During the pandemic, many people limit their time outside the home to essential errands. They are less likely to shop for things that they might want but can put off buying until later. In order for the owners of stores selling gym & fitness equipment to keep going, encouraging consumers to shop online makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the ways you can urge them to shop at your online store and enjoy the experience.

Variety is the Spice of Life

One of the perks of operating an online store is that you can feature all the same brands that you do in the brick and mortar location. In fact, you may be able to display more of your inventory in an online setting. This allows you to diversify in terms of equipment types and brands. The result is that consumers can settle into their favorite chairs and spend all the time they want looking for fitness equipment of all types.

Access to High-Quality Equipment

You don’t sell junk. That’s one thing that you want to make clear from the very beginning. The equipment that you sell is built to hold up to a lot of use. Emphasize that fact in the descriptions of your products. While you don’t have to come out and say so, the idea is to convey that shopping online with you is one of the best ways to end up with high-quality equipment that will serve the buyer well for many years.

Make it clear that your dumbbells won’t wear out even if they’re used every day. Stress that your medicine balls, exercise mats, and workout benches are built to last. You can bet that people will be willing to choose your online shop over one that sells inferior products.

Competitive Pricing

One of the obstacles that you will face is convincing potential customers that shopping online automatically means paying more than shopping in a brick and mortar setting. While that was true in decades past, many online retailers now offer pricing that equals or even bests what can be found in traditional stores. As it happens your online prices are competitive with any offline shopping venue.

It doesn’t hurt that you sometimes offer loyalty discounts or flash sales that only last for a day. Shoppers can take advantage of those price breaks and get what they want for less. All you have to do is let them know about your pricing and the opportunities to save more.

Multiple Shipping Options

Call attention to the different shipping options that you offer. Along with the post, do offer delivery by at least one other carrier. You may want to offer free shipping when clients place orders over a certain amount. If you can offer expedited shipping that will have the order there within two or three business days, that’s all the better.

These are only a few of the ways you can attract customers who prefer to stay home but are still in the market for some fitness equipment they can use while limiting their physical contact with the rest of the world. Start building your online shop today or look at ways to enhance an existing online store. You may be surprised at how much business you attract in the months to come.