Handyman fixing the window with screwdriver

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate. Some have adapted with relative ease, but others still struggle to figure out how to keep serving their customers. Business owners who operate window replacement companies face the hurdle of not being able to conduct business face to face with prospective clients. Here are some suggestions that may ease the stress and make it possible to pursue new business volume.

Offer Contactless Inspections

Contactless is a word that’s heard a lot today. Essentially, it means that no one comes into direct physical contact with the client. Restaurants, supermarkets, and other types of businesses have developed contactless strategies. You can do the same.

Online and in printed literature, emphasize the fact that it’s possible to schedule an inspection that does not require any direct contact. A contractor can examine the current windows from the outside. If needed, webcams can be used by the customer to provide details about the inside area around the window frames and sashes. That data will be used to develop a quote and a plan for the replacement.

Handle the Briefing and Quote Via Video Conferencing

After analyzing the data and the images from the webcam, the contractor arranges a video conference with the prospective client. There are a number of free video conference services that can be used for this type of communication. During the conference, it’s possible to go over the findings, discuss any particulars that are of interest to the client, and in general settle on what sort of standard or custom home windows will be needed. By the end of the conference, the contractor can provide a quote. That quote can then be documented in the form of an email.

Go Over the Safety Measures That the Installation Team Will Employ

Assuming the client is happy with the quote, make virtual contact again and go over the safety measures that the installation team will employ. That can be the type of masks that they will wear to the use of gloves and other protective gear. The goal is to ensure that the client knows the team takes social distancing seriously and will do what’s recommended to ensure no one is exposed.

Work With the Client to Create Plans for the Installation Day(s)

The last task has to do with locking in the dates for the new window installation. That will take into account when those new Aurora windows can be delivered to the client’s property, who will be present while the installation is taking place, and how each party will work to ensure there’s a reasonable amount of physical distance maintained. This is also the time to settle on the preferred methods of communication while the work is in progress.

There are ways to continue offering your window and door replacement services no matter how long the pandemic continues. Create a basic plan that can be adapted to fit the needs of any client. Share that planning as you seek out potential consumers who are likely to be interested in replacing their older residential windows. Don’t be surprised if you end up with more work than you can handle.