email marketing engine, calendars and invoicing system, and as they run their day-to-day operations, your logo will be front and center.

2. Improvado: visualize campaign data

Search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing are a few of the marketing methods that help SMBs to relay their value proposition to their audiences.

Depending on the industry and target demographic, some marketing methods deliver better results than others and should be scaled up for maximizing ROI. Knowing how to do this well, and conveying the results to your clients, is a big aspect of running a marketing agency. Furthermore, maintaining and working with multiple tracking tools will make the overall process inefficient.



With Improvado, growing agencies can help their SMB partners collate all their marketing data from all campaigns in one place. Its no-code solution will present you with analysis-ready data visualizations, saving you time and effort. And when you share charts and reports with the client using Improvado’s white labeling, all they’ll see is your brand.

3. ActiveCampaign: automate customer interactions

Every business interacts with its customers through multiple channels. Sending seasonal offers through text messages, sharing curated blog articles through emails, and providing support through live chats are some examples.

These interactions, in whichever form they occur, should be personalized for every customer to ensure a better user experience. This requires SMBs to collect data on each customer and make it available to the relevant team member during an interaction.



Manually managing each customer interaction on multiple channels requires a lot of investment in human resources, particularly if you want to keep your business’s lights on around the clock.

ActiveCampaign’s white label solution for growing agencies allows them to help their SMB clients automate their customer interactions in marketing, sales, and customer support. There are plenty of templates to get you started while creating customized automation.

4. Invoice Ninja: manage what’s owed

Invoices are financial records for your business and proof of purchase for your customers. It is an important document that acts as a legal agreement between a customer and a business. An invoice lists the services availed of by a customer, lets them know how much they owe a business, and informs them of the payment policies. Simultaneously, a customer can rely on the invoice to settle disagreements or disputes with the business if any.

As simple as these tasks sound, they are quite tedious and error-prone when done manually, something SMB clients don’t need.

Invoice Ninja


Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoicing solution with a premium agency license that can create invoices within seconds. With thorough support documentation, API documentation, and an online support forum of Invoice Ninja, you can help your SMB clients get paid on time. Finally, it supports over 50 payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

5. DocuSign: manage digital contracts

Contracts contain terms and conditions that two parties must agree upon before exchanging value. These documents have to be updated regularly so they stay relevant as per new policies and time periods.

However, this administrative task requires a significant investment in terms of time and effort which your SMB clients would rather spend on running their business. An ideal solution would be to automate this process, which would not only save resources but also reduce errors.



DocuSign provides a digital contract management solution where you can get eSignatures on legally enforceable documents. Growing agencies can help their SMB clients to create, send, track status, manage, and renew these contracts for various purposes with their own branding.

Summing up

White labeling is a great way for agencies to serve more types of value to more customers through different brands. But growing agencies need the right tools for managing client relationships while keeping their quality of service intact.

Here are five white SMB label tools that growing agencies can use to do just that:

  1. vcita: Build and deliver seamless digital experiences
  2. Improvado: Collect all marketing data and visualize trends
  3. ActiveCampaign: Automate customer interactions for marketing, sales, and customer service
  4. Invoice Ninja: Create invoices within seconds and get paid through 50+ payment methods
  5. DocuSign: Manage digital contracts for your business automatically