Local Marketers are continually searching for the Holy Grail of Marketing. The one strategy that will vault them over all the others and become a cash cow for years to come.

And guess what, it doesn’t exist.

Just as they say to lose weight you don’t go on a diet, but rather you need to adopt an entire lifestyle, including eating fruits and vegetables and, reducing low-value carbs, perhaps engage in intermittent fasting, and to exercise at least 150 minutes per week if you really want to be slim and trim, you have to use every marketing hack available as a whole.

Therefore, our top local business marketing tip is to ensure you are considering every marketing available by hiring our Houston SEO experts.

A good SEO agency such as our Houston SEO experts is like hiring a personal trainer. They know all the SEO and local marketing tips, not just a few.

That said, here are four very good digital marketing strategies for a local business that will fit into your overall framework.

#1 Become a household name in your community

People can buy a cheeseburger, a house, or even toilet paper everywhere.

Yes, some people will buy because you are the nearest pizza restaurant to your home, on top of which, perhaps you deliver, but this is a world in which everybody and everything seems the same.

A big way to break out of the rut is to become a personality.

Perhaps no local business marketer in Los Angeles more demonstrated that than Cal Worthington, a legendary car dealership for his “Go See Cal Ads” with his “Dog Spot” who was never a dog but a tiger, lions, bears, hippos, chimpanzees, even a killer whale.

Cal Worthington was the show, and advertising on TV everywhere exhibited his personality, and a sense of humor, and wound up with a personal fortune of over $100 million dollars.

You say you don’t have that kind of personality. Then consider hiring somebody who does. And it needn’t be on late-night TV commercials either. On weekends, hire a few ponies or give free pony rides to the kids. Or purchase a couple of go-karts and offer free go-cart rides.

#2. Go for name recognition

One way to get your name out is to sponsor a local Little League team, with really terrific uniforms, to give out free refreshments as a local band or theatre event, or even to bring in a pro baseball player, pro soccer player, or more to offer a free seminar in how to play the game.

Become the local business that everybody knows.

#3. Team up with other local businesses

You and your business do not always have to be the star attraction. Become a vital part of the community by teaming up with other businesses to build a strong local community.

Sponsor a local pancake breakfast for the blood bank or another good cause but let other businesses participate. Particularly if you own a business like a local roofing company, people remember who supports the community and in turn, are likely to turn to your business for a new roof.

Remember, marketing your business doesn’t mean necessarily spending all of your money on SEO.

#4. Be willing to spend money to be a success in marketing

Many people have the idea that marketing is a wasted amount of money. But the opposite fact is very much alive. Be willing to spend plenty of money on your SEO efforts, and be willing to spend plenty of money on local community events and name recognition.

It all builds up to a better bottom line in the end.