Designing for shopping portals and ecommerce portal can be really difficult for designers as all of them want a design that can make their websites one in a million. Of course, this can’t happen every time, and that’s why the designers face an uphill task every other time.

Going for the stars is the idea for every ecommerce concern, but seldom all of them achieve what they are looking for. If you are of the idea that designing for an ecommerce is pretty easy and anyone can make the most of it by just checking through a few websites here and there, you got the wrong idea. That’s why simple web design or simply copying or taking inspiration is not going to work anymore. So, what is the remedy? Read on.

AI is not a new thing, but still, not many websites are incorporating its top features in their design. Let me offer you five aspects of this concern for getting the most out of AI and attract users through a great UX.

  1. Customer-Centric Approach

Quite logical, isn’t it? But how you, or the designer you have hired, can incorporate AI elements into it? AI can intelligently come to the rescue here by narrowing down solutions and considerably improving the search results for online shoppers. Businesses can’t help but think about ways as to how to engage the visitors on their website and make them stay for a long time, thus increasing the likelihood of getting a sale.

Through machine learning, a sub-field of AI, websites can easily include visual search elements that can help customers in getting to the results easily. This is an efficient and effective way so that businesses can make things easier for them.

  1. Getting to Know the Prospective Customers

There are certain aspects that you need to know about your customers to offer them your product and serve them aptly. There are several methods and practices that you can use, but not all of them are completely reliable. Looking for a way to get the cent percent result? AI again comes to the rescue as it offers solutions related to marketing, sales and CRM.

Marketing your product using AI can offer you solutions that can help you identify the demographics and target audience easily. Predictive marketing is one aspect through which companies can get to their goals, easily anticipating their target market’s demands, and meet them. This proactive approach through Ai can get the companies a lot of customers as they can be able to provide real-time services and solutions.

  1. Conversational Platforms 

If I ask you about Google Home or Amazon Echo, I am sure most of my readers would be aware of them, even if they don’t know how to use them exactly. A form of AI, conversational platforms offer end users a great way to interact with different services and get what they need very conveniently. Google Home and Amazon Echo are two prime examples of this concern.

Anyone willing to buy a product online has to simply ask Alexa, in the case of Amazon Echo, do this for me. Echo devices are connected to the voice-controlled, intelligent personal assistant service Alexa. The numerous features of AI like voice interaction and providing services like weather and real-time traffic situation, make it great.

For businesses, incorporating these features into their CRM can be an amazing experience for their current and especially potential customers. For getting leads and offering information for the new products, AI assistants can add something great to a website. The UI/UX of a website can also be enhanced through it; businesses need a Bahrain web design company having expertise in this concern to get the desired result.

  1. Customized and Updated Product Description 

We all know how important it is for businesses to update their product descriptions with the introduction of new products and services. Resources assigned to write product descriptions for new products being added into a database can sometimes be overwhelmed. AI-enabled software or systems can help businesses in this concern.

Proper product descriptions which are also SEO-friendly can be cumbersome for a company to maintain. That’s where AI’s help makes this process easy by offering modified product descriptions. Automatically changing descriptions according to a slight update in the hardware/software of a product can offer prospective buyers a chance to make the most of it.

  1. Improved Recommendations 

This is the logical extension of the previous point as after reading the product descriptions, a potential buyer will look for a website through which he can buy the product. The recommendations he will get can largely influence his decision. When product remarketing technique was introduced, it was a dream come true for businesses as a user used to see the ad of a product he saw on a website, on many other websites he visits after that. But this was a kind of forced recommendation and not user-friendly.

With AI on your side, businesses can efficiently collect and scan results so that to predict the behavior of a potential customer after his visit on a website. That person will get recommendations of the same or similar products on websites using his shopping history too, so that he sees, more or less, a product that fits his price as well as all the specifications.

If you want to know more about recommendations and how businesses have reaped benefits from it, there are several businesses you can think of. For example, online shopping portals are the ones who benefit the most, and with the introduction of AI-based recommendations, there are more reasons to rejoice for them. Just like remarketing but some steps ahead, companies can now get more customers who get the recommendation of their products so that they can save much cost on marketing, especially that is incurred on paid marketing.

Final Word

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog, you are more than welcome. I am sure that some of my readers would also like to enquire about any aspect of an example mentioned that they can’t comprehend. For any questions or feedback for this blog, please use the comments section below.

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